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A Family Dinner Show, Unlike Any Other

We all want our family to have the time of their lives.  And nothing is better than seeing simes on the people you love.  

Creating special moments and family adventures are two of my favorite things to do. That’s why we decided to visit Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament.  

What is Medieval Times? 

Just the #1 dinner attraction in North America

An 11th century style castle, a noble court presents a challenge, who will be the Queen’s champion?  You are transported back ten centuries to become guests of the court, Lords and Ladies if you will.   

A 90-minute show

Beautiful and talented horses, six knights, and real weapons come together for this captivating tournament.  These knights fit their way to be the Queen’s champion.  

a four course lunch

Oven roasted chicken, garlic bread, herb roasted potato and more, this meal is fit for a King or Queen.  The meal also includes unlimited drink refills, coffee, and desert, Alcoholic beverages available for an additional cost. 


We are pulling up, GPS says our destination is on the right and we can’t believe ours…it’s an actual castle! 

Weekends are so important to us 9-5ers, right?  I feel like weeks fly, I’m so focused on going to work, getting dinner done, working out, etc, that before I know it…the week is gone.  One the weekend I am super stingy with my time, and you know what my favorite thing to do it? Stay home, cuddle, and watch tv..all at the same time.  

Know what that means?  I’m stingy with my time.  I don’t do anything that isn’t of high quality/value.  My time is money.  

It’s the Holidays and the weather is cold. We picked the 4:30pm showtime on a Saturday.  

You’re instructed to arrive 75 minutes before but we were a little late and arrived 30 minutes before. It was a 40 minute drive.  To be honest, 30 minutes before was just fine. 

When we got there, we were given a team to represent – the Green team.  While we waited there was a gift shop, photo ops, and more.  

Once we were seated everything went so quickly.  They have beautiful talented horses whose skills were displayed, a flight of the falcon, and so much more.  This is definitely a show not to be missed! 

Dinner consisted of a tomato basil soup and garlic bread to dip in it as an appetizer. Followed by roasted chicken, corn, and potato. Every single part of the dinner was finger licking delicious.

Ambiance was amazing. It was high quality decoration and costumes that really transported you back in time.

Check out the video below for a good peek at a Medieval times show.

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 7.31.04 PM

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