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Disney 2023 – Ultimate Guide and Strategy

Updated 12/15/2022

The most magical place on earth hit the big five O in 2021 and there has been so much to look forward to. Disney 2023 is no exception.

This place is massive and consists of 4 key theme parks, an area recognized as Disney Springs (which features many dining choices, family attractions, and a lot of shopping opportunities), a few top-ranking golf courses, 2 recreational water parks, and much more. Remarkable for both old, children, and youth.

Give yourself a special treat to the Disney World vacation, and you will be sure you will have all you ever need.

Get ready for a ton of new rides, experiences, restaurants, and so much more! And as we can all hope, a more normal, normal.

If you’re a seasoned Disney vacationer or a first-timer, I will make sure to go over everything you need!

COVID-19 Update

By now, Walt Disney World has released that 2023 Disney vacation plans don’t include the option for dining plans.

Disney did the best it could opening during the pandemic in the safest way they could, knowing the future was unforeseeable.

Disney has indicated it won’t change its policies until health agencies, its panel of experts, industry groups, and research universities to determine best practices.

My prediction is that Disney will continue to monitor health conditions and vacation patterns and start offering more.

Safety measures are in place but their constantly changing. Currently, masks are required for ages 2+ within indoor locations, regardless of vaccination status.

Check out my post about visiting Disney World during the pandemic.

When Can I Book 2023 Walt Disney World Vacation Packages?

Now, but I highly suggest working with Disney Travel Planner as they are free of cost and with this ever-changing landscape, it’s helpful to have someone on the inside. I take a limited number of clients, click here to fill out my request form.

It is great that you think and plan because it a great step to a wonderful trip! When it comes to reserving only rooms in a Walt Disney World Resort hotel, you can make this reservation up to 499 days in advance by calling (407) 939-1936. 

As for vacation packages, including dining plans and tickets for 2023, they can be done online. As a general rule, vacation packages are published around June or July. If you choose to lock your Disney Resort hotel now, you can add the rest of your vacation package items when they are released. 

Once you have booked your vacation, you can closely monitor all the special offers available. If you see one that is in your next vacation and your next vacation spot, you can call Disney directly at (407) 939-5277 and work with a knowledgeable actor to apply the deal to your current reservation. It’s super easy and it’s nice to know that you don’t have to miss a deal just because you booked early.

Reach out to a Disney Travel Agent for some help navigating this.  

Should I visit Disney in 2023?

Of course, you should visit Disney World in 2023. Disney is undoubtedly one of the most popular destinations when it comes to taking vacations. Whether they are families with small children – or not so young – teenagers, adult couples, or even friends in their thirties, it is a world of incomparable fantasy.  

Disney is undoubtedly in the collective unconscious of all of us who were born and dream of Mickey Mouse. Located in the heart of Orlando, United States; Disney is a resort called World Disney Resort, with thousands of hectares that include not only classic amusement parks, but also stadiums (ESPN), luxurious hotels and villas to stay at different prices, restaurants, artificial lagoons, shops to buy ( Disney Springs is a treat), and much more.

In each theme park, except the aquatic ones, there are practically daily shows to close the park. These shows with all the paraphernalia, pyrotechnics, and resources of Disney are really to be amazed at the effect of lights, fires, and dances of the famous Disney characters. 

Each park has a theme that characterizes it, and they tend to appear at closing times as well, especially in the Magic Kingdom, there are very famous parades like the Electric Parade. If you go during festive periods of 2023 such as Christmas, you will be amazed to see the decorations in each show and structure of the Park. The light show in Hollywood is spectacular!

Finally, why we love Disney and whenever we go we want to return, is because it makes us imagine a happy world

One without problems, where we are all children, play and wonder are the main adventures of the day, since you get on an I play until each official receives you with a smile from ear to ear (from the person who cuts the ticket to the person who offers you food), from shopping in stores to enjoying the show, from looking at the buildings to seeing the children smiling and not even wondering if what they see is real.

