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the easy guide to your Walt Disney World Visit

Planning a Disney vacation is no easy task, but with the help of the many resources out there, you have no reason to worry. The question is: which guide book(s) should you use?

I recently went on Amazon and purchased the easy guide to your Walt Disney World Visitand I’m excited to tell you more about it.

the easy guide to your Walt Disney World Visit

Let’s start with the contents.

Chapter 1: How to Use this Book

Chapter 2: Why Age and Height Matter

Chapter 3: How Long To Stay

Chapter 4: When to Go

Chapter 5: Where to Stay

Chapter 6: How to Spend Your Time

Chapter 7: Where to Eat

Chapter 8: Which Tickets to Buy and How Much to Budget

Chapter 9: How to Set Everything Up and Get Everything Done

Chapter 10: Where to Go Next

I also want to point out that each chapter is split into many sub-sections.

You’re really getting value every step of the way.

Though this seems like a lot of information and the book is a decent size, this book is the perfect Disney guide book to NOT get overwhelmed.


You run a website like this, and you really start thinking you’ve seen it all. This book made sure I thought again.  One of my favorite sections of the book, (and there are a lot), is the one about adjusting your vacation based off your child’s age and what they can and cannot do at The World.  Families of all shapes and sizes head to WDW but you never go as far as to think about the different types of vacations they have.


Think about your family now. Your youngest child might not be able to do, or even be interested in the things your older child is.

I can only imagine the differences in vacations with a 5-year-old and a 10-year-old. At a certain age, waiting in line for an hour to meet a princess is no longer the most fun thing to do.  David and Josh do a great job at walking you through the hurdles/planning you might have to do depending on the logistics of your family.


They even go as far as to tell you height requirements, and what those mean.  The highest height requirement is 48 inches.

Point One

As you go through the motions of considering a Disney vacation, you’ll start to get an idea of how you would want a vacation like this to be.  But we all know that wanting is very different than actually having.

One of the many things that this book points out, that I haven’t seen elsewhere, is considering if you’ll ever return.  An ideal, one-time Disney trip would be as many days as possible, do I hear 10? But if you know you can/probably will return, than there’s no need.


4-5 days could work.

Of course, you’re considering other things like budget, work, school schedules, etc. What’s better for you, two short trips or one long?

Point Two

Every Disney expert will tell you and even provide you with crowd levels for WDW and tell you when you should plan your trip for.  This book goes a step further and it’s an amazing addition.  As two experts, David and Josh go through every month with comments and tell you what’s good and bad about that month.


Point Three

Of course, when I got to the section above my mind was blown but it didn’t end there. Later on in the book, you’ll come across their weekly breakdown.  Every week of the year is covered here.  The chart has information on crowd levels, ranking, hotel prices, and other comments. 

Point Four

When I say cheat sheet how excited does that make you?  These sheets have all the information you need for the parks; what to see and how to see it.

“designed to break down all of touring advice and principles into an easy guide”

You can pull these out of the book or print updated and color copies through the link they give you.  These cheat sheets show you a map, what FastPass + to get, and how to get as much as possible done in a day – without a mental breakdown.

The touring plans that they provide are super easy to use.  This helps them stand out in the crowd.  Each park also has a chart that has average wait time for major rides.  This is going to be incredibly helpful information. 


Point Five

To-do list.  Need I say more?  They pretty much break down what you have to do and when; 180 days out, 60 days out, etc.   

Point Six

Setting up and using FastPass + to the best of it’s capacity is a question I commonly get from my readers.  This book goes park by park to tell you what FastPass + you should use, why, and how to get them.  There won’t be a question unanswered with FastPass +.

Highlighted Chapter

At Disney, every decision can seem overwhelming.  That’s mostly because there are so many different options and ways to put your vacation package together.  One of the chapters in this book, “Where to Stay,” does a great job explaining and simplifying your lodging options.  With this chapter specifically, I’d like to take a deeper look inside. 

What will you find?

  • Why it would or would not make sense to stay on the Disney property.
  • With more than 20 options, Disney owned resorts are often the more expensive choice but to put it in the book’s terms, a Disney resort is also much more fun, convenient, and magical.
  • A list of perks.
  • Why  the Extra Magic Hours perk is not enough to choose a Disney resort.
  • How to pick your resort.
    • Hint: Budget will be your driving factor.
  • Summaries on their most notable resorts.
  • Chart outlining resorts by convenience and kids appeal.
  • Chart outlining what to expect by price.
  • Top resorts in each category (value, moderate, deluxe, deluxe villa).
  • The BEST floor plans around.


Updates and Downloads

As you can see, there are a ton of perks that come with this book.  As you read you’ll see mentions of cheat sheets, charts, to-do lists and more that you can download on the specific url they give you.  Even better, they update the book constantly and those updates are yours for free, (once you purchase the book)Follow the directions in the book.

disney on a budget

I appreciate many Disney guide books and feel like each one brings a different benefit to the table.  For this book specifically, it takes something that can be lengthy and complicated and gives it to your in a very digestible format.  It stands up to the easy in it’s title.  To give you an example, not all Disney resorts are created equally and anyone who has been to Disney more than once knows that.  Josh and Dave tell you upfront, in this category, these are the best and here’s why versus overloading you with information on all resorts.  For some, that’s a major waste of time. 


My readers, (aka you), will love the sprinkle of budget tips that can be found along the way in the book. 


What would you love to read/learn in a Disney Guide book?

disney on a budget

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disney on a budget
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Wednesday 28th of December 2016

That's amazing that they go into that much detail! I'd love to see the breakdown per week and month. You could definitely do some awesome planning with this book!


Thursday 22nd of December 2016

This is such a cool item for planning a Disney trip! Disney can be so overwhelming esp when bringing multiple children of differing ages. I think this is such a great tool for parents to have!!


Friday 23rd of December 2016

It really is great and makes planning a Disney vacation much more manageable.


Wednesday 21st of December 2016

I've never been to Disney and don't think I will until I have kids (if even then lol) but this is a great guide!

Debbie J.

Wednesday 21st of December 2016

I'm going there next month, so thank you for the insight. I can't wait!


Wednesday 21st of December 2016

This was very informative! We haven't taken a Disney Vacation yet but I feel like I would be very much so prepared with this guide. -Breyona Sharpnack

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