Disney Magic Band 2 Skins

Disney Magic Band 2 Skins

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I remember before Walt Disney World had MagicBands when your room key would be a called a key to the kingdom. How cool? But when Magic Bands launched, there was excitement and happiness everywhere. Now with the new shape (2.0), Magic Band 2 skins are a way to take cute Magic Bands to the next level.

For those of you unfamiliar with MagicBands, they’re wristbands that have a RFID chip in them that makes your Disney Vacation much easier.  You can use it to pay for food and souvenirs, get into your resort room, get into the theme parks, and more!

If you have a family, and you want to find a way to make your Magic Bands unique – these Magic Band 2 skins are the way to go.  A Disney vacation is expensive enough, right?  You want to make sure you’re not overspending on these Magic Band 2 skins but are still getting the highest quality.  Well, I know just the place.

RSVP Custom Creations is where you can purchase already premade Magic Band 2 skins or you can custom request whatever print you want!

disney magic band 2 skins

That’s right, any print your heart desires.

These Magic Band 2 skins are made of high quality, waterproof, glossy vinyl.  Magic Bands are waterproof themselves, meaning you can go swimming with them and leave them on when going on wet rides so you want a decal that can do that too.

Magic Band 2 skins started when people not only wanted to make their Magic Band 2 unique but also wanted  a color that wasn’t available.  Currently, Disney offers pink, purple, orange, yellow, green, blue, red, and grey.  But what if I want black, white, or teal?!

We are going to Disney in September and I’m a DVC member so we are staying at Old Key West and Boardwalk Villas for a few nights each. We are getting two sets of Magic Bands because of the two different stays. My little sister, Mia and I have to switch colors because we want the same ones. So I have red for three days and she has yellow, then we switch. These magic band 2 skins take it to the next level. Now wanting the same color isn’t a problem and her magic band 2 skin is awesome.

magic band 2 skins

Magic Band 2 skins by RSVP custom creations include character designs like the Disney Princesses, Star Wars, Pluto, The Incredibles, and so much more.  My favorites are the ones that are full of things that remind of the parks like Mickey Ears and the Cinderella Castle.  Of course, you can get plain colors, like black or baby blue but take it a step further by getting Magic Bands 2 skins that represent what occasion you’re celebrating.

Disney World is such a great place to celebrate something special, like your birthday.  Why not make it loud and clear by getting a Mickey/Birthday Magic Band 2 skin.

With the Magic Band 2 skins, I was surprised how well it held up on the Magic Band and through getting wet.  Furthermore, people ask about where they can get the skins because they look so great.  I feel comfortable recommending this product to you as they are fashionable and inexpensive.  Perfect addition to your Disney vacation.

disney magic band 2 skins
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