Walt Disney World On A Budget – The eBook

I paid my way through college AND took my little sister on the most magical Disney vacation for super cheap….Buy Now


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What: Disney World on a Budget eBook, 2017 Edition

Why:  When I was halfway through college, I took my little sister and myself to Disney World for 7 days and spent less than $1200.

How:  I became a Jedi Master in all things “cheap” Disney without losing any value. Every tip, trick and well-kept secret is now MINE.

Purpose:  Help you have the most magical and perfect vacation within reach. 

Your satisfaction is my top priority and I am fully confident you’ll love the book but if for any reason you don’t just let me know.  No questions asked, 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

I created this eBook because I needed this when I was planning a vacation to Disney world on a budget.  My first planned Disney trip to be exact. I want my eBook to exist to help anyone planning a trip to Disney world on a budget and make sure it doesn’t become a financial nightmare.  

Let my eBook help you set up that perfect, magical vacation for your family.  Risk-Free, scroll down for previews.


Are you tired of countless google searches for money saving Disney World Tips? (I was) 

Disney World On A Budget

Written By Krystel Seijo

You don’t have to be wealthy to have a fantastic and fancy Disney vacation.

disney on a budget

Have a Disney vacation for a fraction of what others pay.  

disney ebook

You’re in luck! The only guide on cost cutting at Disney World you will ever need is right here and I promise it will help you lower your vacation cost. 


Disney World on a Budget can be yours for $4.99 
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disney on a budget

  • Is the Disney Dining Plan really the cheaper option/budget friendly?
  • When to visit
  • $19 Flights?
  • 80+ pages
  • Over 2 dozen photos
  • Stay on Disney property for under $50/night

And so much more! 


  • Have a fun filled Disney Vacation
  • Fully experience the magic
  • Save Hundreds!
  • Make your children’s dreams come true
  • Stop wasting time figuring out how to save and START PLANNING


Let’s take a look inside:




  If there is a way to save money on a Disney World trip than it is in here.  

disney ebook

  • Example Budget Sheet
  • How to
  • This book enables you to take action NOW.





Get it for $4.99

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I can only hope that this book does for you what I wish I had a few years ago. I wish you a practical, inexpensive, and most importantly magical trip.

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5 thoughts on “Walt Disney World On A Budget – The eBook

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    Wow Krystel you’re book literally saved my life!!!! I was in the same boat, trying to plan a vacation for my family on a tight budget and I was so lost! Your book has amazing tips and tricks that allowed us to have the most memorable, magical vacation ever! Who says you can’t have a great vacation on a budget :-). Thank you so much for writing this!

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    This book was definitely my holy grail this month on my trip to Disney with my kids !!
    Honestly if it wasn’t for this book I would of spent so much more money then I needed to !

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    Definitely a staple in a family’s guide to Disney vacation .. a must have

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    I really wanted to take my grandkids this summer. Wouldn’t have been able to without your eBook. Thanks

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    Looks interesting. I’ll have to check it out when i get an extra 5 bucks this month.


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