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Disney Black Friday Deals – 2018

Disney Black Friday Deals

Disney Black Friday Deals – 2018


Hey ya’ll!!

I do so much of my shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday because I am looking to SAVE. It is my life motto to get things, (or experiences), for less.  So I am here to share with you some of the top Disney Black Friday deals there are. 

BTW, if you really like knowing the best and latest Disney deals (both Disney World and Disneyland), state up to date on my homepage.  It’s just, and I always put the best and latest Disney deals on there.  

I just spent a week up at Seneca Lake with friends doing a wine trail.  I had an amazing time and experiences like that really make me want to keep more money in my pocket so I can do more when I want. We all struggle to save where we can and make the most of our dollar.  I bet you guys didn’t know this, but I still have a full-time job that isn’t this blog.  I am also going to school for my Masters.  Oh yea, I just bought a house too.  So I’m with you on this saving money adventure. 

Disney World Ticket Sale

This one blows my mind because saving money on Disney World deals is SO HARD.  I few dollars here and there is easy, but I am about to show you how to get $20-$95 off of each of your Disney tickets.   UnderCover Tourist has an online deal giving up to $72 off each combo/ticket.  

disney world black friday deals

Disneyland Ticket Sale

GetAwayToday always has the BEST deals.  It blow my mind sometimes.  For some reason, Disneyland tickets always have better deals.  The nice about GetAway Today is that they also have great deals on other aspects of your vacation, free night at hotels, and all of that.  


Disneyland Black Friday


SwagBucks Black Friday Deal

A website where you do things to earn SwagBucks, (SB) that can be redeemed for cash or gift cards.  For example, you can do a survey for 50,75, 250 SB (and more), you can watch videos and earn SB, you can print coupons and earn SB. Just to sign up, you get $10.    If you want to learn more, visit my in-depth post about SB.  

swagbucks black friday

Ebates Black Friday Deals

Ebates allows you to earn cash back while you online shop.  All you have to do is start at the Ebates website and click on the store website through them and BAM free money.  So not just for Black Friday, but every time you online shop, make sure to use Ebates and get some free money for yourself.  I am an Amazon Prime member so I shop online a lot and love the free money I can earn.  If you haven’t signed up for Ebates, you will also get a bonus! 

ebates black friday

ShopDisney Black Friday Deals

ShopDisney is the official online Disney Store and right now they have 50% off select items.  I have used ShopDisney sales before to save a ton.  I was able to buy my niece a bathing suit, towel, hat, and plate set for under $20. 

That’s all the deals I have for you right now but for more non-Disney oriented deals, take a look at

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