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Driving to Disney World – the GREATEST Guide

Driving to Disney World

Driving to Disney World

Getting to Disney World is one of the first 10 things that will cross your mind when you’re planning a Disney World vacation.  Today, we’ll focus on driving to Disney World. Is it a good fit for your family?

Each and every year, thousands of people take road trips. Road trips are just fun to do, or they can be fun at least. The driving part makes many people wary, but the fun you can have along the way is all worth it. Car karaoke, junk food, beautiful scenery, and frequent bathroom stops are all a part of the road trip experience. Each of them has the ability to make or break the road trip.  

When thinking of a place to take a road trip to, most people probably will not journey to a place far away.

One of those places that people often consider road tripping to is Walt Disney World in FL. Why would someone want to plan on driving to FL when it may be more beneficial to just fly? Well, there are actually some really great reasons as to why you may want to take a road trip to Disney World!


Road Trips Are Fun

First off, road trips are really fun. Let me explain in more details. The actual driving part about a road trip is not fun, but it is the fun that you have on the way to that journey. When you are on the road, entertainment takes on a whole new definition.  

When you are on an airplane, you probably have something with you to keep you busy. On a car trip, you will bring tons of things to do yet there will be some points when you simply need to create your own fun. How about a car karaoke sing-off? Lip Sync Battle? Scavenger hunt outside your window? The ideas are endless and while you could potentially do these things on an airplane, it is more realistic to do it in a car.

Having fun is just one of the benefits you can have while taking a road trip.


Road Trips Don’t Have Restrictions

When flying on an airplane, there are some restrictions that you will have. You are locked into buying an airplane ticket at the price you may or may not be able to afford, you are locked in on a specific date for traveling, you need to stand in long lines at the airport, get checked through security and even through all of that, your flight may be delayed, late, or even canceled. A flight takes away a lot of control from the individual.  

Here is the thing about road trips. With a car, you won’t have most of or even any of these restrictions. The budget is yours to set, you can set the parameters and plan the whole trip. You can leave when you want, stop where you want, go wherever you want and hey if you want to take a 12-hour detour, be my guest. You can do this on a road trip. If you flew, you couldn’t do half these things.

Speaking of things you can’t do on an airplane, you can’t take everything you want on a flight. Because of TSA rules and regulations, certain items need to be a certain size, things need to be small and condensed, you can only take a carry on that is xyz big, and it costs money to have more than one bag. When you drive, you can bring whatever items you would like to bring with you.

It is truly your vacation customized to your needs and agenda. If you need all the stuff you can possibly think of and shove it all into your car, then hey do it as you can do it. Wanna know something else? If you ever wanted to say bring a gun to go hunting while on your road trip, you can even do that as well. Can’t do that on an airplane, can you?

Believe it or not, since I’ve become a master at spending less on vacation, sometimes at the last minute, I’ll feel like I can (and should) stay longer.  With a flight, adding an extra day(s) becomes too expensive because of change fees or doesn’t work because of flight times. Driving allows me to change my “going back home” schedule as much as I want.   I love that.


Road Trips Can Ultimately Save You Money In the Long Run

So, say that you are planning a trip to Walt Disney World. In your planning, you start deciding whether it would be better to fly on an airplane or brace the journey of driving to Walt Disney World. Let me help you decide.

Going on a road trip will cost you less money and therefore save more money for what matters most. More money means more Mickey Ears and whosits and whatsits galore. Let me break it down.

If you have a family of 4 and say you fly from Columbus, Ohio to Orlando, FL, that price will be about $1,000 at least, roundtrip. Not to mention baggage fees.  Then, add on all the expensive additions with having a Disney World Vacation; dining plan, hotel, souvenirs, park tickets, and any upgrades like the Halloween or Christmas party. Things starting adding up and your vacation cost goes through the roof.

When you take a road trip instead, the price you will pay for gas will be less than half the price of one airline ticket. Regardless of if you are driving to Disney World from Chicago or driving to Disney World from NJ, driving to Walt Disney World will save you money no matter where you come from.

Driving to Disney World Has Benefits Even After You Arrive

Even after you arrive at Walt Disney World, the benefits of driving continue on. If you fly into Orlando, you then rely on Disney transportation to get you from everywhere you need to be. If you want to go to the park, Disney Springs, or even another resort, getting there is done by utilizing some form of Disney transport.

It isn’t that big of a deal to use Disney’s transportation service and it is quite reliable. However, what about when you want to travel somewhere off Disney property? In that case, you would then have to either get an Uber/Lyft, call a taxi, or even rent a car. All of those options will cost you money in some way shape or form.

If you had already traveled to Disney using your car, you now already have a car readily available for you to use if you need to.

I love Chick-Fil-A and when I have a car in Orlando, I always eat there at some point.  This is another great benefit, say you want to go out to eat someplace outside of Disney property. With a car, you can do just that and by doing so you will save so much more money than dining on Disney property.

Another thing to mention about having your own car is that if you use it to travel to a-z on property, chances are you will be able to get to your destination 50% faster than utilizing Disney transportation.

