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How Can I Have the Perfect Disney Vacation

How Can I Have the Perfect Disney Vacation

perfect disney vacation

The time old question. How can I have the perfect Disney vacation? But let’s discover what that really means. What’s at the heart of that question, what are the true questions?

  1. How can my Disney vacation be stress-free?
  2. How can my Disney vacation be magical?
  3. What parks should I go to?
  4. How can I not spend all my time waiting on line at Disney?
  5. What should I see?

So those are all questions that most of you want answered, correct? Maybe this is your first time and you want to insure you and your children have an amazing time and make sure this vacation is worth the money you are going to spend. Or maybe you’ve already been there and you made a mistake of winging it. Let’s take it question by question.


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How can my Disney vacation be stress-free?

This is an easy question to answer but it’s not an easy answer to read. The fact is the more you plan and do your homework before you go, the more knowledgeable you will become, the fewer surprises there will be and therefore the less stress. Where to start, however? I would begin with The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World. If you click the name it will take you directly to the Amazon page. This is a healthy-sized but well worth it book. Anything you need to know is here. The end. I would combine this book with the 500 Disney on a Budget Tips eBook. Read this book and you will be close to expert level.


How can my Disney vacation be magical?

Don’t over plan but plan enough. Did that lead to more questions? This is why I created Planning The Magic. Let’s say you’ve read The Unofficial Guide and now have all this knowledge. Use my Definitive Guide to Planning A Disney Vacation to implement the knowledge that you now have. You need to find what makes the magic for you. Some people can just be there and be engulfed in the magic. Parent with younger children might HAVE to see the princesses (please consider character dining to avoid a ton of time wasting). After reading The Unofficial Guide make a list of things you want to get done. If you go through my planner you’ll get one for free. Now you have an organized way to figure out what needs to get done to provide magic to your vacation.  If you are also interested in making sure your Disney vacation is affordable and you’re finding the cheapest way to go Disney world keep navigating through my site.


What parks should I go to?

All Disney parks are amazing however, Magic Kingdom is a must. Only going to one park? That has to be it. The average is two parks and that second park is really going to depend on your interests. All three other major theme parks are great within themselves and very different. I would suggest Animal Kingdom or Epcot for mixed families (age-wise), or families with only adults.

How can I not spend all my time waiting on line at Disney?

Use the touring plans provided with The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World 2018. Seriously, they are magical

What should I see?

Can I answer this with a question? Guess I just did. Who’s in your party? This depends on the ages of the party and interests. Again, use the list and The Definitive Guide to prioritize what you want to do and make sure you get it taken care of. I hate to mention it again but The Unofficial Guide has touring plans based off who is in the party, i.e “Magic Kingdom with Small Children.”

I hope this helps put a perspective on having the perfect Disney vacation, just know that it will be perfect. If you have kids, just watch their faces. Plan the vacation to your ability and liking and then just let go. Feel free to reach out with any questions or comments.


DSC_0245My name is Krystel, and I am here to share the joy Disney gives me. If you want to learn more about planning the perfect Walt Disney World Vacation visit Planning The Magic. I’ve spent a lot of time creating the perfect Disney On A Budget eBook because I really want everyone to have a magical vacation within reach.

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Leigh Anne

Sunday 16th of October 2016

My family bucket list includes a trip here. I went when I was a young adult and I am planning on taking my family.


Wednesday 5th of October 2016

Such a helpful post! I'm gonna need this when it is time to go to Disney! Thanks for sharing dear!

Mhaan |


Monday 3rd of October 2016

Planning your time seems really important. Thanks for the useful hints.

Fashion Travels (@tauyanm)

Monday 3rd of October 2016

omg this is very useful! bookmarking this! we are planning to visit disney next yr for my daughters 10 bday and will be saving this to remember

Karlyn Flores

Monday 3rd of October 2016

My two boys would asking me to go in Disney!, We will go by january

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