Three Often Overlooked Rides at Disney World

Three Often Overlooked Rides at Disney World

There are so many rides at Walt Disney World that we can often miss some.  Especially if it is our first or even second time visiting.  Here are three rides that are often overlooked but well worth the time.

Pangani Forest Trail – Animal Kingdom

This is a trail through a tropical forest full of African wildlife.  Most recently, I toured this trail after the safari and found that there are views of some of the animal sights on this trail that are much better than on the safari truck.  Want to see Gorillas?  This is the place for you then.  You can even see a hippo swimming underwater through a viewing glass. 

This animal watching trail can be found in the Africa section of Animal Kingdom right near the exit of Kilimanjaro Safari.  Most people go through this trail right after the safari so it can get full, but you can walk through anytime. 

Check out these pics I scored while on the trail the last time I went.

DSC_0388 DSC_0404 DSC_0419 DSC_0422

Carousel of Progress – Magic Kingdom

This is one of my favorite rides because you can feel Walt’s touch.  Located in Tomorrowland this ride was specifically made by Walt Disney for the 1964 World Fair.   This is a circular, rotating theater that takes you through different scenes in the 20th century. Line is usually non-existent or short, definitely, a classic audio-animatronics show you don’t want to miss.

People Mover – Magic Kingdom

Also located in Tomorrowland, this is one of the few rides left that is focused on “tomorrow.”  The People Mover consists of a tour of Tomorrowland in what is supposed to be an emission-free mass transit people mover and is very relaxing. You’ll hear a narration about the attractions below and will even go inside someone of them, including Space Mountain.

Let me know what you think of these if you get an opportunity to ride some of these or have other favorites that you feel like are often overlooked!

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