You have to think, when it comes time for closing at the park, you then have loads and loads of people waiting for a bus to get back to their hotel. Same can be said when you want to get to a park in the morning. By having a car, you can easily skip the whole waiting process allowing more flexibility and more freedom which can help you get to the parks and to your hotel faster.

Faster transportation means that you can get more things done and more time to sleep. I wouldn’t want to be waiting an hour in line to catch the Monorail or Bus when I am tired and wanting to get some sleep or even deal with the cranky kids anymore, but hey, if you don’t have any other transportation method, you just gotta do what you gotta do.


Driving is Less Disgusting Than Flying

Let’s face it. When flying on an airplane, you are prone to all sorts of things. It is a small, enclosed space with roughly about 300-500 people all in one shared space together. With that amount of people, you are guaranteed to encounter at least 1 person with some form of sickness.

People sneeze in places they shouldn’t sneeze, they don’t cover a cough, they have who knows what on their hands, and yeah. You are more likely to catch a cold on an airline flight that only lasts for about 3-5 hours on average than you would in a year of driving in your car.

Airplanes are also not the cleanest forms of transportation. Flight Attendants try to clean what they can, but when a plane lands, let’s be realistic, it usually is not deep cleaned. Airlines and airplanes just do not have time between flights to wipe down every hand rest, every food tray, every window, handle, and any other thing you can possibly think of.

There are germs practically everywhere and most likely your bathroom in your home is much cleaner than the whole airplane itself. Speaking of bathrooms, don’t even get me started on the airplane bathroom. You do not want to know what kinds of monsters are lurking in there. If you have to really use a bathroom, then you have to brace yourself and just go.

Here’s the catch, if you took a road trip down to Disney, you wouldn’t have to have any of these problems. Your car would be perfectly clean, free of hundreds of germs, you most likely would not get a cold, and the best part? You can go to the bathroom whenever and wherever you like!

The worst is settling for a dinky, smelly, disgusting airplane bathroom. You can choose your royal throne with ease and have a better go! In comparison to flying, driving is like royalty!


Driving+Friends=Connection while Flying+Friends=Disconnection

Ok, so say you are flying to your destination with a group of friends. Your flight is about 3 hours long. On this flight, you will probably be watching movies, taking a nap, reading a book, or doing whatever else it is you are doing on airplanes.

Plane rides are kind of like studying in a library. You have to be quiet enough for all the people around you while not being too quiet at the same time. That being said, because of how cramped you are on space, because of how quiet it is, and because it simply isn’t that comfortable, plane rides are typically not the place you would think of connecting with your friends on a deeper level.

Driving to Disney World

Now, in a car ride, it is quite the opposite. When you are driving, you are usually trapped with someone in a car for more than 5 hours. That being said, you can now connect with these people on a deeper more meaningful level. You can get to know them so much better. You can relax, let loose, and just have fun.

Start a lip-sync battle, do a sing-along to your favorite tunes, munch on your favorite junk food. Flying+friends=disconnection while driving+friends=connection. It is a simple truth but one that is nonetheless truer than the grass is green.


Why Flying is Sometimes Better Than Driving

When you look at the pros in comparison to the cons, the pros far outweigh the cons in terms of driving vs. flying.

Driving is way more fun, it allows for you to be more connected with friends, it is less disgusting than flying, it has more benefits, it can save you more money in the long run, and it does not have any restrictions. The question is not why driving is better than flying, but rather it is why would anyone want to fly vs driving? Well, driving does have its cons. Taking a road trip is indeed not for every single person. Flying definitely gets you to your location a lot quicker.

That is one reason most people take a flight. A second reason is most people just do not want to hassle with driving especially if they live quite far away from Walt Disney World.

Driving takes up time and you will need to stop for many things. You need to stop and grab some food, stop for gas, stop for bathroom breaks, and any other reason you need to stop. When you drive, you may not be at your location until a day or more. If you fly, you can be in Florida in the morning and then at night, you can be back home in your cozy bed sipping some hot chocolate. Overall, there are benefits for each mode of transportation.


Adventure is Out There!

Next time you are planning a trip to Walt Disney World, consider driving to FL! If you do, trust me, it will all be worth it! It may seem crazy, but you will have so much fun guaranteed and may come out a totally different person from this experience.

It is honestly a completely different experience from flying. If you have done a road trip to Disney before, let me know down in the comments what your thoughts and experiences were as I would love to hear about it! If you haven’t, what are you waiting for! After all, Adventure is out there!

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Driving to Disney World


Tuesday 18th of December 2018

I am sending this to my friend. We have just been talking about her drive to Disney and how they are going to entertain the kids.

Jennifer H

Tuesday 18th of December 2018

Road trips are always fun and cheaper most of the time than flying. And we live at Disney World so our road trips are only a short distance -woohoo!

Cathy Mini

Tuesday 18th of December 2018

I'd love to visit Disney as always very nice place to create good memories with your loved ones. This is already on my list this Christmas.


Tuesday 18th of December 2018

It’s almost a 12 hour drive from where we live. I don’t know if I could survive that long in a car with my kids! Lol


Tuesday 18th of December 2018

My husband grew up driving to Disney World often and on the opposite side of the country, I grew up road tripping to Disneyland. We love making these same memories with our daughters too.

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