Chapter 3: Accommodations


Part 3 of our journey brings us to booking your place of accommodations while you are on vacation in Orlando.  Let’s break this down into 3 categories:

disney on a budget hotel

  1.  Staying at a Disney World Resort
  2. Staying Off-Site
  3. Staying at a Disney Springs Resort



Staying at a Disney World Resort

Staying at Disney is going to be the least cost-effective option. It’s also going to be the easiest and most magical option.  What’s good to note about Disney is that the up-front, point blank cost can be overwhelming, but through Disney specials and booking smart there are ways to save money.  I have suggested two travel agents on my site, here’s one.


Disney has 4 tiers to their resorts:

Disney Resort


Consecutively going up in price, theme, and amenities. The amenities within the rooms will be different but the amenities you get for staying within WDW do not change.  I would recommend weighing out the price difference and amenities. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a Value Resort and not much of a difference between Value and Moderate.  Don’t make this choice too complicated, sometimes budget is all you need to decide what you want to go with.  


To make your life easier during booking, I strongly suggest choosing two categories you want to stick with (Value, Moderate, Deluxe, and Deluxe Villa).


If you have decided to stay in WDW, that’s great!  That means you will be booking a vacation package through Disney.  The exciting thing about this is that as long as flights are not booked with the package on the Disney site, Disney only requires a deposit with the rest of the package price due 45 days before.


Here is a video with step by step instructions:


Staying Off Disney Property

I’ve stayed off the Disney property almost as many times I have had stayed on.   When my family would go to Disney World in the early 90s, there weren’t any resources like my eBook so they thought they couldn’t afford to stay within the world and never did.

Here is a video about booking non-Disney resorts:


Disney Springs Resorts

Disney Spring resorts are non-Disney owned yet on Disney property resorts such as the Best Western Lake Buena Vista and Hilton.  There are currently 7 and they have their own website.


I do think that the 7 Disney Springs hotel are a great compromise when WDW prices are too high but you still want to stay close to the magic


Otherwise, you can always use a booking site such as JetBlue Getaways (I find the prices GREAT) and buy the flights and hotel together, or something like  I will say be careful with the distance and location of the hotel.  There are numerous pages in the Unofficial Guide dedicated to hotels, reviews, etc. but please feel free to contact me with any questions.  I am always happy to help and want you to have a MAGICAL experience.


There you have it – your three accommodation options up close and personal.  If you aren’t sure which to go with to go with, I would map out what staying at one location from all three categories would look like and then decide.  Even if your deciding factor is something as simple as price, this part of the planning can get complicated.  Pick 1 Hotel from each location and map it out.

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