You made it!

How exciting!  You are now armed with everything you need to plan your next Disney vacation.  Don’t go yet!!  I have some great tools for you below.




The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World




Disney on a Budget Ebook


The first time I went to Disney on my own I was 21 and half-way through college.  I wanted so badly to take my little sister to this magical place but guess what – I was broke like any other college student.  I spent a year gathering tips and tricks, and the most well kept secrets to make my vacation a possibility.  Fast forward a few years later to me creating this eBook to help you have the magical vacation you deserve. Click here for more information. 



Free Downloads


Expense Sheet

Simple budget sheet.


Day By Day Planning Page

As it sounds – make sure you get to everything you want during your time at Walt Disney World.



Flight info, hotel info – it all goes here.  I complete this once and am never scrambling to google information or find a specific email. 


Advanced Dining Reservations

Great way to note and remember your dining reservations.


To Do List

A few important reminders and space to add your own items.

Planning The Magic’s Vacation Planner eBook FOR FREE


That’s right for a limited time you can download my eBook for free and have all this information in one place and on the go.  All you have to do is email me and tell me one thing you’re excited about and one thing you need help with and I will send the eBook right to you!

Thanks for tuning in!

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