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Epcot FastPass Tiers

It is without a doubt that your Disney can sometimes be full of strategy. We understand how complex the Disney World’s Epcot FastPass tiers system is to master; hence we have provided this guide to help you understand the different tiers and how they work, making the most of your Disney vacation. 

Time is so valuable to you, and we know you wouldn’t want to spend most of it looking for info needed to schedule the Epcot rides for your trip or looking for the park’s best rides. 

Hence, we prepared this guide specifically for you, which contains all the information you may need to have a stress free, fun-filled Disney holiday at the Epcot park.

The following is a full rundown of the FastPass+ tier system, accompanied by a rating of the Fastpass options for maximum utilization of your time.

epcot fastpass tiers

What are Epcot FastPass tiers?

Fastpass+ is a reservation system that allows you to book reservation access to some particular shows, character meet-and-greets, and rides in advance. Usually, you will wait less than 10 minutes in line with a Disney FastPass system. 

The Epcot’s FastPass tiers system makes sure that guests don’t just load their virtual reservations on the most common rides in the park. 

Although Epcot visitors are welcome to enjoy all the park rides by standby, they are limited to one selection of Tier 1 FastPass attractions

In the meantime, you can pick from the second tier of attractions, 2 FastPasses. This implies you have to select between riding Frozen, Test Track or Soarin.

Fastpass is accessible at Epcot during usual park hours. You can pick up to 3 Epcot Fastpasses per day in advance, much as at the other Disney World parks. In a nutshell, this is how the Fastpass+ tier system of Epcot operates: 

As a guest, you would be allowed to choose one attraction from tier 1 and two attractions from tier 2. Aside from that, you can also select three tiers 2 attractions. For more detail about the tiers at Epcot, kindly follow our expectations of the Fastpass+ tier system below:

What are Tier 1 rides at Epcot?

There are five Tier 1 attractions at Epcot. This implies that you can only pre-book one of the attractions.

  • Frozen Ever After
  • Soarin’ Around the World
  • Test Track
  • Epcot Forever
  • Epcot Character Spot (currently being renovated)

The experience and rides at Tier 1 Fastpass are second to none. As a guest, you can choose one of these attractions, among other options you may have in your Fastpass plan for the day. 

There are just two Tier 1 Fastpass+ rides at the Animal Kingdom, which is entirely different from what we have here.

Regardless of your booking medium, online, app, or kiosk, the system would record what you have chosen. Hence, once you have selected from the tier one group, the tier one section would no longer appear again.

On the occasion that you decide to change your initial selection, there is an option, “modify,” which you can use to exchange your initial choice for another tier 1.Or you can book another Tier 1 ride if you have used all three FastPass for the day.

What are Tier 2 rides at Epcot?

You can choose up to three Fastpasses attractions from this Tier two after selecting your Tier 1 Fastpass.

  • Turtle Talk with Crush
  • Journey into Imagination with Figment
  • Disney & Pixar Short Film Festival
  • Spaceship Earth 
  • Living with the Land
  • Mission: SPACE
  • The Seas with Nemo & Friends

It is straightforward to book your experiences at Tier 2. At Epcot, you can pre-book up to three Tier 2 Fastpasses in a day, and after you use your three passes, you can also pre-book other attractions in any park of your choice. 

It will help if you have all your trip planned out before the system opens up as there would probably be many guests fighting for the same Fastpasses. 

One thing you may be concerned about is the possibility of ending up with all Tier 2 experiences without a Tier one experience. In order to make things work according to your desire, it is recommended that you start early with your booking. Keep checking until you find the experience that you desire.

Perhaps you could not get your desired rides, and you just need to arrive at the park before it opens, then head to that particular experience first to avoid the longest waits. Also, when the fireworks begin, you can as well jump inline.

The Best Epcot Rides for FastPass

If you are searching for the best Epcot rides for FastPass+, we have got you covered. Below we have listed with a brief detailing, all Fastpass+ experience available in Epcot beginning with the best to the ones that may be of less importance to worry about getting the Fastpass.

Soarin’ (Tier-1)

Soarin was chosen as our number one Epcot’s FastPass+, because it may well be the most unique and exciting ride on Epcot. Besides, it is also our favorite ride.

Soarin’ around the world utilizes a mechanical lift system to lift you high into the air, thereby making you enjoy the excitement of viewing foreign countries from a mimicked high altitude. It is suitable for all ages above 4 and has been all-time named a guest favorite ride.

The attraction also utilizes an IMAX digital projection dome that is 80-foot in length and 180 degrees, with aromas and artificial wind to give you a realistic experience.

Soarin’ allows you to encounter some of the world’s most beautiful natural and human-made wonders, all delivered in a fair and exciting way

Spaceship Earth (Tier-2)

The attraction of the Spaceship Earth is a dark ride that takes its guests back in time on a fascinating journey from the Stone Age into modern times. Audio-Animatronics objects and comprehensive set designs bring to life great moments in human communication.

