Chapter 5: Food



Food can easily become one of the most expensive parts of your budget.  We don’t want that to happen and as you saw in the introduction, if you follow my tips, it won’t.
I’d like to take this meal by meal.

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I usually do lunch by going back to the room and eating a sandwich or something similar.  I usually need the break midday anyway and we get to use the pools and such.  You can also combine eating lunch in the room and somewhere off-site to not drive yourself crazy.  Do what works for you the most. 

I’m not sharing my step by step plan on meals because I want to save something of value for those who purchase my eBook but for the most part I conquer lunch through three paths.

  1. Purchasing discounted gift cards (more of which I talk about in my eBook but is a good place to start)
  2. Eating from the groceries I purchased.
  3. Eating out at a Disney restaurant.


For dinner, I use a lot of the same methods that I do for lunch.  The truth is that I often have leftovers ready to go for dinner.  We also have huge lunches and a snack (or 2) before the park closes and we head home so we will often skip dinner.
In the layout included in my eBook I don’t skip any dinners.
Speaking of layouts…it’s important to plan your meals out to make sure you aren’t acting on impulse.  Make sure to get Disney reservations done as soon as possible (180 days in advance).
Make reservations at
A great resource for Disney food information is the
There are the resorts that have full kitchens, such as the 1+ bedrooms at the deluxe resorts.  On more relaxing vacations, cooking could definitely be an option.
I’ve tried leaving WDW to eat and it often works but it can be a little bit time consuming.  Don’t forget to look into the Disney Dining Plan.

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