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Disney World Affordable Packages [Updated 2019]

Everyone (including myself), gives you all these tips and tricks to do Disney on a budget but no one cuts the crap and just gives you the Disney World affordable package options that you need.

Disney World Affordable Packages

disney world affordable packages

What are your goals with your Disney vacation? How can you go to Disney on a budget for a family of 5?

I’m going to walk you through three case studies/vacation packages, exactly how I put them together, and why. At the end I’ll tell you exactly how to have an affordable Disney vacation.

Before we get started let’s talk about the logistics of this example vacation I’m putting together.  Let’s name it:

Disney On A Budget For 5

    • Traveling Party: 2 adults, 3 children   (Ages 10, 8, 5)
    • Dates: March 6-13
  • 5 day Disney World tickets

Let’s start with the easy out, aka the closest you will get to a Disney World all inclusive vacation package.

Side Note: Most people don’t know this but in order to take advantage of all of Disney’s special offers, you have to start booking off this page.

In order to not give myself any head start, I’m going to book this package with any Disney discounts I can. It’s only fair, right? If I was to show you a non-discounted price when there are clearly discounts available, that would be cheating.  

Step One:  Head over to the link above

Step Two: Identify which offer fits with your vacation dates the best and follow the links

Step Three: Enter your dates and party details

Step Four: Rank resorts “Price: Low to High

Step Five: Click the resort that you want and follow the process

Here’s the what a Disney World “all inclusive” vacation package quote would look like:disney affordable packages


We will fix this number.

You might know the different accommodations options for your Disney on a budget trip already but for clarity’s sake let’s lay them out.  

  1. Stay at a Disney World resort

i.e Disney’s All Star resort

  1. Stay off of the Disney World property

i.e Ramada

  1. Stay on Disney World property but not at a Disney resort.  What?!?

Full Disclosure – Price wise a non-Disney resort is going to be cheaper. Does that mean it’s out of your budget? Absolutely not.

Staying at a Disney World Resort

Staying at a Disney resort is completely possible within your budget.  In order to get the most affordable rate possible, you have to 1. Recognize that the cheapest Disney resorts, outside of camping,  are the value resorts. Two, you have to do research on the best deals.  You can get up to 15% off your hotel booking on top of the fact that you can get a value resort room for 90/night depending on the season.  

I want to stick to the dates I mentioned above.  Unfortunately, there were no value resorts available but the modern Disney’s Caribbean Beach is currently at $219/night.

disney world affordable packages

If I was really planning this vacation, at these prices I probably would not stay onsite.  There’s so much more I can do with 219/night and I really want to find a way to maximize my dollar when planning these vacations.  

Moving on…

Offsite Hotels

According to the Orlando Sentinel, 66 million people visited Orlando in 2015.  Do you think all those people came for Disney?  Probably

disney world affordable packages

My point is that there are so many things in Orlando that are not Disney.  Hundreds and thousands of things and a lot of those are really nice hotels.  And a few crappy ones. There are really a few gems out there that have fantastic amenities. (links will open in new tabs) 

Holiday Inn Resort Orlando Suites – Waterpark

Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress

Sheraton Lake Buena Vista Resort

Cheaper Option ↓

Red Lion Hotel

During my 2012 trip, I stayed at the Ramada Gateway and I was able to put together a quote from them for our dates.

disney world affordable packages

Step One:

Head over to to get started with your quote. I don’t have an exact reason as to why I like Priceline so much besides the fact that I feel I always get the most options and best prices from here. It’s nothing concrete so if you have a site that you like to use to book hotels, go for it.

Step Two:

Once you are on the hotel aggregator of your chosen search up hotels near the Lake Buena Vista area. I know a lot of people like to use Kissimmee or Orlando but using Lake Buena Vista will get you results closest to Disney World.  

Step Three:

Sort results by price but make sure to pay attention to ranking as well.

For a second opinion head to

There’s one last option.

Non-Disney Hotel on Disney Property

There is a way to stay on Disney World property but not at a Disney World owned and operated resort. These are known as the Disney Springs resorts and there are 7 total. Each are operated by different companies and offer very different things. I put this video together not too long ago going over all of these resorts.

If you’re booking your accommodations way in advance you’re going to pay a higher price for one of these hotels.  

disney world affordable packages

But if you’re willing to wait there’s a way to save close to half which can make this way more possible for a lot of families. Usually, you can get a nice suite at the DoubleTree for $80-100/night. Check out my eBook for more information. 


Let me start by saying that the more flexibility you have with dates here the more you will save. Use’s month view to see what dates are cheaper. My favorite airline is JetBlue and while their prices aren’t terrible, they can be high sometimes.

disney world affordable packages

Here’s another quote I put together from a superbly cheap airlines.  I use a certain method to research cheaper flights, regardless how strict your dates are you can save at least a hundred or two.

disney affordable vacation packages


The cost of Disney tickets is literally the blow (sucks).  BUT there are ways to save.  A 5-day ticket right from Disney World:

disney world affordable packages

But my FAVORITE discount Disney site will give you a free ticket when you purchase a 4 day ticket for a few hundred dollars in savings.  Say hello to my friends at ParkSavers.  Use my code: PTM2 for additional savings. 

disney world affordable packages


I’ve mentioned before how long it took me to find all the tricks to make my trip happen within my budget and of the things that took me a very long time to find was JetBlue getaways

Basically you buy your flights and hotel from JetBlue as a package. I like this option so much because it actually saves money.

Sometimes when you use an aggregator to book hotel and flights it just adds the two together and doesn’t actually give you a discount. You won’t find that here.

disney world affordable packages

Most Affordable Disney Vacation Package

Let’s put together the cheapest Disney vacation package possible.

Offsite hotel: $350

   Example: Red Lion Hotel, Ramada Gateway (both within 2 miles of the WDW entrance)

Cheapest Flight (for 5): $1396

Tickets (5 days for the price of 4): $1591

Total: $3337

Still a Disney World Affordable Package but not the cheapest, the most valuable.

Disney Springs Hotel: $1160 (get this down to around $700 using the trick in my eBook)

Cheapest Flight (for 5): $1396

Tickets (5 days for the price of 4): $1591

Total with discounts from eBook: $4147

Best part? You’re still on Disney property!

Isn’t this price a lot better than the one we started with?!

disney on a budget

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Caroline Moses

Saturday 5th of November 2016

These are all such great tips! I have always wanted to go to Disney, but it's always been so unaffordable for my family (I'm the last of six children!) and all of a sudden, I became a grown up! I definitely want to go soon!


Thursday 3rd of November 2016

I've never stayed at Disney. I've just been to Disneyland, but we were there just for a day. I'll need to keep this post in mind, whenever we plan a trip to Disneyworld.


Thursday 3rd of November 2016

I have never been to Orlando, but thank you for the advice! I'd love to visit there someday with my family. - HilLesha


Wednesday 2nd of November 2016

I LOVE Disney and everything about it! Yes, there is so much more to do in Orlando, but we love Disney so much that we stay on property and typically do not leave. Will need to start venturing out a bit though!


Wednesday 2nd of November 2016

Disnet is just so great! I definitely need to plan our next vacation soon. ESPECIALLY since my husband has never even been to Disney World!

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