It’s a very long ride for guests to climb in with 152 constantly riding vehicles. Therefore, the waiting times are usually below 15 minutes and may sometimes rise to around 20-30 minutes at most.

Spaceship Earth is most attractive to adults and adolescents-older people for the history lesson and adolescents for the “future generator” at the end, compiling your lifestyle decisions into a short film depicting how your future would look.

Test Track (Tier-1)

The Test Track is an attraction of high octane giant slot cars. The ride gives you a simulated feel taking you via Chevrolet’s many comprehensive testing processes of concept cars.

Guests who are above 4 years old can ride. However, you have to be sure that your children are up for fast starts and stops and also sounds and flashing lights. 

The whole ride involves creating and placing your racing vehicle via intense road tests.

The fantastic thing about Test Track is that it measures your custom car’s abilities and scores you against the other vehicles in your group created by visitors in addition to the exciting speed test, which accelerates your Simcar up to 64.9 mph!

Mission: Space (Tier-2)

Mission: Space offers you a similar experience as an Astronaut. It is designed to mimic a thrilling ride experience like that of people aboard a NASA spacecraft on a mission to Mars. All guests will feel the experience of g-force of lift-off and also the relaxing hypersleep stage.

Mission: SPACE is probably more desirable to teenagers, adults, and adolescents as the G-force simulations can be intense even for the people of the strongest category. It is best not to eat right before entering your ride.

The mission is of two types to choose from: The Green Mission, which is tamer and family-friendly that orbits the Earth, and the Orange Mission, which is more intense. If you have a weak stomach, it is best to stay off this attraction.

Frozen Ever After (Tier-3)

Frozen Ever After attraction can simply be described as a tour/dark ride via a frozen willow forest. It is perfect for families and children who want to experience the extremely advanced animatronics in classic scenes from the movie Frozen.

It is a relatively slow river ride that takes you to a place where you would meet Kristoff’s family from Troll Valley. From there, you also have the privilege of being taken to North Mountain, captivating icy blue lands, and then proceeding into the ice palace of Queen Elsa. 

This attraction has been famous since its inception in 2016 and still sees waiting times as high as 1 hour 15 minutes on busy days, rivaling Test Track and Soarin’ 

Epcot Character Spot (Tier-1)

The Epcot Character spot at Innoventions West is the sixth on our list, being that its waiting time is very low-15 minutes and as high as 75 minutes. 

Although the attraction is currently closed to Disney guests as it is under construction; however, you can still meet any of your favorite characters at random around the parkways at Walt Disney World.

The Epcot Character Spot rotates and lets you meet and greet Mickey Mouse and friends, including Goofy and Minnie Mouse. This attraction is almost attractive to guests of all ages; however, you may forgo booking the Fastpass tier if meeting these characters is not your priority.

Epcot Forever (Tier-1)

Epcot Forever acts as a temporary substitute for IllumiNations, the Earth’s reflection until it would be replaced long-term by Harmonious debuts in the fall of 2020. It will assume the form of an Epcot music history celebration.

This attraction is placed at number 7 because, no matter how busy Epcot is, you can indeed find a perfect view of the fireworks wherever on the World Showcase lagoon.

Epcot Forever is perfect for both older people and children. However, it is recommended that you forgo this Fastpass and stay far away if you have a breathing issue because, from observation, the viewing spot is so close to the water that smoke and pollutants in this area can float down to guests.

epcot fastpass tiers

Living with the Land (Tier-2)

Living with the Land is simply described as a boat ride that moves with slow speed through the pavilion land. It’s categorized as part of a greenhouse trip and part of a dark ride. The goal of the attraction is to encourage agriculture with a focus on modern and environmental awareness technologies.

Every visit to Epcot’s Living with the Land is fun and entertaining, and we discovered that most times, the wait is about 10-20 minutes. The line queue is relatively easy to walk across even on busy days.

It’s perfect for all ages, except for babies or kids who may become bored as a result of the length of time and absence of physical and visual stimulation provided. It’s also suitable for women who are pregnant as well as for the elderly.

The Seas With Nemo and Friends (Tier-2)

The Seas with Nemo & Friends is a dark ride with a slow movement that utilizes technology to produce the fantasy that the Finding Nemo fish swim in the pavilion’s real aquarium.

The Seas facility harbors several enjoyable activities and children’s learning stations, and it hosts one of the biggest saltwater aquariums in the nation. Usually, the ride within has a wait time of 5 minutes but can increase to a maximum of 20 minutes.

The Seas with Nemo & Friends have life-like action sequences, and characters propelled onto the aquarium walls as they appear like they’re swimming through the ride with you.

Journey Into Imagination with Figment (Tier-2)

This Tier attraction with Figment is a dark ride excursion through the Fantasy Institute that is fictitious. Guests learn about the feelings during the trip, while Figment (a purple dragon) appears. 

