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The ULTIMATE Fashion with Disney Shoes

While I might mention what shoes to wear to Disney, I don’t talk much about themed Disney shoes. Obviously, that’s a huge oversight and is one that we are going to be fixing here and now.

On this site, we talk so much about going to Disney World, how to do it on a budget, how to get the most for your money and how to pack appropriately so you don’t end up with too much or too few things. 

Disney themed shoes are amazing because A) they’re Disney and B) they’re the perfect accessory for packing up and taking with you to Disney World or wearing when you can’t be there enjoying the magic.

Unfortunately, a lot of Disney shoe collections like Disney’s Vans collection, are no longer available for purchase because they were limited time only. This is tragic, but it isn’t the end of the world because there are plenty of other places to look for some cute Disney shoes!

We’re going to cover Disney kid shoes, women’s shoes and men’s shoes, so you will know that we have the whole family covered!

Disney Character Kid Shoes

Kid’s (depending on the age) may not be doing much walking at Disney, thanks to strollers and other means of transportation. So they get to enjoy a little more fun with their costume shoes and accessories than the adults doing all of the legwork. 

That being said, here are some super cute Disney-themed kid shoes that can be walker friendly!

disney shoes

Are you going to be playing near Disney World Water Parks or at home in the sprinkler? Either way, these Minnie Mouse Crocband Clogs for Kids are adorable! Don’t forget that there are cute little plugin accessories for Croc shoes that could be added to this to intensify the Disney Magic.

disney shoes

Slightly more subtle are these mermaid shoes. The outside may be floral, but Ariel is inside the soles of those, ..what do you call them? ..Oh, feet.

The Little Mermaid Canvas Shoes for Girls by ROXY Girl

disney shoes

Who said you couldn’t mix function with fashion? These adorable white Disney Kids boots have characters from different movies on them and come with a soft shoestring ribbon reminiscent of the ribbon on the pink dress in Cinderella.

Disney Animators’ Collection Boots for Girls

disney shoes

Dare I say that these sneakers are pretty gender-neutral in appearance. Everybody loves spiderman, especially with his latest movies for the franchise. 

Spider-Man Sneakers for Kids

disney shoes

Mickey mouse sneakers for toddlers that don’t look like something too colorful to look at. Every parent’s dream, subtle colors for those fast little feet, and a character that will make their smiles beam.

Adidas x Disney Mickey Mouse Sneakers Toddler Size

Men’s Disney Shoes

Unfortunately, Disney themed items usually favor the females and kids, so there aren’t as many options out there for a full-grown male. That’s pretty crazy, but check out these shoes because they’re pretty crazy awesome!

disney shoes

Hip Hop to a whole new beat with these Mickey Mouse Flip Flops on your feet. Just look how cool Mickey is with those shades!

Mickey Mouse Hip Hop Flip Flops for Adults by Havaianas – 2000s

disney shoes

While more subtle in appearance, these flip flops are still just Disney enough that when you’re wearing them, you look like a normal everyday person. Take them off again and reveal your true Disney loving intentions. It’s like a superpower. 

Mickey Mouse Silhouette Flip Flops for Adults by Havaianas

disney shoes

Snag these #MickeyMouse90th flip flops before it becomes #MickeyMouse100th because that will be happening here really soon! Whether you want to keep these selfie shoes for yourself to wear or to add to a Disney Fandom collection, I won’t judge. 

Mickey Mouse Selfie Flip Flops for Adults by Havaianas – 2010s

disney shoes

Disney Villains need some love too. With the Descendant’s movies becoming so popular, people have been changing the way they think about villains and more and more are finding room in our hearts.

Check out these super cool, custom made Disney Villian shoes from Etsy! 

Side Note: They come in both Men’s and Women sizes!

Women’s Disney Shoes

With all the walking around Disney World, at home, on errands or at work, Disney-loving women need some great shoes that can hold up to all of the work we put them through. Check out these awesome Disney shoes!

disney shoes

These Mickey Mouse sneakers are pretty stylish and sleek. The peek-a-boo Mickey Mouse head shapes reveal a faux python skin underneath that looks awesome!

