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Myrtle Beach Review – A Family Trip

If you’re here, its probably because you’re on google wondering if this trip is worth it for you and your family. Here you will find a true Myrtle Beach review, a personal collection based on an actual trip. Enjoy!

myrtle beach review

Myrtle Beach Review

Believe it or not, it was this savvy traveler’s first time at Myrtle Beach.  And I was so excited because it was on my list of places to visit. 

When I think of a beach town I think of one of two things

#1 – small, quaint and cute (like Cape May, NJ or Newport, RI) 

#2 – a city like (Miami, FL or Atlantic City, NJ) 

One of the things I loved about Myrtle Beach was that it was right in the middle.  It didn’t feel like this big, packed beach city or this small rural beach town.  

There were plenty of restaurants to eat it, things to do, places to take walks, etc.  But there was also quietness, a sense of safety, and cleanliness.  

Myrtle Beach allows you to do a little bit of every type of beach vacation.  Here are some of the things I saw to do (though I only did a few): 

I was glad to experience Myrtle Beach and can say with certainty that for certain types of families, this is the perfect vacation. 


  • Clean
  • A lot to offer
  • Friendly people
  • No bugs? (I didn’t see any)


Getting to Myrtle Beach

Though we are very comfortable with flying, driving down the 9 hours was the most cost-effective, and safest given the current circumstances. 

However, Myrtle Beach does have an airport that accesses  50 destinations.  It is also very centrally located.  

If you are flying to Myrtle Beach, you’re either going to need to rent a car or a very healthy Uber budget.  

Sea Watch Resort 

If you do a quick google search, Sea Watch Resort is noted as a 3-star hotel with 4.3 stars from google reviews.  

I literally didn’t know what to expect. Rooms go for up to $200/night and more. 

myrtle beach review

I made sure to have no expectations when I got here, which is usually the way to go. 

It was nice to drive in and see that it was gated with someone making sure everyone that got in, was supposed to be there.  

Though we arrived early, around 2pm, our check-in process was very easy and the room was available.  

myrtle beach review

Wow! The suite was beyond amazing and I was very pleasantly surprised.  If you aren’t familiar with resorts on the beach, sometimes they are very humid and the sand can be a huge problem.  

Sea Watch has done a good job keeping their resort up to date and clean.  We walked around barefoot all over without our feet getting dirty.  

There were 3-4 accesses to get you right on the beach and I mean the resort is literally right on the beach.  From our room on the seventh floor, it would take 3 minutes to walk down the stairs and onto the beach.  


  • Well kept
  • Many pools
  • Literally right on the beach 
  • Resort amenities are close


  • Lack of diversity
  • No dinner options
  • No room service 

Skywheel – Myrtle Beach

The SkyWheel is similar to a Ferris Wheel except you’re in a glass room. 

I would say 4 adults can sit in this room comfortably and it’s temperature controlled.  

Look, I’m frugal to a fault and don’t like spending money on something I don’t see the value in.  

Going on the SkyWheel gave us a pretty cool picture and magnet (that was an additional $20).  

To be honest, other than that I would skip it. I could easily see myself regretful spending $50 on this.

I’ve been on the London Eye which is similar so I know what I was getting into but my girlfriend really wanted to go on it. 

If you haven’t been on one of these ferris wheel type rides, I would try it but make sure it fits in your budget.  It isn’t worth going over.  

Myrtle Beach Safari

I didn’t even think of Tiger King at all when reservations were made for Myrtle Beach Safari

Not even once. Until I saw Doc Antle walk by.

I had a friend go to Thailand and really want to interact with elephants.  But we’ve all heard those horror stories, right? When you give money to an organization, you want to make sure it’s going to treating the animals right.  

There is a lot of information out there about Myrtle Beach Safari and Doc Antle out there on the web but they also keep a lot private. 

What I can say from the experience is that it was definitely worth it. And a trip to Myrtle Beach, in general, might be worth it just for this experience.  

myrtle beach safari

Here’s what we did: 

  • Saw and took photos with a Liger
  • Saw a cheetah
  • Played with baby tigers
  • Met and petted wolves
  • Saw tigers run at full speed
  • Fed an elephant a carrot and hugged its trunk
  • Took pictures with various primates
  • Fun with chimps
  • Witnessed Tigers swimming

Each and every part of the journey was fun, funny, and awe-inspiring.  In addition, they fed us multiple times throughout.  

Too bad I’m on a diet. 

