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5 Things I Am Excited About My Disney Vacation and 10 Ways I’m Saving

Cheap Disney Vacation anyone?

I had to make a Disney trip happen for my site. This is the excuse I keep telling myself to make sense of my trip coming up in two weeks.

I do need more great photos for my site….

I decided to make a vacation of this “business trip” , with all my savings techniques I’m usually spending a tiny bit on flights, a bit on meals, and then tickets usually take the win.  This time, however,  we won’t be visiting the theme parks AND I’ll be taking my grandparents.   They work really hard every day and deserve it.  Especially since they refuse to give up their huge Victorian home and insist on keeping up with the maintenance on their own.

Moving on…..

cheap disney vacation


Numero Uno (1)

This trip is going to be adults only.  Since I have done both types of trips I can say that going with children and then going without children, are two different vacations. I won’t have to worry about tired or bored kids and I can actually have a drink at the Top Of The World Lounge.  

This is what gave me the flexibility to not go to the parks.  Disney World has SO MUCH free stuff that I have never done (because every time I go there I spend all my time at the parks).


Numero Dos (2)

If you have never read my story, the long and short of it is, I went to Disney a lot as a kid until my family could no longer afford it.  That’s why it now mean so much to me to now return the favor.  I have a great plan for us.  My grandparents are going to have a swell time.

  • Top of The World Lounge – having a few drinks and watching Wishes
  • Disney’s Boardwalk
  • Taking the to the new and improved Disney Springs

Free Disney Vacation Planning Videosript>
Numero Tres (3)

I am staying at Saratoga Springs Resort for some serious rest and relaxation.  I want to sit on my patio in peace, lay by the pool, and enjoy the nice weather.

Numero Quatro (4)

Disney World has great water transportation and I know my grandparents are going to love the boat ride from the resort to Disney Springs.  The breeze from the water is to die from and it’s just a great time.

Numero Cinco (5)

I have wanted to be able to run my entire life.   And now, at 25, I can finally run a good 2.5 miles and call that a good time.  That’s why I am SO EXCITED to wake up at Disney and go for a run.  Running has been a habit that I’ve really had to fight myself to do and now love, do doing it at Disney for the first time is going to be sweet.


Now to the exciting part.

How I’m Saving Money

I always say, the first thing to do when trying to save on a Disney vacation is to map out your stay.  Activities, food, everything

Since I am not going to the parks the only thing I have to worry about is food.

The cheapest Disney Dining Plan is $44.13/night for each adult.  That’s over $500, no thanks.  Here’s what’s happening:

Breakfast will be eaten in the room, thanks to the mini-fridge, etc as well as Amazon Prime Pantry – we can’t go wrong or spend over $25.


Day 1 – Earl of Sandwich $55

$14.99 and under/adult

Savings: Signing up my grandpa and girlfriend for the eClub to get them coupons for a free sandwich.

10% off with Birnbaum’s

Day 2 – Beaches & Cream $55

$14.99 and under/adult

Savings: $5 off

5% off  a Disney gift card from Target (step-by-step instructions in my eBook)

Day 3 – Wolfgang Puck Express $60

$14.99 and under/adult

Savings:  10% off with Birnbaum’s


Day 1 -Pizza Delivery $30

Day 2 – Leftovers from Dinner (Pizza delivery) Free

Day 3 – Chick Fil A at the airport $35

Free giftcard using my Swagbucks.

Swagbucks doesn’t offer Chick Fil A giftcards but if you follow me on Facebook and contact me, I will tell you exactly how to use your SB and get one for free.


Total $260  That’s what I call winning. 

Other Ways I’m Ensuring a cheap Disney Vacation

  • I am not spending $1 on transportation, I am getting to and from the world with Disney’s Magical Express (free).
  • I have a bad case of Disney fever and I will spend a lot on souvenirs, to avoid that I bring my own from home.
  • Taking a carry-on to avoid baggage fees.
  • I am flying out of a different airport than what I’m flying back into.  I was able to maximize my savings by being flexible.  Both airports are within 40 minutes of my home.
  • Every activity I’m doing is free.99

Thanks for tuning in!  Make sure to share if you know someone who will benefit from this.  I’ll make sure to update this with some trip photos when we get back.

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Wednesday 4th of January 2017

Great stuff! I once asked a Disney World bar tender how to save money on drinks, and he said "order it double." Great advice for an adults only trip! Have fun.


Friday 14th of October 2016

Ahhhhhh Disney adult trips are the best!! As much as I love Disney with my kiddo, I kinda like Disney with just hubby the best! Hello Epcot drinking around the world;-)

Megan McCoig

Friday 14th of October 2016

I've never been to Disney so this is really helpful for me for when I do plan a trip. I hope to go next year!

Cara (@StylishGeek)

Friday 14th of October 2016

This post is very helpful because through the years going to a Disney theme park has become very expensive. So the tips you shared on savings is very helpful! Thanks!

Yanique Chambers

Thursday 13th of October 2016

I never thought about experiencing Disney without the kids. I didn't realize there is ao much to do besides the park. Bookmarking this!


Thursday 13th of October 2016

It's a totally different trip but equally amazing!

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