Disney is the world of fantasy, the existing gifts and merchandise are just a stimulus to buy as many physical souvenirs as you can. But the best gift this park can give us is to play with children again, laugh with simplicity, enjoy the moment, and dream with your eyes wide open that innocence can exist.

Which 2023 Disney packages are the best?

The best 2023 Disney package is the one that works best for you. And I mean that in every way, the room that has the theme you would like the most, and the layout that works for your family. Important as well, the budget that works with your pocket.

Disney World and the surrounding Orlando area are so vast that creating the best 2023 Disney package for you is very possible!

How do I plan a Disney vacation 2023?

Is it me, or does planning Disney vacations start feeling like a job at some point?

But don’t lose sight of the magical experience you are sure to have once you get there, and with this guide.. you’ll be covered.

There are some preliminary questions you’re going to want to start with.

How will you get to Disney World?

Who’s included in your Disney travel party?

How long do you want to visit?

Will there be free Disney dining in 2023?

A lot of people planning a Disney vacation might have heard of this term, Free Disney Dining, but what is really the meaning of the term?

If you may be asking whether there will be free food at Disney, the right response is -Yes, sort of.

So, what is Disney’s free dining?

Since 2005, Disney has been offering guests free Disney dining packages when attendance is forecasted to be very low. Guests need to book a Disney theme park, and Disney Resort hotel stay tickets to enjoy this offer.

The best way to take advantage of this offer is to use a Disney Travel Agent because they have the expertise to grab it for you. 

Disney usually announces the free dining offer through email, first to Disney Visa Cardholders, and then makes it available a few days to the public.

To qualify for the Disney free dining offer, you need to have at least a 4-day stay and buy a minimum Park Hopper Plus ticket or 4-day Park Hopper. 

You need to book your travel dates to take advantage of the Disney free dining offer during designated windows of time. Late summer and early fall was the general time frame in which free dining has been offered in the past, and also during mid-winter post-holidays. 

While we can’t predict the free dining definitely will be offered, we can help navigate the predictions and the actions if it is.

The best thing to do is book your package in advance and then change it to take advantage of the Disney free dining 2023 once it is released.

Disney 2023

If you’ve been to Disneyland before, you should know that both Disneyland and Disney World Orlando are their own worlds. 

Walt Disney World consists of four parks. Also, the attractions of Walt Disney are very different from those of Europe and there are very few that are repeated. 

If you’ve already been to Disneyland Paris and have little time to visit all the parks, you should know that the Magic Kingdom is the part that most closely resembles the attractions of the theme park of France.

Disney World 2023 Overview

disney 2023

Below are some of the possible new attractions to expect in Disney world.

The Star Wars Hotel:

Do you want to travel to Disney just to visit everything that comes from Star Wars? Well, this is one of the novelties and it is a theme hotel.

The most fun thing about this hotel is that when you stay, you will be an active citizen. Meaning, you will have an interactive experience as part of this film saga. The first thing they will do is give you a special outfit for a character. Apart from this, all the windows of the rooms will have a view of the space.

Although there is no confirmed date of opening of the hotel. Though with current events, I would imagine 2023.

New Spaceship Earth attraction

What is Spaceship Earth? A geodesic sphere that serves as the symbolic structure for Epcot located at the Walt Disney World Resort. It is also the name of the dark ride attraction found within the sphere. Visitors go on a time machine experience using the Omnimover system. The 15-minute dark walk shows customers how advancements in human communication. And how that communication has helped create the future one step at a time.

However, the attraction has been shut down for some time as it is currently undergoing renovation. By 2023, you can expect to find a new spaceship earth attraction that will be worth the wait.

Magic Kingdom Theater:

It is a new theater located in Magic Kingdom park that will be inspired by the classic Kansas theater called Willy Wood (must be well known to natives). It is an excellent addition to the park since you need to have a good stage for the works that are being presented as Frozen.

