Chapter 6: Spending

Spending and Souvenirs

This is a part of the budget a lot of people either ignore, forget, or underestimate. Ultimately this is not a good idea since this is the least dependable aspect of your budget especially for hardcore Disney fans (or big spenders).

You’ll have two options for approach or you can combine the two.

Disney on a budget souvenirs

Here’s how I like to think of budgeting spending money:

$45 per day per person to be seen as a bulk sum. So for a 7-day trip, each person would get $315.

Remember it is better to overestimate and come home with money left in the budget than to underestimate. 

Multiply your party size by $315, take this total and put it aside so that all the spending money can go on a credit card you can earn rewards with and you can pay it back when you get home.

There is also the option of buying gift cards to make sure you aren’t overspending.

disney on a budget souvenirs

I have a very long post going through 25 great options for cheap souvenirs for your Disney vacation.  They all consist of buying things before you go. Here is the link to that post. 


Local Disney Sales anyone?

There are not many “tips” on planning for souvenirs or spending besides including it in your Disney budget and planning ahead.  For cheap Disney souvenirs or budget-saving tips head over to the post mentioned above or look into my eBook.

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