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What is the Cheapest Time to go to Disney World?

Straight to the point – the Cheapest Time to go to Disney World 

Sometimes we just need to find our happy place. Life has us down in one way or another. The kids are driving us nuts or work is just riding our last nerve. Let’s not even get into how rough this past year has been for us all. It sounds like a good time for a getaway. Why not make it a magical one?

Magical? Yes. Of course, I am going to talk to you about visiting Disney. If you are familiar with my blogs, you know I am all about getting the best deal you can while finding the most enjoyment for your dollar. 

Many of us are working with a tight budget, but that does not mean we cannot get away. So, what is the cheapest time to go to Disney World? 

Stay with me and I will explain everything. I know, it’s crazy, right!? You are probably thinking there are no cheap times to visit the Magic Kingdom with its $4 water bottles. Of course, there are! 

There are just a few tricks you need to have at your disposal. I am going to walk you through a couple of these tricks to help make your vacation planning a whole lot easier. 

Let’s get straight to the point. The cheapest time to go to Disney World is between October and February. OK, so I could end this article right there, but what good would that do? 

I am going to teach you a bunch of tricks including the finer points on how to use the Date-Based Ticket Calendar to take advantage of the best available Disney Theme Park prices and dates. 

what is the cheapest time to go to disney world

What Are the Disney Value Season Dates?

I know I do not have to stress the need to make your buck go the farthest it can when planning a girl’s getaway or family trip to Disney. 

Anyone on a budget will know how hard it is to make that money stretch. However, if you can plan your vacation during Disney’s value season, you will definitely get a better deal. 

Is there a Disney’s Value Season? Of course, there is! 

There are peak and off-peak seasons for all the attractions and resort hotels. The seasonal dates make sense since they tend to correspond with the in-school calendar. 

With the kids occupied in school, there are not as many people visiting Disney’s many parks. Therefore, it stands to reason that this would be Disney’s Value Season. 

What is the cheapest time to go to Disney World? In the months from October to February, you can find exceptional deals for admission to all the attractions and resort hotels.  Since visitor traffic is low,  Disney adjusted park ticket prices to entice visitors to visit the parks and resorts during off-peak seasons. Keep in mind that prices will rise during the holiday season. This means you can save some money! 

If you live up north, this might be a great time to head south and get some nice warm sun! I know I’m tempted! 

While it can be a little tricky to plan a family vacation during your child’s school semester, it may be worth your time to look through these value dates. If you have a larger family, you could find prices more to your budget’s liking. If you are planning a girl’s trip, some of these dates would be ideal!

Don’t forget, if you save a little by traveling off-season, you have more in your pocket to spend having a good time! However, while value season dates will help you save some money, it is not the only tool at your disposal.

Using a Crowd Calendar to Find the Slowest Time to Visit Disney World

Let’s face it. Planning a Disney vacation for your family or traveling companions is a daunting task. Depending on where you call home, this can involve juggling all types of reservations. 

It can take hours (for the seasoned traveler) or days (for the rest of us!) to score an affordable flight, hotel, and car rental. Then you get to the park and it’s packed! You’re stuck in lines for hours at a time and don’t get to see all the attractions you had on your MUST DO list. This is not acceptable!

Never fear! Help is here. The first thing you need to do is to start browsing a Disney crowd calendar. The crowd calendar is a handy little tool that lets you make an educated decision on what is the cheapest time to go to Disney World. 

Crowd Calendar 101

Not sure how they work? Let me share some must-have time-saving information with you!

Crowd calendars offer information on how busy Disney Theme Park attractions tend to be on certain days, at specific times, and during different seasons of the year. In other words, it tells you when the parks are crowded or slow and ready for adventurers. 

They let you plan your day around busy times at the attractions you must see. The crowd calendar offers the wait time information for specific rides and prides itself by boasting accuracy levels of +/-10 minutes. 

There are free crowd calendar services that offer users information without a subscription. Others require you to subscribe to their service. These subscription-based services allow access to the current week’s crowd information for free. 

If you subscribe, you can access their special features and crowd calendars for up to a year in the future. Different calendar services offer different features to paid subscribers. But the free services are just as good if you are not looking for a paid service to help you find the best time to visit Disney. Budget-friendly! Love it!!

Both the free and subscription crowd calendars allow you to find information on the best attractions Disney has to offer. This includes EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, Islands of Adventure, Volcano Bay, Sea World, and Discovery Cove. I can’t list them all, but you can find information for every Disney attraction on these sites.

You can also get handy information on park hours, current special event listings, and holiday closures or celebrations. You can see what the current temperature is at the park and forecasts for the coming days. If you like to look at data, you can even see historical weather information for years previous on the day of your choice. 

If you are looking to catch a show, the crowd calendar does not fail. You can find showtime schedules and keep up-to-date on attraction closings.

All of this information and only one open tab! Seriously though, crowd calendars offer one-stop shopping when planning the best time to visit Disney. It will probably save you a few headaches and a whole lot of time.

