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Genie+ vs. Lightning Lane Disney Details

If you’re anything like me, you love visiting Disney World! I often get asked about the difference between Genie+ and Lighting Lane Disney passes. So, I thought I would share my experience and knowledge!

Genie+ vs. Lightning Lane: What’s The Difference?

Disney’s new Fastpass replacement service, Genie+, allows visitors to access some, but not all, Lightning Lanes.

The new service, which debuted this month at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, has been perplexing and difficult to comprehend for even Disney experts, so we’re breaking it down for you and providing the most important difference between Genie+ and Lightning Lanes.

Defining Genie+ and Lightning Lanes

To start with some definitions:

Lightning Lane: When we talk about Lightning Lanes, we mostly mean the physical lane or line you go on when you have the pass that allows you not to sit on the normal line. Remember FastPass+, like that. Lightning Lanes are a paid service.

Genie+: This is a paid service that gives you access to MOST Lightning Lanes in each park (but not all!).

Disney Genie: Using your smartphone, you can use a free service within the My Disney Experience app to plan your day based on the preferences that you choose.

Disney Genie is available to all visitors, regardless of whether they have Genie+ or a Lightning Lane. When providing ideas for plans, Disney Genie will take into account whether or not the user has purchased anything.

Lightning Lane Types

  1. Attractions that have no Lightning Lane at all (such as the PeopleMover)
  2. Attractions with Lightning Lanes that are part of Genie+ (such as Big Thunder Mountain)
  3. Attractions that are not part of Genie+ but have Lightning Lanes and must be purchased separately (such as Seven Dwarves Mine Train)

How to Purchase Genie + or Lightning Lane Access

Disney Genie+ service can be purchased on the day of your park visit, starting at 12am, through the My Disney Experience mobile app, without needing to modify a ticket or package.

Here’s how to purchase the Disney Genie+ service:

Be sure to have your valid Disney theme park ticket and your Disney Park Pass reservation.

  1. From the main menu in the My Disney Experience mobile app, select “My Disney Genie Day”.
  2. Select the “My Day” tab, then tap “Get Disney Genie+ for Today”.
  3. After their purchase, Guests can make their first Disney Genie+ selection for Lightning Lane entry (subject to availability) starting at 7:00 AM.
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The Overall Difference Between Genie + and Lightning Lane

Again, Lightning Lane is the physical line. Having Genie + allows you to use that line to avoid long wait times. Similar to FastPass. HOWEVER, though most of the rides are included with the paid Genie+, each park has 1-2 rides that need to be purchased separately if you want.

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