Eating at Disney on a Budget

eating at disney on a budgetEating at Disney on a Budget

Ranking the two most expensive items on your Disney vacation budget can seem almost impossible, but when you are fishing for the right deals you will find that tickets and meals will always seem super high.

When you’re on your Disney vacation,  you want to have a great time and remain the least budget aware as possible (without spending every last penny).  That’s why I think it’s a great idea to put some structure into where you want to eat during your vacation.  When you’re there, you don’t have to worry about it.   Here are some Disney eats that can be done on a budget.

Cheap Eats at Magic Kingdom

The Plaza Restuarant

I stumbled upon this gem completely accidentally. It was actually during my life changing 2012 trip to Disney World.  It was lunch time and this was a really pretty restaurant.

I found the menu online and was ecstatic to see most of the prices under $20.  For $17 I had a Grilled Chicken Sandwich with everything (including bacon) and a side of fries.  My bill for the two of us came out to less than $45.

Not only are the prices great but the restaurant is central and beautiful inside.  You know you’re at Magic Kingdom the entire time.



Casey’s Corner
This place is hard to miss with its baseball player statue out front.  There’s something about it that just calls you in.  You need a hot dog.

For under $10 you can get yourself a yummy hot dog and some fries.

Also on Main Street, you don’t have to travel to far to enjoy a meal here.
Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe 
Every time I eat at Cosmic Ray’s I always over buy and still never spend more than $20/person.  Here’s why:

The servings are very decent.  I mean 1/2 a Rotisserie Chichen with fries is under $15.  Two people can share that with the right set up (dessert maybe?).

They are located in Tomorrowland and the seating is ample.  Be sure to look at every counter before choosing as each section (Bay) has a different selection.

Cheap Eats at Epcot

Epcot is tricky when trying to put a list together.  There are a lot of a-la-carte entrees that are under $15 and it’s fun to mix and match as your tour the World Showcase.  If I can offer any advice, it would be to try as much as you can and maybe skip a traditional sit-down meal.  If that’s a must for you, here are some awesome options.

Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe
A lot of the great finds in Epcot are “off the beaten path.”  I mean you actually have to walk into Norway to get to the Kringla Bakeri but it’s well worth it.

I have to call out the Norweigean Club Sandwich for under $9. But there’s also the Salmon and Egg or Ham and Apple (yum) Sandwich.

Via Napoli

You guessed it, located in Italy.  If you take a quick look at the menu, you’ll see entree’s prices $20 and up, which is clearly not very budget friendly.

What they do have, that puts them on this list,  is a large pizza that serves at least 2.5 people for $33.

And not to mention a pitcher of Sangria for $36.
Yorkshire County Fish Shop
If you like Fish and Chips, I super suggest trying the ones from Yorkshire County Fish Shop.

I can still remember the last time I had them, December 31st, 2015 around 11pm.  While waiting for New Years.


The Fish and Chips here are under $11 and tasty.  They don’t have any other options, besides beer and non-alcoholic beverages, so make sure the entire team is on board or there’s another arrangement.

cheat eats at disney

Cheap Eats at Animal Kingdom

Yak and Yeti Local Cafe
I can’t lie when I say I crave this food.  No need to go inside to the Yak and Yeti Restuarant when you can enjoy the local cafe and outdoor seating (shaded).  Located in Asia, this is a must visit for some Asian fare.

I usually go for the Honey Chicken ($10.99) but everything on the menu is pretty good.

The sides such as pork fried rice, french fries, and/or egg rolls are under $5 and shareable.
Flame Tree Barbecue
I have been craving a good BBQ pulled pork sandwich for some time.  And you can get one here for under $11.

When visiting a BBQ location you can usually win with the entire family, which is a win for the Flame Tree.

Bonus: Alcoholic Beverages Served

Location: Discovery Island

Cheap Eats at Hollywood Studios

Backlot Express
Chicken nuggets, Waffles, Maple Syrup.

Need I say more?

This quick service location has a lot of Star Wars going on but it’s decorated nicely, there’s a lot to look at.

Location: Echo Lake
50’s Prime Time Cafe
Stuffed Pork Chops, Chicken Pot Pie, and more.

These entrees are a little bit more expensive, in the $20 range but these can also be shared.

Location: Echo Lake



Cheap Eats Everywhere Else

Crew’s Cup Lounge

Located at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort, this is not to be missed.  Buffalo Wings for $12 and Lobster Rolls for $19.

This place is really comfortable and more seafood focused with other things mixed in.
D-Luxe  Burger

D-Luxe Burger is an awesome Disney Springs location.  Wood-paneled walls and a fireplace make the burgers taste so much better but they really don’t need the extra boost.

All the burgers are under $15.

For me, what makes it a great choice are the cheese selection.

Earl of Sandwich

I got to Earl of Sandwich every single time I’m at Disney World.  Not only are the sandwiches inexpensive but they’re incredibly good.

Location: Disney Springs

Cheap Eats at Disney Bonus

Many of the locations at Disney Springs have coupons in the back of the Official Guide to Disney World.  It’s 90% of the reason I even buy it.   Given its price (currently $12)  you can easily earn that all back. Learn more here

When you’re on vacation, what makes a dining location fit or not fit into your vacation?

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    Thank you for these! We’ve actually eaten at many of these places–we love Casey’s!

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    These places sound so yummy. They are still a bit pricey for me though.

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    You really don’t need to spend a lot. The kids will also too busy going around the attractions anyway and won’t really mind whatever it is that you feed them. It’s good to save on food too.

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    Saving on food means you have more for your vacation. I think it’s awesome that you put together this list!

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    Thank you so much for posting this! I am looking into a Disney trip and need to save money whenever possible!

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    Great suggestions! This is such a great idea to grab some budget food. I’ll be sharing this with my sister who’s planning to go to Disneyland this summer.

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    This is great. I am taking my family here in August and we are trying to learn everything we can about Disneyworld. Thanks!

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    That D-Luxe burger would be a hit with my kids. We have eaten at Disney on a budget. It really can be done. 🙂

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    Wow, a lot has changed since I went to Disney. Then again, that was in the 90s lol. This is definitely a helpful list!

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    This is definitely a helpful list! Disney is expensive enough, and when you add the cost of food to your trip it gets even moreee expensive! Me and my family are actually planning a Disney trip soon, so I will definitely be checking out these cheap eats! Thanks for this post! 🙂

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    Wow! I will have to keep these in mind when we go to Disney this summer! It is always great to have tips and suggestions like these!

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    Its nice to know that there is a wide variety of places to eat in with affordable prices. I like that there is a great selection of foods. Can never go wrong with a yummy plate of fish and chips.

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    oh this will be a great post when I finally get round to saving for disney and yes its so expensive when you get there that budgeting for food is a must

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    I will have to share these with my MIL. My kids usually visit Disney with her and she mentioned last time how spendy eating in the park can be.

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