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How to Get Free Stuff Online


If there was one thing that people could agree about, it’s that we all love freebies. If we didn’t the sample carts at Costco wouldn’t exist! So here’s the greatest list on how to get free stuff online.

Most of these freebies are absolutely 100% free no shipping costs, but some do require shipping to be covered. Some don’t even need to be shipped at all! So if you’re ready to get free stuff online by mail, email or otherwise, keep reading! You’d be crazy not to!

But wait.. Isn’t the free stuff online scams?

How to Get Free Stuff Online

Honestly, there are a lot of scam sites out there offering you freebies in exchange for your credit card number, so you should always be cautious. With that being said, these websites have all been checked out by me, and are on my list of approved non-scammy sites.

A lot of websites that give free samples of products will bombard you with junk emails, or have you go through 20 pages worth of surveys and signing up for things only to never actually get that freebie they offered.

Some emails are to be expected after all the company just went spent money getting that new product to you, they want to make sure you don’t forget. So consider this smart tip: Create a separate email exclusively for collecting freebies online. Now your inbox won’t be cluttered and you don’t have to unsubscribe or mark everything as spam.

Are the free samples really free?

Unless noted as otherwise, the free stuff you see included on these lists below are all 100% free.

Are all online freebies trial-size products?

While a lot of free products and free samples are trial sized, there are a large number of freebies that actually turn out to be full sized products! It’s always fun to see either way and since it didn’t cost you anything and only took a minute to apply for, what’s the complaint?

Why do companies give away things for free?

By offering you (the consumer) a free product sample, companies are marketing their brand and getting their name in your mouth. If you like the product, you’re going to talk about it. You’ll tell everyone how you tried it and loved it and got it for free. Heck, they may have made a life-long customer out of you because you’ll gravitate towards them when shopping. 

In the end, it’s a cheaper form of advertisement compared to commercials and billboards, and because you now love their product it’s making them money every time you buy it or convince someone else to try it….and you thought you were just being frugal.

So now that you know you aren’t hurting the big companies bottom dollar, keep reading along and you’ll see how to get free stuff from companies.


  • Where to get free coupons online
  • Free gift cards online
  • Freebie websites
  • Websites that help you find local freebies
  • Freebies for women
  • Free things for baby
  • How to get free stuff on Amazon
  • Websites with free review items
  • Sites with rebate items

Free coupons that you can request online

While you can print coupons any day of the week using you can also find rare high-value coupons online as well!

With some websites offering free coupons on their website for email subscribers (or rewards members) like InternationalDelight, you can sign up on their webpage, and print off high-value coupons right then and there.

How to get coupons in the mail

Other companies like these ones will send you free coupons in the mail when you give them a customer review on their products. By telling them what you like or don’t like about their product, you’re offering valuable insight and helping them to cater to the masses.

Apple and Eve

Barber Foods

Celestial Seasonings

Blue Bunny

Just make sure that when you request coupons from companies, that you space out requests by 6 months per company. Be honest in your comments, and be polite.

How to get free gift cards online

Getting gift cards for free is just as good as being handed cash. In fact, sign up right here and get a free $5 e-gift card, absolutely free no participation required. Just sign up, get your $5 credit and then apply it to any of the $5 gift cards available for purchase. 

Suggestion: Choosing a Starbucks or Amazon gift card are both great choices.

Websites that give points that can be redeemed for gift cards or cash


Inbox dollars

Survey Junkie

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Websites with freebies

While sometimes participating in a website surveys could be a fun way to waste time and slowly earn money, I think we can both agree that instant gratification is better.

So that’s why I’ve compiled this list of websites that show you new free offers daily (or almost daily.) Simply look at the site to see what’s new and sign up for anything that catches your eye!

I Love Free Things

Freebie Shark

Free Stuff

Sample A Day

Sweet Free Stuff

My Free Product Samples

Free Stuff Times


Freaky Freddies

Just Free Stuff

Totally Free Stuff

Sample Source


Go Freebies

Hey It’s Free

I Crave Freebies

Mr. Free Stuff

Free Stuff Finder

Free Birthday Treats

Free Sample Monkey

I Love Free Things

Shop 4 Freebies

Yo Free Samples

Hunt 4 Freebies

Freebie Radar

Snag Free Samples

The Free Site

Only Free

All You

Ping Bug

Freebie Depot

Design Tea (5 free samples, custom tea blends. Pay $5 shipping, get back $2 credit.)

Bonus Freebie: If you have T-Mobile, check your phone on Tuesdays for free movie tickets, Tacobell, or other surprise freebies.

Websites that will help you find free stuff in your local community

You’ve probably heard of Craigslist already if you haven’t you might live under a rock. 

If you’ve looked at it, you probably noticed the Craigslist freebies. This is a nice treasure trove of free furniture, car parts, toys, clothes, food and whatever else anyone wants to gift away before opting for tossing it in the trash or hauling off to Goodwill.

Another great place to get free stuff in your local community is by using FreeCycle. Sign up and enter your zip code to find a local group. Once you’re a member you can see posts of wants and offers being posted by local members.

You can also find a large number of free things in local Buy Nothing Groups on Facebook. These are localized within a few blocks or miles of your home and can have a lot of amazing free items. 

Buying used things, or getting them free from local sources is frugal, fun and really helps stretch your dollar! Plus it gives the item a chance at a second life!