Using a Crowd Calendar

Now that we have a good idea of how to use a crowd calendar, we still need to answer the question of what is the cheapest time to go to Disney World.

Using The Date-Based Ticket Calendar To Find The Cheapest Time To Go To Disney

Although costly, taking the family on the Disney vacation of their dreams does not have to break the bank. Savvy shoppers will always find a way to prevail! If you are a bit flexible with your vacation schedule, you definitely need to take advantage of Disney’s date-based ticket calendar. 

I know that most of our vacation schedules are tricky to plan between work and school. Let me explain. A few years back, Disney began offering date-based ticket pricing. For years it was one flat admission for every day of the year. Now, instead of there being just one flat ticket price for every day of the year, they began offering varied price ranges that depended on the time of year and season. 

For example, if traveling in June, your ticket may cost you upwards of $135  a day, each ticket. The same ticket type, if traveling in January, could be around $109.  

It’s that Value Season pricing idea! This move was meant to draw visitors to the park during slower times of the year, and it’s the best tool at your disposal for finding a great price. 

The calendar is super simple to use. If you are able to consider a different time of year for your trip, you can take advantage of off-season hours to save some money. Who doesn’t want to do that? Budget-friendly is the name of the game!

What is the cheapest time to go to Disney World? Just visit the Disney ticket website to start your search. You will be asked to choose how many days you want to visit. The tickets are offered for one day or up to ten. You can also choose to add the park hopper, park hopper plus, or the water and sports option if you want to visit several different attractions. 

Multi-date tickets are valid at the date you selected, but have a range in which they must be used. For example, if you choose a three-day visit on September 1st, your tickets are valid from September 1st through the 5th. You can use your ticket for any three days within the range.

The site will then ask you to choose your dates. Now, this is where you can find your deal. Once on the calendar, you will see prices listed for every day. This is the price per ticket. Scroll through the calendar and you will see the prices fluctuate. There is even a tab that allows you to see what months have the lowest prices for the number of days you chose.

Find the dates you originally had in mind and see what the price reflects. Then check the month before and after and see when the best prices appear. As I said, if you are a little flexible with time, this option allows you to save a good amount of cash just by visiting the park during off-peak times.

If you are ready to book, please do! Tickets book quickly and you don’t want to lose out on a great family deal.

Cheapest Time of Year for Staying at Disney Hotels

While we are doing all this research into what is the cheapest time to go to Disney World, we cannot forget to find a place for the family to stay! Disney offers many luxurious, themed family resorts. 

Do you have an animal lover in your bunch? Check out the Animal Kingdom Lodge. Sports fan? Stay at the All-Star Sports Resort. 

Outdoorsy type? Rough it (not really ;-)) at The Cabins at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort. Girlfriends on a trip? Pamper yourself at The Villas at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa. You get the idea. 

There is a themed Disney resort that will satisfy the fantasy needs of everyone within your party.

The question is not the ability to find your ideal fantasy resort. The question is, what is the cheapest time of the year to stay at a Disney resort hotel? Does it correspond to Disney Parks Value Season?

Let’s start to answer that question by talking about the most expensive times to stay at a Disney resort. Staying in a fantasy world is not the cheapest bucket list item. 

If you stayed at a Disney resort during these dates, you paid a good price for your experience: New Year’s Day, Spring Break, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, and the Christmas Holiday. Not that surprising. Right?

Now let us get to the question at hand, what is the cheapest time to go to Disney World and stay at one of their fantastic resorts? Again, the dates for the next year seem to follow student in-class schedules. The best prices were between the months of October and February. 

The following months boasted the most affordable price per day in 2020: January and February before Valentine’s Day, end of August to mid September, pretty much all of October and November, except for the Thanksgiving holiday and up to the first week of December.

Make sure you check the availability dates of your favorite Disney resort while you are looking at ticket prices. I know, I just asked you to open another tab! Trust me! It is worth it. By correlating your park ticket purchase during off-peak times with your resort stay, you could easily score some huge savings!

what is the cheapest time to go to disney world

Personal Favorite Time of Year to Visit Disney World

A lot of people ask me when my favorite time to go to Disney.  And of course, my answer is all the time! However, because of crowd levels and weather, I do have a preferred time of the year that I go to Disney World.  

In New Jersey, we call it fall or early winter, haha.  Anytime between September to mid January is when I love to go to Disney World.  The last week of August easily becomes the time of the year that is the least crowded at Disney World.  You can expect that until close to Halloween time.  

The cheapest time to go to Disney World is basically when the least people go.  Because as a business, Disney charges the most money when everyone wants to go.  Can you blame them?  

In the fall, most kids are back in school and the weather gets cooler.  For me, that’s when I want to go to Disney World the most. 

I guess everyone has their own favorite time to visit Disney parks and resorts. It truly is a magical place to spend a few days of your time. If you visit with your family, a themed, multi-day visit to Disney is a chance to be children again and create a lasting memory with your kids. On the other hand, a girls trip is always in order. You are never too old to enjoy the magic of Disney! Travel savvy!

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