Chapter 2: Transportation


You’re going to Disney!

Has it dawned on you yet?  We have to figure out how you are going to get to Disney.  There are so many different priorities; time, cost, fear of flying, etc.  Which ones are yours?


For those in the US there are two options:

  1. Driving
  2. Flying

We know that driving is the cheapest way to get to Disney World, but it can also be the longest and  most frustrating way.  I live about 15 hours from Disney World and recognize the savings and hassle it is.  All my Disney vacations are on a budget but sometimes I chose my sanity, sometimes I don’t.

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If you are driving then make sure you bring snacks, car chargers, and download the google maps app.


Here is a brief video of me using my favorite tool



With you can map out prices across the month and use this information to pick dates.

Then there are the usual ways:

  • Direct airline sites
  • Priceline, Orbitz, Travelocity, Expedia
  • Kayak

Make sure to be flexible with what airport you leave from as well.  Sometimes that alone can save you hundred when going to Disney on a budget. can email you flight alerts.

Credit card points – It is a known fact that credit card incentives can get us far so use them where you can.  For more information head to Points To Neverland.


Getting Around Disney World



Disney has it’s own “public transportation” system.  Meaning if you are staying at a WDW Resort you get free transportation from/to airport, the parks, Disney Springs, and other resorts.  Some WDW Resorts have added bonus transportation such as a monorails or water taxis to certain locations.  I’ve found that the buses from the resort to any of the parks can be slow for numerous reason.  You have to factor in the size of the resort, number of bus stops, as well as if the resort shares the bus with any other resorts (i.e. all all-star resorts share).  The buses are great overall, just allocate the right amount of time for your commute.


I would stay away from metered cabs all together as they are neither friendly nor cost effective. 


Uber is a good choice.  An Uber from a Disney Springs resort to MK/Epcot will cost anywhere from $7-12 when the fare isn’t doubled.  Fair doubling happens during peak times, or inclement weather but I don’t know the method Uber uses to determine when an appropriate time to double fare is.  Uber can be worth it because parking your own vehicle can cost more than a round-trip. 


Obviously, there is the option of renting a car which will give you a TON of flexibility, but it is the most expensive option when you factor in rental fees, gas, tolls, and parking so if you are on a budget use Uber. I wrote an entire post on whether renting a car makes sense for you.  You can find that here.


Helpful Article on Disney Transportation options.

Helpful Article on Uber.

Helpful Article on Disney Magical Express.


The conclusion is to either a rent a car or use public transportation.  Keep in mind that public transportation can combine a number of means whether that is Disney’s transportation, Uber, etc. 


For those whose accommodations are not owned by Disney: some outside resorts still have shuttles that go to the main theme parks in Orlando. That information can usually be found on the hotel’s website or by calling.  Make sure to verify the number of trips made a day, or how often and the times.  You don’t want to end up stranded.  A lot of times not staying at Disney can mean renting a car but I suggest still looking up the Uber prices and seeing what works with your budget. 


If you have decided to not stay within WDW and also not rent a car, make sure to add calling the resort you chose to find out specific shuttle information such as the number of trips and times added to your to-do list.


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