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Disney On A Budget – Free Worksheet (How to Create your Disney Budget)

disney on a budget worksheet

Disney On A Budget Worksheet

You’ve finally decided that now is the time to take you family on that magical Disney trip.  You’ve spent days, or weeks, even months, reading about planning a Disney vacation online and how to best plan it.  But how much will this trip cost?   When can you afford to go on this vacation?  

Travel expenses are going to vary depending on your travel style, that’s why it’s important to start making a budget sheet early on.  

What is your Disney vacation really going to cost you?

When planning a Disney vacation, the mere idea of the cost can seem overwhelming…before you even know what it’s really going to cost.  In fact, a lot of families don’t even start planning a Disney vacation because of what they think it is going to cost them.  

I created this worksheet for two reasons.

  1. To help you plan your Disney vacation and keep your expenses under full control.  Be fully aware and then find ways to cut down the numbers that just seem ttoo high.
  2. Help families guesstimate what their Disney vacation is going to cost them in order to figure out if it truly is possible.  

My favorite part about clearly outlining my vacation’s cost is then going back through the budget and finding ways to save money.  


The excel sheet is set up to populate and add numbers automatically.

Download Here (Excel) 

Download Here (PDF)

disney on a budget worksheet

6 Simple Tips To Save On Your Vacation Budget

Search Smarter

Use websites like,, and to look for bargains.  You can even set alerts for your travel period.  


Research Fees

These are the things that catch you by surprise so make sure to research things like your resort and their parking or resort fee.


Bring Your Own Food

Save up on breakfast, snacks, and drinks by getting a few things from the grocery store.


Avoid Peak Travel Times

Peak travel times mean higher prices on everything, including food, flights, hotel stays and more.


Pack Smart

Pack smart to avoid having to buy expensive later.  Bring $1 ponchos to avoid the $12 (or more) Disney World ponchos.


Road Trip

For a family, driving can be exponentially less expensive than flying.


disney on a budget


Friday 23rd of June 2017

Packing smart and bringing your own food are really great tips! Disney can be so expensive but the memories are definitely worth it. Thanks for the great cost reducing tips to help make a Disney trip possible!


Thursday 22nd of June 2017

Disney on a Budget is an awesome idea, because it's SO expensive!! I remember when tickets were super super cheap, now they're all over $100! It's ridiculous!


Thursday 29th of June 2017

My grandma was telling me about the prices when I was a kid. No wonder we stopped going so much.

Adaleta Avdić

Wednesday 21st of June 2017

These are awesome tips, Disney is expensive for everyone so finding ways to save is awesome!!


Wednesday 21st of June 2017

We are visiting Disney World in August. It is going to be a little expensive, but our kids are going to love it.

Claire Santiago

Wednesday 21st of June 2017

I am not sure when can I afford to visit Disney, but really it's on my bucketlist. I will take note of this so if that day comes, I will not be having a hard time planning my dream trip.


Thursday 29th of June 2017

It's def expensive but there are ways to cut the costs. So worth it. Good luck!!!

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