Take a look at what we had:

  • Water and snacks
  • Strawberry Smoothie (super fresh and homemade)
  • A full lunch 

At the end of the tour, we were able to look through our 429 pictures and choose one to be printed.  In addition, you get full access to all of the pictures taken while you are there.  

This was probably my favorite experience and the longest. 

myrtle beach safari

Brookgreen Garden

I was wary about visiting Brookgreen Garden as the only garden I had ever really toured was part of Versaille and felt as if my expectations were probably way too high.  

Also, prefacing this with the type of person I am is important too.  I am not a huge art fan and have a mostly logical view of the world.  

However, I love love the outdoors and beauty.  So there’s that. 

At the time of this writing, a ticket to Brookgreen Garden is close to $20 for 7 DAYS. Yes, you read that correctly.  A full 7 days.  And it is worth every single penny. 

Brookgreen Garden is a must-visit for the family as it’s garden and sculptor are beyond beautiful and the animal exhibits are super exciting. 

Though it was 45 minutes away, we took the drive multiple times and completed our daily walk within the gardens.  

A must-visit for sure. It’s a national historic landmark, nature, and art all in one.  

What else did we do?

With all that is going on, we tried to stay to ourselves as much as possible.  We spent a lot of time enjoying the hotel pools, jacuzzis, and taking walks at night down the beach.  

Myrtle Beach Packing List 

Besides the regular things you would pack for a vacation, like clothes and Motrin, what else do you need specifically for this trip?


As our accommodations consisted of a full kitchen, we made sure to take advantage.  When you have a full kitchen, you’re really given all the tools you need to maximize food expenditure during your vacation.  

Don’t get me wrong, we don’t cook full meals.  But we take advantage for sure. Here’s what we did for this trip. 

  • Purchased premade salads from Walmart
  • Ordered Pizza
    • Saved the leftovers and reheated them for another meal using the oven
  • Made eggs with avocado for breakfast 
  • Used the fridge for beers and other alcoholic drinks
  • Used the fridge for water
  • Had fruit for snacking purposes (cherries, carrots, etc)

Beach Supplies

  • Chairs
  • Towels
  • A mat that fits two but folds to pocket size.  (I take this thing everywhere)


  • Waterproof wallet for the pool, beach, or waterpark (great investment)
  • Sunscreen
  • Extra deodorant for the ladies.  Use it between your legs to avoid thigh rub 
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat

How Much Does it Cost to go to Myrtle Beach

When planning the costs of a Myrtle Beach trip, there are 5 main points you want to focus on.  

Getting There – $200

Since we drove a few hours to get to Myrtle Beach, we only had to work about gas and a few dollars in tools. 

Getting Around – $40

Again, this is for the one time we put gas in the vehicle.  Otherwise, there were no tolls or any other costs for getting around Myrtle Beach. 

Accommodations – $350

Sea Watch Resort prices fluctuate so much, it’s hard for me to average out for you.  But you can predict anywhere between $60-$120 per night. 

Obviously, that is not your only option.  Myrtle Beach seems a perfect location to use AirBnB as a tool since it is still set up as a small beach town. A quick search for the middle of the summer shows awesome options as low as $60 per night.  

Food – $250

I speak more to this int he packing list section but we spent about $70 on groceries and another $180 on two meals out.  

One of those meals included pizza delivery that we were able to use as multiple meals.  

Fun and Activities

There is so much to do in Myrtle Beach and you can spend as little or as much as you want.  With something like the Myrtle Beach Safari, you can easily spend over $2,000 for a family of four.  

For me, enjoying the pool and the beach is enough.  That’s free. 

Previously, I mentioned all of the options and activities there are like the Hollywood Wax Museum, Helicopter Ride, or Pirate’s Voyage.  

myrtle beach review

COVID Myrtle Beach Thoughts

I saved this for the end in hopes that one day, hopefully soon, the Coronavirus would not be a factor when we are traveling. 

Please skip this section once this nightmare is over. 

I’m from NJ – as you know, it got real here really fast.  We are at the point were being near people with masks gets us STRESSED.  

But in South Carolina, they were close AND NO ONE WORE MASKS.  

The worst part?  We get back and the news is like “Southern states seeing a spike in Covid-19 cases.”   Florida taking the cake but statistically, South Carolina is now seeing a huge spike.  

It was almost like they didn’t know about the Coronavirus at all.  It was scary for me.  

We wore masks the entire time and I’ll come back here and update whether we end up getting sick.  No update, that’s good.  

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