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Visit Orlando Planning Kit Review

Visit Orlando Planning Kit Review

“There’s so much to do in Orlando that it can often seem overwhelming.  The thing to cure that is to plan ahead.” – Sarah Sekula, national travel correspondent and Orlando theme park expert, page 16 of Visit Orlando Official Guide

visit orlando review

When you go to plan any vacation you want to know what’s the most efficient way to get the information needed and have a wonderful trip.  As I am opening the package with the Visit Orlando Guide Book I couldn’t believe this book was free.  I am here to share the information I found in the book, what was useful and what was not.  A comprehensive Visit Orlando review.

At a glance here are the contents:

  • Welcome To Orlando
  • Inside Orlando’s Theme Parks
  • What’s New
  • Calendar Of Events
  • Official Attractions Guide
  • Orlando At-A-Glance

But with a more in-depth look there’s so much more:

  • Airports in the Orlando area
  • What’s new
  • What’s next
  • Dining
  • Shopping
  • Relaxation
  • Art scene
  • 10 Ways To Stay Cool
  • Comprehensive list of Accommodations, on and off-site
  • Attractions (there’s so much more than Disney and Universal)
  • Entertainment and Nightlife
  • and MORE

I would love to point out some of the stuff I loved about the book.  I made sure to go through it in detail to give you as much information as possible.

visit orlando review

This book has so much  I was very impressed.  However, I can see someone becoming slightly astounded with all of this in front of them.  All of this information is useful and I even I learned reading through this.

VisitOrlando is not solely focused on Disney, this is a comprehensive guide to all things Orlando.  Disney is definitely featured but so is Universal, Seaworld, Kennedy Space Center, and more!  You can use this book to plan what airport in Orlando you want to use, where you should stay, find discounted tickets and deals, and other services like medical centers.

There’s a mini article in this book that I think is very useful, 10 Ways To Stay Cool.  Orlando heat is intense, to say the least.   Especially between 12-4pm.  I prefer to head back to my room and either be napping or poolside during that time but this article provides 10 alternatives like going to the waterpark, riding a raft ride, or enjoying a frozen treat.


One of my favorite parts  is the detailed information it gives on accommodations.  I obviously love Disney and am now a proud member of the Disney Vacation club but I know that staying off-site is an option and sometimes one that fits better with your vacation and budget.  In this book, you will find detailed information including amenities and price ranges for many hotels.  You can use this to compare rates from a hotel aggregator.  The only negative?….The hotels are listed in alphabetical order.  For our purposes, it would probably have been easier if they were in sections by price range.

visit orlando review

Things To Do

I learned a few cool things about Orlando that I didn’t know before I read this guide.  There are three things in Orlando that are also near me:

  • Dinosaur World
  • Crayola Factory
  • Escape The Room

There’s so much to do in Orlando, even things that aren’t included.  I also insist that planning your vacation to the T, is the way to have the most fun and relaxation.

Food Options

Some of us A lot of us are foodies and enjoy a good meal.  This guide has a great guide to restaurants in the area.  Similar to the accommodations sections they have price information, addresses, and summaries.

I know my visitors want to know, there are no coupons.

Theme Park Tickets

They have a site they promote for discounted tickets,, their prices are great but I did a full comparison to UndercoverTourist and they are missing the eTicket option.  Right now you can pay for them to be shipped, pick them up at their location on International Dr, or you can have them delivered to your hotel if eligible.

My final say?

Since the book will cost you nothing I can only see 1 reason for not getting it….you’re easily overwhelmed.  My mom would never benefit from this book, in fact, it might ruin her vacation entirely.  I mentioned attractions that I found in the book that are also near me to point out the huge amount of information in this book that won’t apply to you.

I’ll contradict myself in saying that the amount of information in this guide is AWESOME. We know I am a seasoned Orlando visitors but even I learned a ton.  If you like learning and/or reading, then why not!

If you head over to their website you will find a ton of great information, deals, and more.

They have a blog and mobile app at !!!

disney on a budgetThis book is absolutely FREE

There’s no going wrong so go ahead and click on that link ^^ to request a copy be mailed to your home.

Comment below and let me know if you have a favorite Orlando/Disney guide book and what you think about my gif,  here it is one more time. 

visit orlando review

disney on a budget


Monday 24th of October 2016

I think there's this huge misconception that the only thing to do in Orlando is Disney when that's so not the case! Love this!

Christina Aliperti

Monday 24th of October 2016

We love Orlando. That's where we go every time we visit Florida.

Amanda Love

Sunday 23rd of October 2016

It's nice to have a very reliable guide when you travel. This book sounds like it has everything that you need, that makes planning so much easier! It's really helpful!


Sunday 23rd of October 2016

I'm easily overwhelmed by a lot of information, but I also think that you can never be too prepared. I'm a walking contradiction. I know. I look forward to seeing this book and planning our trip to Disney since I'll be in the area this summer anyway.

Rebecca Kelsey Sampson

Sunday 23rd of October 2016

This guide looks incredibly helpful. I like seeing all different options especially the ones about the different airports as that is so stressful!

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