Discounted Disney Gift Cards 2020 – Tips You Need to Know

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Prices on all things are increasing.  Including Disney vacations.  And finding the best Disney gift card deals is very important to me.  For both my Disney Vacation Club dues AND my Disney vacations of course.

Discounted Disney gift cards can take up to 10% off of your Disney vacation.  Below you will find secret tricks I have accumulated that will get you the best discounted Disney gift cards deals.

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First Things First

Let me tell you about a website you’ll hear about over and over again on my this page and all over my site:

I went to the movies with my family and was able to save 10% off of movie tickets by buying discounted Fandango gift cards on I used my cash rewarding credit card when I purchased the movie gift card from Raise.  I then combined the money I saved, in this case, my ticket total was close to $50, so let’s say $5, and the 2% cash back to the side towards my future vacation.  

If you are able to save $6, just 50 times a year, or $10 just 50 times a year, that’s $300 to $500 extra money in your pocket.

That’s the power of, it’s a site dedicated to the selling and buying of gift cards.  Here you can buy a whole range of different gift cards from varying retailers, including discounted Disney gift cards..

Signing up is hassle-free and you can be comforted in knowing that each gift card you purchase comes with a 1-year guarantee. This means that if you grab a card that may have problems – inaccurate balance, inactive, etc. – the site will reimburse you in full for up to one year.

Another one of the things I love about Raise is that when you buy an e-card, (which covers most of the offered gift cards), you get it almost immediately.

Current Discounts

Pizza Hut – 12% off

Target – 3% off

Disney – 4% off

Fandango – 15% off

Kmart – 6% off

Click on this link and sign-up for Raise and get $5 credit towards your next purchase.  Many discounted Disney gift card methods involve

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Add to CartDiscounted Disney Gift Cards Method 1 meets Target

This method involves the use of the Target REDCard. The Target REDCard is a Target-exclusive store card which offers you a variety of benefits, including 5% off at Target and, free 2-day shipping, and 1 extra month of returns. There’s both a debit and credit version offered. In order to maximize the savings with this method, you will have to already have a Target REDCard.  

To get your hands on a Disney gift card, head over to Raise and search for Target gift cards.  Sort the gift cards by % off.  A good deal is about 4% off, but you can get more.  After you’ve purchased your discounted Target gift card(s), you will get them digitally in your email.

Once you have the information on the gift cards you can go ahead and load them onto your account.  Make sure your RedCard is also saved to your Target account.

As of 2017, Target has caught on to the online ordering of discounted Disney gift cards but I’ve still had luck in store.  Here are a few methods said to still work to get them online:

  1. Purchase a higher amount of discounted Disney gift cards than the Target gift cards you have.
  2. Add other items to your cart as well.  Don’t only purchase the discounted Disney gift cards.

When you check out at Target, use your gift cards as payment first and put the remaining cost on your RedCard.  If you don’t have a RedCard, use a good cash back credit card to earn more money.  

Discounted Disney Gift Card Method 2

Disney gift cards at Walmart

The above method can also be applied to other retailers such as Walmart. As of right now on Raise, Walmart gift cards are currently up to 0.9% off. This means that using Walmart’s gift card may not be as lucrative right now as using Target’s (which is currently at up to 2% off), but the percentages tend to change constantly so you should continue to check on a daily basis in order to snag the best deal. 

Raise even allows you to set alerts on specific retailers.

When grabbing a Walmart or Target e-card or gift card to purchase your discounted Disney gift card, you want to read each retailer’s respective policy on using e-cards to buy other gift cards. As said previously, Target has somewhat caught on to using this online money-saving trick, as has Walmart, so you want to be sure everything is airtight before making your purchase.

Discounted Disney Gift Cards Method 3

Sam’s Club

Since Walmart and Sam’s Club are owned by the same company, you can use their gift cards interchangeably.  As I mentioned above, Walmart gift cards are currently offered at a discount. 

Sam’s Club will often have discounted Disney gift cards at 4-5% off.

If you use your Chase Sapphire Preferred you can bring that to a total of almost 9% off Disney gift cards.

Discounted Disney Gift Cards Method 4


Save 7% off of Disney gift cards with BJ’s Wholesale Club. You don’t have to have one near your home or have a membership. Here’s how:

Head over to a cashback portal like Ebates to start with 1% (current rate) cash back on BJ’s purchases. Click “Shop Now” to activate a shopping trip. When you are on the BJ’s website, search for “Disney gift cards” to see your options. These discounted Disney gift cards will be marked 5% off.

When checking out, try to use a credit card that has a reward system, like cashback. My card of choice is the Chase Sapphire Preferred.

discounted disney gift cards

Here’s why:

  • 1%-3% rewards
  • 50,000 point sign up bonus
  • No foreign transaction fee
  • Travel insurance
  • Car rental insurance
  • 1:1 transfer to reward programs (like Southwest Rapid Rewards)
  • No blackout dates, no travel restrictions.
  • & more

Use this link to sign up.

