Amazing Wigs on a Budget (You need to read this)

Wigs on a Budget

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About Wigs

The root word ‘wig’ is derived from the word ‘periwig’ from the 1670s, which means a person who wears a wig. Interesting right?

There are two main types of wigs.  Real or synthetic

Human Hair wigs are very natural and real feeling because they are made of real hair.  They are soft, with great movement and shine. These wigs can also be easily styled by a hair stylist.  They are the more expensive of the two options.

Synthetic wigs are the other main type.  They are a good option because they are a lot less expensive and the good quality ones are almost indistinguishable from human hair wigs.  These wigs usually need no styling and can be worn right out of the box.

wigs on a budget

Getting Personal

I have a short history with wigs.  My Godmother died of breast cancer 12 years ago and like many people who go through chemotherapy, she lost all of her hair.

Even though she was sick, she still had a life to live and a family to enjoy.  Wigs became a part of her life but did not have to be her entire life.

That’s why its important for there to be an honest and trustworthy place to get wigs from.  Not only that, but the price matters too.

Even if you’re purchasing wigs for cosmetics reason, you can get amazing wigs on a budget and save your pocket.

Where to buy Wigs on a Budget

Black Hairspray (.com) is a website that has a HUGE selection of wigs.  Not only that, but they’re priced super fairly.

The wigs are priced anywhere between $13 and $230 and these are good quality wigs.  Black Hairspray is an authorized reseller of over 10 brands.

wigs on a budget

They have a 30-day return policy, same day shipping for orders placed before 3pm, and an online chat option for customer service.

They’ve grown from a small business to something large and in charge.

So if you’re looking for a wig on a budget, check our Black Hairspray for sure!

wigs on a budget

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