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Guide to Disney’s Magical Express Reservation + Link

Disney’s Magical Express Reservation

Also known as DME –  is Disney’s complimentary motor coach transportation from Orlando International Airport to Disney owned resorts.  It is part of Disney’s transportation system. Here you’ll learn how to book your Disney’s Magical Express reservation.  

Start the magic as soon as your land at Orlando International Airport when you decide to use Disney’s Magical Express and board one of their splendid motorcoaches.

If you’re flying domestic, or from within the US, you can even skip baggage claim as Disney will take care of that for you! 

Disney’s Magical Express

For Disney’s’ Magical Express reservation you will need your flight information and resort confirmation number.  If you are booking more than a month in advance you will receive the information you need for your DME reservation as well as your luggage tags in the mail (US and Canada residents only).  If there is not a month between the day you book DME and your check-in day you will not get the luggage tags in the mail but you will get your reservation information through email.  

Without the tags, you can provide the Cast Members working at the DME desk with your baggage claim numbers and they will take care of the rest.

Here is the link to reserve Disney Magical Express

U.S. and Canada Reservations: (407) 939-1936

United Kingdom Reservations: 0800 16 90 730

Must be 18 years or older to reserve.

Disney’s Magical Express FAQs

  • Disney’s Magical Express comes with a luggage service.  Disney will be in charge of your checked luggage from the moment you hand it over to airport personnel before your departure flight from home. You can then expect to receive your luggage within three hours of your arrival, the luggage will be delivered to your room and you don’t have to wait for it. That means you can enjoy anything you want to enjoy the day you get there without having to worry about your luggage. And this is where the convenience comes from. If using the service you want to have a carry-on or a personal item that has your MagicBands, credit cards, money, medication and any other things you would need for the next couple of hours.
  • You don’t have to use the luggage service, you can collect your luggage yourself and keep it with you.
  • To take advantage of the luggage service, make sure to use the yellow tags that Disney sends you. If you are arriving at MCO after 10pm, you cannot use the luggage service.  If you arrive at MCO at night but before 10pm, expect luggage delivery the same day.  That might mean 2am.
  • When using DME just make sure to leave enough time 2-3 hours to get back to your resort before planning anything else such as an advanced dining reservation. It’s never taken me that long to get to the Disney World property but it could. 
  • Expect multiple stops at Disney World resorts to drop off other guests.
  • Upon arrival at the Orlando International Airport, guests should proceed to the Disney Welcome Center which will be located on the Level One/B side of the airport and be scheduled for the next available shuttle.
  • Don’t fret if you don’t have your MagicBand, you can check in with either the letter you receive in the mail or through email.  They can also look up your reservation with your name.
  • I don’t suggest this but as long as you have a Disney Resort Reservation, you can show up at the DME desk without a DME reservation. Disney will still put you on the next bus to your resort.

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disney's magical express reservation

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