Best Snacks At Disney World

Don’t get me wrong, I love everything about Disney: the magical atmosphere, the characters, epic rides, but nothing takes the cake quite like walking down the sweet-smelling streets that beckon you to enter one of their many, many bakeries, sweet shops, and other food stalls. With so many options it can get overwhelming, so here are some of the best snacks at Disney World, by the park, and even at the resorts!

Recently, I took a solo trip to Disney World and all I could think about was eating. But what could I eat?  So of course, I took to google to look for a comprehensive list of the best snacks at Disney World. Not sure if I was in a rush or not but I couldn’t really find anything.  


Fruit and Nutella Waffle Sandwich at Sleepy Hollow in Liberty Square

There are plenty of variations of waffle treats to try throughout Walt Disney World, but Disney’s version with fruit and nutella is a classic, and arguably the best.

DOLE Whip® at Aloha Isle in Adventureland

Speaking of classics, the DOLE Whip® is usually on most people’s to-do lists when they visit, and with good reason. Everyone loves the tangy treat that’s been a staple of Adventureland for many years, and hopefully many more to come!

Best snacks at Disney World
Credit: Patty @ WDWVacationTips

Spring Rolls at Adventureland Cart in Adventureland

You guys know I love the spring rolls in Adventureland! These are a great snack if you prefer savory to sweet. The flavors change out all the time, so there’s always something new to try!

Hummus with Pita and Veggies at Gaston’s Tavern in Fantasyland

Probably the healthiest snack on this list, you get some great spices, protein, veggies and just a few carbs to keep you going. This is a snack I can always eat two orders because it’s just so good!

Corn Dog Nuggets at Casey’s Corner in Main Street, U.S.A.

The corn dog nuggets at Casey’s Corner are bite-sized treats, great with dipping sauces. It’s easy to share and not messy like some other snacks at this restaurant. 

Mickey Ice Cream Bar

This classic treat can be found at ice cream carts all over the park, so be on the lookout! It’s a staple of Disney World, perfect for pictures, and are available in all the parks, and at resorts too!


Croissant Donut at Refreshment Outpost in World Showcase

Commonly referred to as a “Cronut,” of course Disney has its own version, and it’s delicious! Check it out at Refreshment Outpost, which is between the China and Germany pavilions in World Showcase.

Empanadas and Margaritas at La Cantina de San Angel in Mexico pavilion of World Showcase

La Cantina de San Angel is always amazing, so you could honestly try anything on the menu and I assure you, it will be good. But the Empanadas are a good option for a quick snack, easy to share, and the perfect food to go along with one of the many margaritas offered in the Mexico pavilion!

Gourmet Popcorn Cart near Epcot Experience in Future World West

The gourmet popcorn is back! An extremely popular food item, the popcorn flavors include cheddar cheese, buffalo blue cheese, and sour cream and chive!

Best snacks at Disney World
Credit: Patty @ WDWVacationTips

Cheese and Meat Plate at Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar in Italy pavilion of World Showcase

For the fancier snacker, stop into Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar and ask for the cheese and meat plate, usually paired with wine. You’ll be glad you did. 

Sushi at Katsura Grill in Japan pavilion of World Showcase

Easy to eat quickly while you’re on the go, the Japan pavilion is the perfect place to satisfy your sushi cravings.


Outpost Popcorn Mix at Kat Saka’s Kettle in Galaxy’s Edge

A favorite new menu item from Galaxy’s Edge, the popcorn mix here is a blend of sweet and spicy flavors, and I highly recommend giving it a try! This is definitely a contender for the best snack at Disney World. 

Peanut Butter and Jelly Milk Shake at 50’s Prime Time Cafe in Echo Lake area

Step into this old-fashioned establishment for a taste of the PB & J Milk Shake! If you love peanut butter and ice cream, this is an amazing, very popular option that really captures the flavor of a classic PB & J sandwich in a shake.

Ronto Wrap at Ronto Roasters in Galaxy’s Edge

Another new addition within Galaxy’s Edge, Ronto Roaster’s offers a delicious pita bread wrap filled with roasted pork and grilled pork sausage and covered with peppercorn sauce and slaw. A great savory option that’s the perfect size for a filling snack!

Totchos at Woody’s Lunch Box in Toy Story Land

Yummy tater tots with queso, chili, and a bunch else on top, touches are amazing, and they even have a vegan option now!

Bavarian Pretzel at BaseLine Tap House in Grand Avenue area

BaseLine Tap House is a great place to stop for one of the many alcoholic drink offerings, but it’s also a great place to get a tasty snack! The Bavarian pretzel is a step above the regular soft pretzels around the parks, served with beer-cheese fondue and spicy mustard. And if you like a good beer or drink, some of the best snacks at Disney World, for adults, are their drinks.  


Simba Sunset at Tamu Tamu Refreshments in Africa

A variation on the classic DOLE Whip®, this drink has DOLE Whip® pineapple with watermelon, strawberry, and coconut-flavored syrup, making a delicious Lion King-themed drink. 

Night Blossom at Pongu Pongu in Pandora

As part of Pandora, Pongu Pongu is a newer edition to Animal Kingdom. Night Blossom is a non-alcoholic drink that looks like it came straight out of the world of Avatar!

Warm Cinnamon Bun at Kusafiri Coffee Shop and Bakery in Africa

Kusafiri is a great place to stop for coffee or a sweet treat, like the warm cinnamon bun, a big, tasty pastry you can easily share with multiple people. 

Beef and Lamb Gyro Flatbread at Harambe Market in Africa

Harambe Market has a lot of great options, but this gyro flatbread is amazing. It has all your classic gyro ingredients, along with tomato and cucumber salad, and topped with African coleslaw!

Chicken Dumplings at Mr. Kamal’s in Asia

These chicken dumplings are delicious, crunchy and can be enjoyed with a beautiful view of the Tree of Life. 


Malasadas at Oasis Bar and Grill at Disney’s Polynesian Resort

Come to the Polynesian Resort for some unique dining options, like these Portuguese doughnuts, which are served with passion fruit curd.

Mickey Beignets at Scat Cat Club’s Cafe at Disney’s Port Orleans — French Quarter Resort

My family has always had a tradition of getting up early to get beignets from Port Orleans — French Quarter Resort. They’ve updated them to Mickey-shaped beignets now and moved the location to another nearby, but they’re always just as delicious as I remember!

Lava Smoothie at Geyser Point Bar and Grill at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

This one is just for adults, as it is raspberry purée mixed with piña colada mix. It’s fun to try all the different and inventive alcoholic drinks around Walt Disney World, and this is a great one!

Mickey Confetti Milk Shake at Beaches and Cream Soda Shop at Disney’s Beach Club Resort

Beaches and Cream Soda Shop is a popular place to eat, and I’m sure many of you have heard of the Kitchen Sink Sundae. But they have so many other great options, like this Mickey Confetti Milk Shake!

It’s hard to say what’s the best snack at Disney World, with so many great options to choose from, But hey, why not try them all? You’re at Walt Disney World, now is the time to treat yourself!

If you’ve tried any of these snacks, or you’ve had one that you think should make our list, let us know! 

best snacks at disney world
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