Mickey Mouse Silhouette Sneakers for Women by Master of Arts

disney shoes

If you’re looking for Disney princess running shoes, look no further than these Little Mermaid Nike’s. They’re custom made and available from Etsy, so you know not everyone will be sporting these shoes around Disney World or your local gym. These shoes appear to have the best characters on them too, including Scuttle.  

The Little Mermaid Custom Nike Roshe

These Butt Lightyear shoes could have you calling Star Command for backup when everybody swarms you to ask where you got them. They’re so fly and surprisingly affordable too!


disney shoes

If you’re interested in something with a bigger bohemian feel, these sneakers are it. Black and white Mandela style design with a colorful Minnie kissing Mickey on the sides. It’s cute, stylish, adorable and they look incredibly comfortable!

Mickey and Minnie Kissing Sneakers

With so many Disney shoes options, which to choose?

While a good majority of Disney themed shoes are meant for cosplay and playing dress-up, this list of shoes shows that there are some out there that are both fashionable as well as functional. Many of these shoes could do very well for taking with you to Disney World.

What kind of shoes do you want to take to Disney World?

A lot of people look for the best sandals to wear to Disney World, but as someone who has been to Disney World many times, I can honestly tell you, you don’t want to take just any style of sandals. 

Flip Flops or similar will cause you nothing but pain and you can risk them breaking after walking around the amusement park. While you might get away with wearing them near your Disney World Resort’s pool, I don’t recommend wearing them very far out from the hotel or Resort.

If you’re wanting a shoe that can go from casual to the park or water, look for something with more support. Sandals that don’t split your toes apart have back support and enough cushion to help your feet not feel every pebble beneath your feet, are worth investing in. (Crocs) 

Did you know that the average person walks about 10 miles a day while at Disney World?!

When you think of it that way, it really makes more sense to find supportive shoes that can support that much mileage! Nothing holds better for all of that walking than a walking/running shoe. It’s what they were meant to do!

Looking for thick-soled running shoes with support and memory foam cushion can really help you to not feel like your feet are screaming at the end of the day. All of that loud commotion from your feet can put a small damper on your fun vacation and cause you to not want to part-take in as many fun activities the next day. 

Since you’ll only be at Disney for a few days and you’ve paid so much money to be there, it makes sense that you’d want to invest in the best footwear to help you get the most out of your experiences.

What about shoe restrictions at Disney?

If it’s your first time visiting Disney World you may be curious to know what their rules are about shoes and whether or not you can wear certain shoe styles. There are rumors going around that Disney World has a close-toed shoe policy, but luckily, it is just that. 

There are no shoe restrictions at Disney World, it’s just a matter of using your best judgment. Actually, there is one shoe restriction at Disney World- You are not allowed to roll around on skate shoes. But that’s for good reason as they can be a big safety concern to you and other guests.

Also, the only time that flip flops (without backs) could pose as a potential problem is when you ride on the Soarin’ Ride at Epcot because your feet dangle a little bit during the ride. In that case, you’d want to store them in a pouch under your seat before the ride begins.

So whether you are wearing your Disney character shoes to Disney World or just another day at the office, make sure you wear shoes that fit with your level of physical activity for the day. Choose supportive shoes for active days and flimsy ones for a casual day at the beach.

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Lyanna Soria

Thursday 24th of October 2019

Those are all great designs and I'm loving that Little Mermaid canvas shoes. I know someone who would totally love this.

Wren LaPorte

Tuesday 22nd of October 2019

I love all of theses shoes so much! I think my girls would adore them! Anything Disney makes my heart happy!

Lisa Joy Thompson

Tuesday 22nd of October 2019

These shoes are so fun! I love the Little Mermaid Nikes and I totally want the Mickey and Minnie kissing sneakers! How did I not know there were so many cute Disney shoes for adults?


Tuesday 22nd of October 2019

These are really cute!! I love that they have adorable designs for all ages! So fun!

Ruth I

Tuesday 22nd of October 2019

These are the cutest pairs ever. Kids are going to get crazy for this. Might be a pretty cool gift for the upcoming holidays too.

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