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Disney World Gift Ideas

I love Disney products. I don’t like to overdo it on “Disney swag,”  but I love always to have hints of Disney everywhere. The Disney World gift ideas do just that.

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I had this amazing Starbucks Coffee Travel Mug that I got from Epcot on a visit to Disney and then one day when I put it in a box of stuff to take home from my office it fell out of my car.   

When I say it was the most beautiful coffee cup I ever owned, I’m not kidding. Lucky for me I found it on Amazon and now you can too. The Starbucks line also includes a You Are Here mug collection which has a mug for each theme park.

Here are some more mugs that I love!

Coffee and Tea Disney Fans

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Disney World Gift Ideas

Use this inexpensive Mickey Mouse Coffe Machine to make some warm, exotic yet lively coffee. Serve them with delicious Mickey shaped cookies courtesy of these cookie cutters.

When you’re drinking that delicious coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, why not keep it cozy with a Disney-themed, yet very tasteful blanket like this Aladdin Tapestry Throw Blanket? You can also make it more Mickey with this one or this one that also comes with a backpack. 2 for 1!

Let’s take it back to the kitchen. Finish a tough day at work with this Disney wine glass but don’t forget coasters to protect your nice furniture. What I love about bringing Disney to the kitchen is that it remains discreet and classy.

Take a look at these cute Magic Kingdom themed salt and pepper shakers; they’re definitely on my Christmas list for this year.

Bring Disney to your appliances with this waffle maker.

Another thing on my Christmas list is a Disney dinner plate set; I have one set of dinnerware that I’ve had for YEARS, so It’s probably time for an upgrade. My favorite dinner plates have to be these.

I have these measuring spoons I’ve had for so long that the size is coming off from being washed often. I’m trying to convince my girlfriend to let us get these measuring spoons to join our collection of other Disney kitchen things. I would also settle for this spoon rest.

I’m not a huge dish towel fan. Only because they make your kitchen look sloppy if they aren’t placed just right and also clean, but Disney does a wonderful job at dish towels, and if I agree to get more, it would be these.

The kitchen isn’t the only place you can sprinkle a little Disney magic

Home Decor

You know, I’ve been trying to bring Disney to the bedroom as best as I can. So far, I’ve managed to work this elegant Disney picture frame in. I also know that I could probably get these couple’s pillowcases for us.

No worries; there are so many other options out there. There’s something about white linens that I really like. It’s so inviting and clean-looking. That’s why this “Never Grow Up” Peter Pan pillowcase is perfect. For a living room option, check out this cushion throw cover that anyone would want.

It’s raining decals!!

There are some pretty big ones, but they’re so amazing. I just came upon this Peter Pan one that would work in all living rooms.

Also, this castle one would probably work best in a kid’s room. I feel like it’s a little too much for even me or my (future) kids.

However, these decals for the stairs is something I ordered right away. They’re going on either my basement or attic steps as soon as they get delivered. I might just repaint the attic steps like in the picture too.

I might just ask for this Beauty And The Beast shower curtain and/or this bath rug. They don’t really work together, though.

I do think that Peter Pan and Beauty and the Beast are the movies that correlate with the best home decor. Just take a look at this Big Ben wall clock from Peter Pan or Lumiere figure.

Disney Accessories 

Let’s talk about different Disney accessories.  The kind of things you can wear every day and take a little bit of Disney with you anywhere you go.

Everyone’s heard of Alex and Ani right? What about Pandora? What could make a girl feel more like a princess than a Pandora Princess Crown Ring? And if you are a big Pandora fan than you’ll also love these charms.

Let’s talk about Alex and Ani and their fashionable, inexpensive bracelets that even the nominal Disney fan would love.

You might be thinking, how expensive are these things? Some are down at the $25 mark, and some go above $100. It also depends on how long you wait; the price is guaranteed to go up.

Disney World Gift Ideas

Watches anyone?

