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Walt Life Subscription Box Review

Walt Life Subscription Box Review

Calling all Disney addicts!

Walt Life is a monthly Disney-themed subscription box filled with delightful gifts from “the most magical place on Earth.”  Not only am I going to tell you about it, but I am going to show you what it looks like too!

Monthly mystery subscription boxes are perfect for all Disney fans.  What’s the most fun about this box? The thrill of “what’s next.”

They acquire merchandise straight from the Disney Parks, Disney Store, Disney Resorts, Disney Springs, and more!

Wait, what’s a subscription box?

A subscription box is when you subscribe to receiving certain type niche products, in a box, on a recurring basis.  Usually monthly.

These boxes started in 2010 with Birchbox, which at the time only offered beauty products. Now there are so many choices like FabFitFun, Dollar Shave Club, and PopSugar.

More About Walt Life Subscription Boxes

walt life subscription box

Walt Life was started by a family of Disney lovers.  If you’re a huge Disney fan, you know how much we love Disney souvenirs.  Know that your Disney surprises are in good hands.

The folks at Walt Life are very passionate about Disney.  It’s been the backdrop to a bunch of their important and emotional events.

You can find all types of fun things in these subscriptions boxes.  Such as mugs, t-shirts, pins, tumblers, keychains, houseware and more.

Sometimes, the box will be themed to the holiday season.

Learn more here.

Walt Life Levels

Classic – $20.00

3+ monthly surprises

Skip a month, anytime

Cancel anytime

Facebook group membership


Magic – $39.00

4+ monthly surprises

Skip a month, anytime

Cancel anytime

Facebook group membership

Disney gift card entry


Magic Plus – $48.00

4+ monthly surprises

Guaranteed Disney Parks items

Skip a month, anytime

Cancel anytime

Facebook group membership

Disney gift card entry


Pin Collector – $18.00

1 Authentic Disney Collector Pin

Skip a month, anytime

Cancel anytime

Facebook group membership


Pin Edition – $8.00

1 Collector Pin

Skip a month, anytime

Cancel anytime

Facebook group membership


What did you get?

walt life subscription box

I was so excited about my Walt Life box! When it finally got here it took all of my energy to not open it up right away.  But I didn’t! I waited.

I waited so that I could create a video review and open it on camera.  I wanted everyone to see my reactions.

IMO, the video is way better then a post I write could be.  Mostly because I can’t give you as much emotion in writing.  What I mean to say is, please take some time to watch the video if you can!

You’ll get the same information here but the video is so much fun.

Let’s go through each of my Disney surprises.  This a completely honest review, some things I loved, some I liked and some I was just like “eh” for.

Mickey Tsum Water Bottle

walt life subsription box

By far my favorite item.  I have this thing with water bottles especially because they’re so useful.  In fact, the day after my review I had errands to run and guess who came with me?  This bottle.  It even had the $13 Disney store price tag on it.  I love it!


Tsum Tsum Pencil

This is a scented pencil.  Cupcake to be exact.  I few days after I opened and reviewed the box, my little sister came over and took it.  She’s 15. I don’t ever use pencils but still a good gift!

Minnie Nail Art

walt life subscription box

100% for children haha.  But that’s ok.  I don’t really have any children of that age in my life but most people would.  So while I can’t use this myself, it could have been a great give away.

Red Mickey Calculator

Walt Life Subscription Box

This is my second favorite item.  This might seem like a kid’s toy but all it is is a simple calculator.  I do a lot of calculating at work so I did take this to work and started using it.  I can also bring it to meetings since it fits in my pocket!  I am going to get my use out of this.

Disney Pin

What a great one.   I am actually a pin collector and anyone who is considering Walt Life should probably look into it.  Disney pins are perfect and they can be inexpensive souvenirs.  This one was a fantastic find.



All in all the gifts were good.  I definitely received more than $20 worth of product.  Not sure how they do it.  Also, the listing says 3 items.  I got 5 and a bonus little puzzle.

It’s the perfect subscription box for any Disney fan.  You can subscribe for yourself or as a gift.  Do you have a loved one that would like this?

I think this box is really worth it as a family.  Like if I had a wife and kids, we could all benefit from some of these things.  Such as the pencil and the nail art, I can’t use it but one of my family members could have.  Especially with the Magic Plus box, you can share it.

Look into Walt Life here.

Is it worth it?

If you want $20 worth of Disney items every month, then yes!  You definitely get your money’s worth with this box.

And that’s the thing with all subscription boxes…am I getting my money’s worth and even more value every now and again?

Walt Life Subscription Box FAQ

When do you get charged? 

Every 11th day of the month.


When will my box ship?

Walt Life boxes are shipped around the 25th.  Give or take a few days?


Can any of my items be returned or exchanged?

Yes and no.  If the item is damaged, definitely.  But you can’t exchange an item because of preference.


Are there different varieties of boxes?

The Magic and MagicPlus box allow you to pick a gender and age bracket.  So yes, there is variety at those two levels.


When do I get the first box? 

After you place your order, your first box will ship in 1-3 days.


Skipping a month or canceling

You can do so once you login to the Walt Life website.  Make sure to do so before the 1st as anytime after will have you being charged one last time.

Want to learn more?  Head to the Walt Life website

walt life subscription box

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Mardene Carr

Monday 19th of February 2018

Wow, everyday there is a new subscription box. I did not know about this one so thanks for sharing


Tuesday 20th of February 2018

Hahaha yea, for sure!


Sunday 18th of February 2018

my grandson and his mom would love this thanks for sharing

Aduke Schulist

Saturday 17th of February 2018

This would be a fun box to gift to a Disney fan. My favorite from this would have been the water bottle too.


Wednesday 14th of February 2018

Ohh looks so nice! I wonder what the other box levels would have in them...I hope they have this in Disney Europe...

momi berlin

Wednesday 14th of February 2018

You've got a real nice Disney treat for yourself. And the box itself is a nice gift in itself


Tuesday 20th of February 2018

Great stuff to get! Using the water bottle right now actually

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