Free Camp Sites can also be found online! Great for a budget-friendly camping trip this summer!

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Free women’s stuff by mail

Sometimes it’s nice getting free things in the mail just for us. Check out these freebie sites and beauty boxes designed exclusively with women in mind.

For The Mommas

Women Freebies

Freebies 4 mom

What is a beauty box?

A beauty box is a box of luxurious samples and trial sized name brand products provided by some stores. While you may have to pay to ship, the value of the content is above that and sometimes beauty boxes come with full-size items!

You can preview what might be coming in these boxes on their website, but the anticipation of them arriving in the mail is still the same.

Walmart Beauty Box ($5 shipping)

Target Beauty Box ($5 shipping)

Walgreens Beauty Box ($5 shipping)

Free things for baby

Babies can be expensive, or so they say. From the cost of their birth until the day they go off to college or move out, you are paying for them one way or another. Cut out some of the cost by taking in some of these free things for your baby.

Imagination Library (free book until age 5, varies by location)

Free Honest Diapers ($5.95 shipping, cancel membership after arrival)

Free Enfamil Formula and Coupons

Free Printable coupons for store brand formula

Free Carseat Canopy Promo Code FREECANOPY1 Pay $14.99 shipping

Five Free Board Books Promo Code GET5FREEBOOKS Pay $13.99 shipping

Free Baby Sling Promo CODE FREESLING4ME Pay $12.99 shipping

Free Nursing Cover Promo code FREEUCOVER1 Promo Code Pay $14.99 shipping

20 Free Reusable Cotton Breast Pads Promo Code 10FORFREE Pay $14.99 shipping

5 Free Sets of Baby Leggings Promo Coe GIVEME5FREE Pay $14.99 shipping

Free Nursing Pillow Promo Code GIVEME1FREE Pay $14.99 shipping

Nature’s One free 12 oz sample of Baby’s Only Organic Formula, PediaSmart, or Pediavance. Just pay $5.95 shipping.

How to get free stuff on Amazon

Amazon is a household name, and almost every household has 1 account linked to Amazon Prime. It’s a great site for buying anything and having it shipped straight to your door in about 2 days. But did you know that it’s also a great place to score some awesome freebies?

First, if you don’t have Amazon, sign up here for a free 30 day trial of an Amazon Prime Membership.

Besides buying things on Amazon, you can also score some awesome free samples. These free sample products cover men, women, household, pets, and grocery. 

Unfortunately, you have to buy the item at full price, and then you’ll receive the amount paid as a credit towards the purchase of another product within that category. So it’s more like a buy 1 get 1 free deal, but hey- one was free!

Another awesome freebie that you can get from Amazon is books

How to Get Free Stuff Online

One of the easiest ways to find free books on Amazon is by shopping in the Kindle store for ebooks. Arrange them from lowest to highest, and look at the wonderful selection of free literature.

There is free children stories as well as adults, all you have to do is pick one that interests you. Some don’t even require you to be a Prime member!

Another way to get free books or music from Amazon is when you shop, adjust the speed of delivery to the slowest one. This gets you $1 credit that you can build and apply towards the purchase price of a book, movie or music.

Tip: Keep an eye out on the expiration date of the credits, they don’t last forever. You can check your current balance here.

Websites with freebies to test and review

Similar to the list of websites with freebies that were listed earlier in this article, these websites give out products at no cost! They do ask for a review in exchange though. Plus side, most of the products offered for free in exchange for a review are actually full-sized products!

Bzz Agent



Smiley. Social Media Link

Daily Goodie Box

McCormick Corporation paid to review (4 times per year)

Pinecone Research paid to review and do surveys

I hope you enjoyed this superduper list of free stuff that you can get online!

Word of Caution:

While I have checked all of these websites out and find them to be honest freebie giving sites wanting to fill your mailbox with free products, coupons, and samples, you should always take extra precautions when looking at strange websites online. Especially if you have to enter any credit card or banking information.

Some things to look out for when online

As the famous old saying goes, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” If you are looking at a site promising you free samples and everything seems “too good” don’t be afraid to leave that sample in the dust and walk away.

If you are asked to take a survey, fill in your personal information, or sign up for X amount of offers before claiming your freebie, I hate to break it to you but you probably won’t receive that freebie- and you’ll get a lot of spam being forwarded to your email and phone.

As an added precaution, before submitting any debit or credit card to a website, look up at the URL bar on the page, and to the right of the check to see if there is a little lock image. This is a sign that the website is secure.

So now that you know where to go for free deals and how to stay smart and safe while doing it. Happy Freebie Hunting!

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How to Get Free Stuff Online


Wednesday 7th of August 2019

I love freebies! But I am more picky on what I bring home now! Thanks!


Wednesday 7th of August 2019

Great resource for getting free stuff. Its fun to get free stuff from time to time!

Myrah Duque

Wednesday 7th of August 2019

back when I started blogging, I was after EVERY free sample out there. I ended up with so much stuff. Those days are over. We do need to be on the lookout for scams.


Wednesday 7th of August 2019

I used to go nuts for free samples - then I collected too much stuff and I didn't know what to do with it! So I am on a hiatus now lol

Ruth I

Wednesday 7th of August 2019

This makes a lot of sense. There are so many websites which are scammy and just unworthy of trying. In the end of the day, who doesn't want to have freebies right?

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