Planning A Disney Vacation: The Definitive Guide

planning a disney world trip

Planning a Disney World trip is not easy.  Here at Planning The Magic we are focused on helping you mold your trip and make sure it’s economical.  Outside of that, I understand the help someone might need with the basics.  Where should you even start?  Preparation is key for maximizing your time and money at Disney World. A good surprise is a short wait for Space Mountain (ride at Magic Kingdom), a bad surprise is realizing you forgot to plan a crucial part of your vacation.  Follow my definitive guide to plan your vacation from A to Z.  Make sure to stick around for the freebies at the end. 


I’m not a millionaire, far from it, but like most people, I work hard to save money for the things I love.  Top of my list is Disney.  This means that every Disney vacation I plan is on a very strict and tight budget.  Every penny counts.  Here is what our example budget can look like:

Spending on a 5-night/6-day Disney Vacation (for two)

Accommodations:  $680

Transportation:  $150

Souvenirs: $50

Food:  $195

Park Tickets: $615.76

Total: $1690.76


At the end of this, you will be a PRO.


This will be a FUN guide I promise.  Make sure to grab your headphones and notepad.





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