Chapter 4: Tickets


Disney World Tickets free

Purchasing theme park tickets might be the 2nd or 3rd most expensive item in your Disney vacation budget.  It’s hard to save a ton of money on tickets and it’s easy to over spend. Let’s make sure we get you the right information that will lead to the right choices.


Ticket Options

Park hopper water park

I never use the Park Hopper option since between rest times, etc – it is easy for me to dedicate a full day to any given park.  I have used the Water Park Fun & More option to visit the water parks on some off days.  It’s a good value!

If you are unsure if you need any options, don’t buy them, they can always be added on later. 



There are discounts available for members of the Armed Forces, Florida residents, AAA members, and DVC members


Where To Purchase

When I am creating my Disney budget, tickets is the portion the hurts me a lot.  Why?  There is not a whole lot of money that can be saved here.  I implore you to purchase your Disney tickets from an authorized seller.  My favorite is UnderCoverTourists.  They often have fantastic deals.


Most of the theme parks are armed with finger print technology because there are a ton of spams going on and they want to cover their bases. Make sure you don’t fall fault to buying used tickets.


How Many Days

If you haven’t seen this yet – here is the chart on how many days you can expect to dedicate to each theme park.  It is a good idea to come up with an itinerary before you buy your tickets, that way you know exactly what you need and don’t over or under buy. 

how many days magic kingdom

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