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Walt Disney World Resort Map + Download

For Walt Disney World Resort visitors, navigating the parks and resorts can be a bit overwhelming. Here’s a straightforward guide to the Disney World map with resorts, which might be helpful for your Walt Disney World vacation!

Magic Kingdom Resort Area

Each resort on Disney World property is group into a certain area, depending on which park it is the closest to. This might make mapping out Walt Disney World a little easier. First, let’s start with the Magic Kingdom.

The most famous park of the four in Florida can be found at the northernmost point of Walt Disney World Resort map. It’s not that far away from the others, as a car ride from the Magic Kingdom to Epcot would take about ten minutes, and it also connects through the Monorail and boat systems. Here’s another handy guide to check out more about the transportation system!

Based on increasing price and budget, Disney World resort properties are categorized as either Value, Moderate, Deluxe resort, or Deluxe Villas (part of the Disney Vacation Club).

The resorts that surround the Magic Kingdom are Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort, a Deluxe resort that also has some Disney Vacation Club (DVC) Deluxe Villas, Disney’s Contemporary Resort, a Deluxe resort, along with its DVC Deluxe Villas in Bay Lake Tower, Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, a Deluxe resort, the Polynesian Villas and Bungalows, also part of DVC.

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The last big resort in this area is Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, a Deluxe resort, along with their Boulder Ridge and Copper Creek Villas, and the Fort Wilderness Resort Cabins, which are considered Moderate level. 

When looking for the best Disney World resort to stay at, you have to consider price, quality, and location to make sure you get the best experience on your trip to Disney. 

Walt Disney World Resort Map

Animal Kingdom Resort Area

South and a little to the west of the Magic Kingdom on the Walt Disney World Resort map is Disney’s Animal Kingdom park. While it was the last theme park to be opened in Florida, it also happens to be the largest park of all the Disney parks worldwide.

Themed around animals and the environment, the park focuses on animal conservation, while also embracing the cultures of other continents like Asia and Africa. 

The resorts closest to Animal Kingdom include Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, a Deluxe resort, along with both of its newer DVC Villa buildings, Kidani Village and Jambo House. Also in that area are Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort, a Moderate resort, and the three All-Star Resorts (Music, Movie, and Sports), all Value resorts. 

We have a post going breaking down the Animal Kingdom Resort map, and you can check that out here! (to link to the Animal Kingdom post)

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Epcot Resort Area

The third and fourth parks can be found close by, to the east of Animal Kingdom. Epcot, which was the second of the four parks in Orlando to open, is all about human innovation and international culture. Disney’s Hollywood Studios was the third park to be opened, and is all about the entertainment industry, focusing on movies, TV, and theater. 

On the Walt Disney World Resort map, Epcot and Hollywood Studios are situated so close together that all the resorts close by are considered part of the Epcot Resort Area.

Transportation between Epcot and Hollywood Studios includes buses, boats, and a walking path. Walking from the International Gateway entrance of Epcot to the entrance of Hollywood Studios by walking takes roughly twenty-five minutes. Their proximity is definitely something to remember when planning your Disney World vacation. 

The Walt Disney World resort hotels in this area include Disney’s Beach Club Resort, a Deluxe resort that also has Deluxe Villas, Disney’s Yacht Club Resort, a Deluxe resort, Disney’s Boardwalk Inn, a Deluxe resort that also has DVC Villas, and Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort, a Moderate resort.

Alongside those, the Swan at Walt Disney World and the Dolphin at Walt Disney World are located in the area, both Deluxe resorts, but Disney does not operate them.

And lastly, the area will include Disney’s Riviera Resort, the newest edition to Walt Disney World’s property, which will be Deluxe Villas (part of the Disney Vacation Club). 

Disney Springs Resort Area

Further to the east sit the rest of the resorts, along with Disney Springs, which is why this is referred to as the Disney Springs Resort Area. They are still close to the parks, particularly Epcot and Hollywood Studios, as you can see on the Walt Disney World Resort map, so that shouldn’t be a concern to people considering staying here. If you’d like to check out a guide to the map of Disney Springs, check out our post!

The resorts in the Disney Springs Resort Area include Disney’s Saratoga Springs, a DVC Deluxe Villas resort, Disney’s Old Key West, also a DVC resort, Disney’s Port Orleans Resort, both Riverside and French Quarter, and they are both Moderate resorts.

The other resorts in the area are Disney’s Pop Century and Art of Animation, the last two of Disney’s Value resorts. 

Finding out the best way to visit Walt Disney World, this might depend a lot on where you stay, so knowing the map of the parks and resorts can be a lot of help! If you want to look at or download any of the maps of the parks or resorts, you can do that here.

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Walt Disney World Resort Map

Lyanna Soria

Wednesday 20th of November 2019

You really can get lost and also tire out easily if you go to Disney World unprepared. Such a big and busy place so a map is definitely a win-win situation for you. Thanks for this awesome guide, surely be helpful especially to those who are visiting the first time.


Wednesday 20th of November 2019

These are awesome, thanks! I'm itching to get back to Disney!!

Annemarie LeBlanc

Wednesday 20th of November 2019

This is a great guide especially for first time visitors. I have been to Disney World several times but I still miss out on some places. I can still make good use of this map!


Wednesday 20th of November 2019

I am huge on preparing for my trips to places like that. I just love utilizing my time and getting to see and do as much as possible.

Myrah Duque

Wednesday 20th of November 2019

Disney World could be a bit overwhelming if we are not prepared. Having a map to help you get around is a big help. Besides, time is important.

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