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Planning a Disney vacation or just a Disney addict? Well me too. This is a collection of my Disney articles to help you plan your Disney vacation or just get your Disney fix.  Welcome to Disney like never before

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Best Backpack for Disney

Be fully prepared for your park days with the #1 backpack for Disney.

Disney World's 50th Anniversary

Disney on a Budget Tips

Use these tips to do Disney on a budget and pinch pennies to still live in the dream at the memory capital of the world.

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Disneyland, in California, is a must-visit.  Find tips here.

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Latest Posts

Ultimate Guide to Epcot’s Mexico Restaurants

One of the best things about going to Epcot is the immersive culture experience that then leads to some awesome places to eat! Epcot’s Mexico restaurants are numerous and awesome, let’s review.  What is the best restaurant in EPCOT? With over 60 places to eat in EPCOT, finding the best of Epcot’s Mexico restaurants is …

Greatest Disney Scented Candle Companies

Don’t you wish you could bottle up Disney Parks and take them home with you, so whenever you miss the magic, you can pop open the bottle and take in the aromas? With scented Disney candles, you can! We’ll go over the top greatest Disney scented candle companies so that you can bring the magic …

Magic Kingdom vs Epcot 2021-2022

It’s time for the ultimate showdown!  Before you spend your hard-earned money on a Disney vacation, it is vital that you know which park(s) you should attend. Trying to cram everything into one trip will just cause pain in your neck and pain in your wallet.  You definitely don’t want to have to sacrifice fun …

Best Quick Service Hollywood Studios Locations

Have you been wondering which restaurants are the best quick service Hollywood Studio locations? Look no further! I broke down and ranked the best quick service locations for you. Bon Appétit! What is the best quick service at Hollywood studios? There’s so much to do at Hollywood Studios that you don’t want eating to slow …

Best Shoes for Disneyland

When you are planning your trip to the most magical place on Earth, don’t forget to keep in mind the best shoes for Disneyland. A day at the park involves a lot of walking and you need to protect your feet to avoid blisters and other issues.  In this article, I’ll go over the features …

Disney Silhouette Portraits

I’d like to share some Disney Silhouette history with you. You might not know that the first Disney park to open was not Disney World in Florida, but Disneyland in California.  Just one day after Disneyland Park opened, specifically on July 18th, 1955, the first silhouette studio opened. Right on Main St, USA. A silhouette …

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