This watch is technically for men but with it’s average size face and leather straps, it can work for anyone. Feel free to have Mickey on your wrist during that tough day at work. Same Vintage Mickey Mouse Watch, but this one has black leather straps.

Some women like purses, and some women like backpacks (some women like both), but everyone, including men, would love this Walt Disney World Exclusive Backpack. If you’re into drawstring backpacks, then check this one out because it’s under $20 and also comes with a soft blanket.

I know I’m not the only one with a 15-inch laptop, but if yours is smaller, this Disney Daypack is impressive, to say the least. All I need now is a Disney Princesses Wallet, and I’m good to go!

For all my Star Wars fans, check out this Wallet.

You know you have to travel in style, and what better way than with some Disney-styled luggage? I’m a Disney addict to the extreme (clearly), and this is the last thing I need for my collection. So if you know someone who loves Disney, luggage is the way to go!! Let’s start with traditional.

And while you’re at the airport, use this ADORABLE Vera Bradley Bag as your personal item and keep all the important stuff close. When I travel, I usually have my laptop on me, and this laptop sleeve is perfect to keep it well protected. Pair it up with this perfect “I Love Disney” passport holder.

On medication? Make sure to always keep them with you in case your luggage is lost. This pill box has the Mickey right on it, making it unique yet beautiful.

When you get back home and get to work, bring the magic to the office with you either as a Limited Edition notebook, princess pens, or Mickey and Minnie pens. I recently visited Disneyland Paris, and that’s exactly what I brought home with me. It was nice to be halfway through a tough day at work and look down at these.

Great Disney World Gift Ideas

How about these awesome keychains?

Disney has a pin-collecting tradition that is so much fun. Even better? You can get your Disney addict started with an inexpensive starter kit that includes 50 Pins.

I’ve been dying for a Disney iPhone case, but I can upgrade at any point, and my phone is semi-broken, so it’s hard for me to justify another case until I get a new phone.

Marvel Disney World Gift Ideas

It’s so important to have family time, and what better way than with some board games????? Disney has their own version, which easily brings the magic to family night.

And while a lot of these are small items you can wear or use, there’s much more!

Disney Apparel

Disney started a partnership with Vans back in 2015 and the shoes are adorable! I own a few pairs. But check some of these out. You can match them up with this Minnie Mouse Varsity Tee, though that might be too much Disney for one outfit. I recently ordered this Disney Is My Home T-Shirt because…well…it’s true.

If you’ve ever been to Disney then you’ve seen the cute shirts that families will wear. We do it all the time too! Amazon makes packages for your whole family to have matching and adorable Disney Family Vacation T-shirts.

Disney Hoodies

For all those chefs out there you’ll love this Cinderella Kitchen Apron it’s simple but very adorable. On my most recent trip with my grandparents, my grandma loved the Minnie Mouse Kitchen Apron but don’t worry Mickey gets one too.

Sleep in style with these Mickey Mouse Pajamas, or if you’re into Minnie Mouse can you can find those here.

I hope you enjoyed these 100 gifts.  Is there anything Disney you carry or have in your home that I missed?


Thursday 10th of November 2016

Omg I love the mugs! The Beauty & the Beast cup is my favorite - I've always wanted one of those!


Thursday 10th of November 2016

Omg I would love it if someone got me a chip mug!!!!!!! Most perfect gift ever. Might just have to buy it for myself lol

Positively Stacey (@PositivelyStace)

Thursday 10th of November 2016

Great gift ideas! Disney always brings a smile to one's face - no matter what the age!


Wednesday 9th of November 2016

I love the toilet decor!!! So if anyone wants to get me a gift that will be great!!! Lol...I think I am one of the few people on America that has never been to Disney World :(


Wednesday 9th of November 2016

Oh man, we have to change that!


Wednesday 9th of November 2016

I love the mickey mouse mug every time I see it, I was just in Disney last week but didn't want to try and figure out how to get it back on the plane without it breaking. Maybe I'll drop some hints to the hubby because I definitely want it for christmas.

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