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How to Save Money at Magic Kingdom

how to save money at magic kingdomHow to Save Money at Magic Kingdom

You’ve planned your Disney vacation on a budget.  Using all the tips you could possibly find.  Now you want to know how to save money at Magic Kingdom.  

You’ll find a lot of tips on saving money while planning and booking your Disney trip but what about saving money when you’re at Disney World?


Read This First

A trip to a Disney World park can cost up to $120 per day per person.  A family of 4, has already spent $480 at this point.  

But don’t get discouraged, I make this point because the first step to saving money at Magic Kingdom is to buy the right ticket.  

Thousands of people a year overbuy on their Disney tickets and park days go to waste as well as add-ons.  So much money is wasted.

Though Magic Kingdom is not the biggest park at Disney World, it has the most to do.  You need at least two full days at the parks.  

Take the first step to saving money at Magic Kingdom by buying each person at least two days and no add-ons.


General  Tips

#1 Magic Kingdom has some of the best photo ops.  A lot of the times, you will find Disney photographers in front of some of them.  The good news is that they will use your camera and take a photo of your entire family.  Meaning you can skip the $169 Memory Maker.

#2 Bring your own souvenirs. Whether you buy these Mickey Ears on Amazon for less than $5 per pair or you bring your own from home from a previous trip.  Mickey Ears are $20 and up at Disney World.

#3 The more souvenirs you bring with you, that you found by being budget conscious, the more you will save at Magic Kingdom.  This park has some of the best stores so get ready for some serious self-constraint.  Here are 25 budget souvenirs for Disney.


Cheap Drinks at Magic Kingdom

Any well planned Disney vacation, whether on a budget or not, will consist of bringing your own water into the parks.  That’s the number one savings tip for this category.  A bottle of water is $3.00 in Magic Kingdom.  

Refills only available during lunch and breakfast at the Be Our Guest restaurant.

Get a large drink and ask for an extra cup to split.


Cheap Eats at Magic Kingdom

Lucky for you, some of the yummiest food at the Magic Kingdom is the least expensive too.

Casey’s Corner

Casey’s Corner serves foot long hot dogs with every delicious topping imaginable.  

Yes, foot long.

That’s almost 2.5 times the size of a normal hot dog and they cost around $13.  Meaning two people can share one.  


Peco’s Bill Tall Tale Inn & Cafe

What makes Peco’s Bill so great, besides their rating as a $ ($14.99 and under restaurant), is their topping bar. Grab some beef nachos from the kid’s menu ($7) or maybe just a side of tortilla chips ($5).  This place makes for a great budget meal if you can get creative.

how to save money at magic kingdom


The Plaza Restaurant

Though it’s looks and $$ category can fool you, The Plaza Restaurant is a great stop.  The ambiance is perfect for a Disney vacation and the meals range from ($11-$17).  Bring your own water (or not) and enjoy a table service meal on the cheap.



Pack your own snacks.  Every time I go to Disney, I eat way more than usual.  I like to blame the walking and the heat.

I like to have at least two options when I am at the park.  Usually, it’s unhealthy like chips and donuts. Vacation is the only time I let myself really go all out on the bad eating.  


What to Pack

Magic Kingdom is the park that will take up the most of your time.  

For this park, the perfect park bag is a must-have.  Having a great park bag will help make your day go even better.



The first thing you need is a lightweight, nice sized backpack.  Nothing to big or too small.  You don’t to lug a huge backpack around either.  I really like this one on Amazon. (Under $20)

how to save money at magic kingdom

#2 Water (as discussed before)

#3 Snacks (also mentioned before)

#4 Ponchos.

There’s a huge chance of rain in Orlando.  I feel like it almost rains every day.  But it comes and goes as they say.  Pack ponchos and when it starts raining, put them on and continue your day exactly as planned.  Seriously.  Here is a pack of 10 ponchos for under $10.

how to save money at magic kingdom

#5 Portable battery charger.

At Disney World you are using your phone for everything like taking photos, checking the ride times, checking your FastPass times and more! The battery is going to go quickly so make sure to get yourself a portable charger. This one can charge your phone up to 5 times.
how to save money at magic kingdom

Bonus Tip

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying. Time is Money

Especially at Disney World, when you’re paying so much per day to be at the parks, time really is money. And the only way to do every single thing you want to do and not wait in line for more than 25 minutes is with the Unofficial Guide to Disney World and their touring plans.

I am a Disney veteran and I buy this book yearly for the touring plans alone, it’s the best $15 spent ever.

disney on a budget

disney on a budget


Tuesday 23rd of January 2018

These are some really great tips! I can imagine it getting very expensive if you’re not careful. I especially like the idea of buying souvenirs in advance!


Thursday 18th of January 2018

Ok so if i was going to Disney these are some fantastic tips to keep in mind. I will pass this along to anyone that will be going this year!


Monday 22nd of January 2018

Thanks for sharing!

Nicole Holahan

Wednesday 17th of January 2018

We LOVE Disney! And definitely try to reduce costs a bunch. I never thought to buy Mickey Ears etc. ahead of time on Amazon so thank you for that trip. We are headed for our kids first trip (3 and 5) in May!


Thursday 18th of January 2018

Your trip is going to be so much fun! You can also surprise them daily with little Disney gifts.


Wednesday 17th of January 2018

It was pretty disappointing to realize we spent most of our day standing in line when we went. I am definitely going to have to consider fast pass.

Jeanine Macintosh

Wednesday 17th of January 2018

We've never been to Disney. I'd love to go when the kids are a bit older, and this will be really helpful!


Thursday 18th of January 2018

I haven't gone with young kids yet but soon I will

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