Tour Into Fantasy with Figment is situated at EPCOT inside the Imagination Pavilion of the glass-pyramid.

Guests may also communicate beyond the Trip Into Imagination Pavilion with a puppet Figment and walk-around Dreamfinder character. Those who recall this particular meeting-and-greet always miss it.

The Figment, the Orange and purple dragon, has become more or less the mascot for Epcot, in the Imagination! Future World Pavilion. Typically, a trip into Imagination requires less than a wait time of 10 minutes in most times of the year.

Disney & Pixar Short Film Festival (Tier-2)

Disney & Pixar Short Film Festival has three films in it, which include “Feast,” “Get A Pony! ,” “Piper.” and “Feast. These efforts initially premiered in the theaters before Big Hero 6 . (2014), Finding Dory (2016) and Frozen (2013) respectively

Guests at the Disney and Pixar Short Film Festival can experience a trio of 3D animated films from Disney and Pixar’s creative talent. 

Adults and teenagers can find entertaining shows before entering the theater, but kids will appreciate the experience more. The 18-minute film screening uses three famous 3D-projected short films and the features that change seasonally.

Turtle Talk with Crush (Tier-2)

Turtle Talk with Crush is an attraction at Epcot park where a backstage actor controls an animated avatar of Crush, called the Surfer Turtle from Finding Nemo. T

his is an interactive theater where the featured animated 153-year-old turtle turns up to communicate with the audience to answer their questions, make jokes, and act otherwise like a real live character.

During the interaction, Crush, with numerous friends from Finding Nemo and friends from Finding Dory, will “choose” people in the audience and interact with them in real-time. In this show, the waiting times are short, sometimes 5-10 minutes long.

Is Epcot Forever FastPass worth it?

Epcot Forever is excellent viewing from a technical standpoint. It is always an enjoyable experience watching the fireworks over the lagoon and how good the spectacular is. From our point of view, Epcot Forever is worth it. However, FastPass can be skipped.

Although Fastpass gets you into a special viewing area, you still need to get there 30-40 minutes before the show to get the right spot. The color and shape of the fireworks are diverse, and from a visual perspective, Epcot Forever is strong and beautiful.

How to book FastPass

The usual booking system of Fastpass at Disney World is the paper Fastpass system. However, Walt Disney has modified its booking system by adding other methods. If you do not know how bookings are being made nowadays, we got you covered. Below you will find a little guide that would help you along.


You can book a Fastpass online via your My Disney Experience account 60 days in advance if you are staying Disney property, or 30 days in advance if you are not.  You will need tickets purchased to book your FastPasses.  

Ensure you connect all your party members to your account when booking, then proceed to choose the park, the day, ride, and time. It is effortless to navigate your way through the site to complete your booking.

In the Park

Nowadays, Fastpass kiosks are situated at a designated location throughout each park. You can have your booking, unlike the olden times where you have Fastpass Kiosk in front of each ride.

There are currently three Fastpass stations at Epcot: two stations are situated in Future World, which is at the Epcot Character Spot, very close to the Land and Innoventions Breezeway, out front of the MouseGear shop while the third location is at the World Showcase which is between France and UK pavilion.

On the App

You can download the My Disney Experience app and book Fastpasses with your user account. 

The app can also be used to view daily wait times; hence, we recommend you download it for your trip. Finding the right passes either on the app or web, can sometimes be daunting; hence, we also suggest that you remain vigilant to refresh your feed and check several times during the day. 

Disney will periodically introduce new Fastpasses to famous attractions, or people will cancel their reservation. 

Recommended FastPasses

My recommendation is going to be exactly what I do.  

I always have a hard time choosing between Soarin and Test Track as my Tier 1 ride both rides are amazing and almost equally appealing to our families.  

What to do? 

We choose Soarin as our tier 1 FastPass, we ride Test Track using the single rider line.  We ride Frozen Ever After first thing in the morning.  

We do this by getting to the park 45 minutes before it opens and heading straight to the ride right away.  

Your Tier 2 FastPasses should be completely based on the explanations we provided of the rides and what seems like the best fit for your family. 

Getting Additional FastPasses

The general rule of Disney allows you to reserve three Fastpass+ attractions at one park per day. Notwithstanding, you can book extra Fastpass if you have used all your three passes for the day. 

You can keep booking additional passes as long as you use all available Fastpassess for the day until the park is closed.

We suggest that you have your first three Fastpasses booked before 2 pm if you intend to be in one specific park throughout a day. Also, keep refreshing the app for additional Fastpasses as you go about having fun.


This guide about Epcot Fastpass should help you plan a great day of Epcot rides, and should also give you clues to pick the rides your party should ride and when. 

Our guide should also help you to time your Fastpasses appropriately and use them on the right stuff. Using this guide would make you not to book the passes you would regret.

epcot fastpass tiers

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