Mary Poppins Cherry Tree Lane Home

We will never get tired of seeing it-and singing it. Mary Poppins captivates young and old wherever she goes and we can finally celebrate the arrival of her first attraction at Disney World. It will be located in Epcot, The Walt Disney World Resort (Florida) theme park opened in 1982. This attraction is dedicated to international culture and technological innovation.

The Mary Poppins-inspired attraction will be incorporated into the UK Pavilion as an entirely new neighborhood. This attraction joins the initiative to add a cinematic link to each of the eleven outstanding countries that make up space.

Disney 2023 Tips

Nighttime spectaculars are back! Disney Enchantment” at Magic Kingdom and “Harmonious” at EPCOT, have debuted for Disney World’s 50th Anniversary Celebration.

Modified Character Experiences. More character dining opportunities are opening up and character shows are returning, though modified.

Use Mobile Ordering on the Disney App. With mobile ordering, you don’t have to stand in line to order and pick up your food. Some quick-service locations are only using mobile orders. Make sure to download the Disney app before your next trip.

Park reservations are still required. But capacity is going up.

A modified park-hopping has returned. You should start your day at the park you reserved but once 2pm hits, you can visit any park!

By March 2022 all Disney resorts were opened!

Disneyland 2023 Overview

Are you scheduling a Disney vacation or a couple of days in the parks throughout your tour? You are in the right place as we would be providing you with information regarding the latest attractions that are coming to the Disney world 2023.

Did I hear you mumbling, oh, 2023 is somewhat far? I understand too that 2023 is still a bit longer away, however, with all the latest rides that Disney is constructing right now, we would like to prepare you for what is next. We would also talk about possible changes that might have been added to Disney’s usual world vacation. Read on!

Just in case you have never been to Disneyland over the past few years, we’ll provide you a short rundown of the latest Disney attractions that are now in the parks and what is really coming soon.

2023 will be full of yet more building projects around Disney World, though not as much as it has been in previous years, at least not within the parks (save Epcot). In truth, if you have not been here in a couple of years, 2023 might be a very significant time to visit all the latest attractions that are here already.

Without further fuss, here’s what is new and that which is coming next to Walt Disney World 2023 and the time beyond:

Early last year, at D23 Expo 2019, the chairman of Disney parks, Bob Chapek, announced a few interesting information about  2023 Disneyland Parks.

Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Rail 

According to the chairman, in 2023, Disneyland park attraction would be opening in Mickey’s Toontown.

Bob’s announcement also revealed that Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Rail line would be coming in 2023, great excitement for Disneyland lovers. This means every visitor at Disneyland Park will have the opportunity to walk into a world of cartoons. This includes meeting Mickey and his buddies on the Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway rail line, coming to Toontown!

Taking a ride in the Mickey-themed runaway at Disneyland will not only create an unforgettable excitement, but the experience would put you into a state of real-time experience in the world of Mickey Mouse Cartoon, a place where things of any kind can happen. As soon as you step into the Mickey and Minnie Cartoon World, you will enter a train together with Goofy, the train Engineer.

Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Rail line uses cutting-edge technologies and sparkling cinematography to modify the cartoon world into something unbelievable. It enthralls a multi-dimensional experience with an original script and endearing theme song.

The coming of Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Rail line will not result in losing Roger Rabbit’s Cartoon. It’s going to be built on the current available backstage area. Therefore, everything existing in Mickey’s Toontown will not be touched.

The action happens at El CapiTOON Cinema.

Mickey & Minnie are debuting their latest short called Perfect Picnic. Before entering the cinema, you’ll encounter a unique display produced by Toontown Humorous Society. Mostly comprising costumes and props from the world of toon.

The coming of Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Rail line is exciting news for Disney lovers. There are rumors of different attractions coming to Mickey’s Toontown attraction park. Still, we are unable to comment on that as we would only give you information based on the chairman’s announcement. 

Stay tuned to this blog site as I’ll be updating this information as I learn more. And as more announcements about the 2023 Disneyland are announced.

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