There you have saved up to 7%.
Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

Discounted Disney Gift Card Method 4

Kroger Fuel Points

If you have a Kroeger grocery store in your area you can purchase Disney gift cards, earn fuel points, and save on gas.  Here’s how:

When you shop at a Kroeger grocery store, you’re usually getting 1 to 2 fuel points per dollar.  Occasionally, that will increase to 4x fuel points per dollar.  So on a $25 Disney gift card you will get 100 fuel points.

100 fuel points = 10 cents off every gallon on a single purchase of fuel.  Meaning that purchasing $250 worth of Disney gift cards gives you $1 off every gallon.

The average size of a minivan’s gas tank is 20 gallons.  That’s $20 off or 8% of $250.  If you have a bigger gas tank than you’re better off.

Discounted Disney Gift Card Method 6

Costco Wholesale

Costco’s merchandise is constantly changing, which makes this method a bit tricky to use if you don’t look hard enough or don’t live in the right area.

Previously, Costco offered discounted Disney park passes in select locations, particularly within California. As of recently, this is not the case. They also used to offer discounted Disney gift cards online, which again, is no longer available.

So what deals can Costco offer you? As of right now, Costco Travel – an offspring of the Costco Wholesale company – has a ton of deals on Disney vacation packages. This ranges anywhere from the Disneyland and Disney World Resorts, the Disney Cruise Lines, and other various Disney vacations.

All of these packages require you to be a Costco member. One of the best deals offered for many of these Costco travel vacations is the offer of the Costco Cash Card. When you book a certain Disney vacation of Costco Travel’s website, you will also receive a Costco Cash Card, which is a prepaid card filled with a set amount of cash (basically a gift card). Many of these Cash Cards are pre-filled with amounts like $2,000 and come attached to your booking.

Where can I use Disney gift cards?

With all of these savings methods on Disney gift cards, it’s important to recognize what we can actually do with them.

The fastest way to get rid of those Disney gift cards is before you actually get to Disney World.  You can start using your gift cards to pay for your Disney vacation package/Disney hotel stay.

You can also purchase theme park tickets from Disney with your Disney gift cards.

While you are at Disney World you can use Disney gift cards at all Disney merchants at the resorts, in the parks, and Disney Springs (including places to eat)

If you want to use your magicband to charge things to your room, you can head over to the front desk as many times as you’d like to pay off that balance with your discounted Disney gift cards. Make sure to do so at least once, 36 hours before you check out.

We’ve gone through 6 different ways to acquire discounted Disney gift cards.  With a little leg work, you can maximize your savings on your Disney vacation before you even get there.  Do you have any favorite ways to save?
My Favorite Tools


A Few Additional Online Money-Saving Tools

These browser extensions can save you a ton of cash on purchases made online. When looking up Disney deals, it’s always a great idea to utilize one or more of these web applications on top of the great savings hack you found. That way, you’ll be doubly saving money! These browser extensions apply mainly to retail sites or specific products, so they can be helpful not only in securing your discounted Disney gift cards but in all other types of Disney purchases.

  • Ebates: Ebates is a browser extension that offers you cash back rewards of varying percentages on different retail websites you visit. For example, currently Ebates offers up to 10% cashback on Walmart online, and 1% cashback on the online Disney store. Almost every retail website has some sort of Ebates cashback offer, so if you shop online often, these small percentage purchases will add up. Over time, you will have saved a boatload of cash.

    How it works: Download the Ebates browser extension. When you enter any retailer site, a small notification in the top right corner will ask you to enable Ebates. Simply click it and continue shopping. Eventually, after a few purchases using this tool, you can login to your Ebates account and see how much you’ve saved over time. Enter your address and they will send you a check directly to your door!
  • Honey: Honey is another great browser extension. After it’s downloaded, Honey will automatically pop up when you checkout at any online retailer site. The application will apply any coupon or promo codes to your cart.

    This can sometimes be hit or miss; you might get lucky and find a great promo code that will automatically give you a deal, or you might hit a wall and find that nothing applies to your purchase. Downloading this app is hassle-free and has saved me a few bucks in the past, so it doesn’t hurt to try!
  • Qmee: Qmee is a browser extension and website that offers you deals and cash based on what you search for and which retail websites you visit. You can even take surveys to earn money! When you make an account on Qmee and download the browser extension, you can casually online shop and encounter random offers or deals without trying.

    How it works
    : Say you’re looking for a specific product, like Disney sweatpants. If you search up Disney sweatpants on Google, not only will you receive your search results, but a Qmee window will pop up on the left-hand side with the best deals it found for Disney sweatpants. A few retailers may even offer you a few cents if you check out the product on their site. Over time, the more you navigate to these sites, the more your savings will accumulate. It’s a slow and passive way to save, but a way to save nonetheless. 

If you’re thrifty and shop online often, money-saving browser extensions are the way to go. These three web apps are valuable but only scratch the surface!

I recommend searching up other various money-saving browser extensions that may be useful to you in your quest to rack up the most cash and find the best discounted Disney gift cards.

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