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Best Shoes for Disneyland

When you are planning your trip to the most magical place on Earth, don’t forget to keep in mind the best shoes for Disneyland. A day at the park involves a lot of walking and you need to protect your feet to avoid blisters and other issues. 

In this article, I’ll go over the features you should look for in selecting the best shoes for Disneyland. In addition, I’ll highlight specific shoes for men, women, and kids. While you’re selecting matching Mickey shirts for your trip, don’t forget about your feet! 

What to Look for in the Best Shoes for Disneyland

When you are shopping for which shoes to bring, or simply going through your own collection in your closet, there are a few factors you should take into consideration. It’s much better to get to Disney prepared, rather than having to buy shoes once you are there. 

Broken In

While you want a pair of shoes that is slightly broken in, make sure they aren’t worn out. If the soles of your shoe are too worn in, they can begin to cause discomfort after a day at the park.

If you are buying new shoes just for your Disney trip, make a point to wear them a few times beforehand. New shoes tend to be stiff and can cause blisters. It’s a good idea to test any new shoes out to make sure you think they can hold up to all the walking you will do at the Disney parks. 

Don’t just walk around your house in your new shoes. Try walking a mile in them to see how they feel. If they hurt after just a mile, there’s a good chance they won’t hold up for a day at the Disney parks. 


Disneyland is not the place to show off your favorite pair of high heels. You’re in for a lot of walking when you go to Disneyland, which is why your shoes should provide comfort. There’s a good chance you’ll walk 7 or 8 miles, just in one day. 

The best shoes for Disneyland should feel good on your feet and provide absolute comfort. 

If you’re concerned about how your shoes look, there are plenty of stylish, yet comfortable options. Lucky for you, I’ll list a few of the best in just a moment. 

Lightweight / Packable

When you’re packing for Disney, you don’t want your shoes to taking up most of your suitcase space. The best shoes for Disneyland need to be lightweight which makes them easier to pack. You can easily put them in a pocket in your suitcase, to avoid taking up unnecessary space. 

In addition, walking around in bulky shoes isn’t comfortable. Your feet will start to feel heavy after a while and they likely will sweat. Finding a lightweight pair will be much more comfortable on your feet. 


Did you know your feet can sweat? Yep, it’s true. The Florida heat and humidity will surely make those walking feet of yours sweat even more. Therefore, I highly recommend finding a pair of breathable shoes. 

Keep reading to find out some of the top picks in breathable shoes. 

4 Shoe Options for Women 

After doing the research, I found the 4 best shoes for Disneyland for women. Each one provides the necessary comfort for your feet. In addition, they are quality shoes that can hold up to the thousands of steps you’ll do while you are at Disney. 

DOUSSPRT Women’s Walking Shoes

The DOUSSPRT women’s walking shoes are made of mesh fabric and have an air cushion sole. In addition, the shoes easily slip-on with an elastic cuff. 

There is a perforated arch, which helps support ventilation and breathability. It also has a wider toe, which provides comfort if you are standing for a long period of time. They are also slip-resistant. 

The walking shoes come in 12 different colors including black, dark gray, dark blue, and pink. Sizes range from 5.5 to 11, however, half sizes aren’t available in every size. 

Finally, they are very well-priced, making them ideal for your next trip to Disneyland. 

Skechers Performance Women’s Walking Shoe

The Skechers walking shoe is made from 100% mesh fabric-synthetic. In addition, they have a rubber sole and are very lightweight. The memory foam cushioned heels make them perfect for a walk around any of the Disney parks. 

The shoes easily slip-on, which is definitely ideal when it comes to the best shoes for Disneyland. There are a number of colors to choose from including grey, pink, black, navy, stone, and white. The shoes are priced well, especially considered they are from Sketchers. 

Skechers Go Walk Joy Walking Shoe

Another great choice from Skechers is their Go Walk shoe. Sizes include regular, narrow, and wide, ensuring you can find the perfect fit for you. The shoes are lightweight and flexible, making them easy to slip on.

In addition, the shoes have mesh fabric, making them breathable for any weather. The shoes come equipped with a synthetic sole and cushioning to provide a comfortable walk around the Disney parks. 

Finally, there is no lack of color choices with the Go Walk. Some of the options include navy, purple, pink, light grey, and black. 

Flysocks Slip-on Sneakers

Last on my list of the best shoes for Disneyland for women are the Flysocks Slip-on Sneakers. They provide a breathable upper mesh layer, which is perfect for those hot, humid days. The ventilation holes on top help keep your feet cool. 

In addition, the slip-on shoes are easy to put on and off. The shoelaces are simply there for decoration. The shoes provide a durable and soft insole, which is important for all the walking that is done at Disneyland. 

The ergonomic design aids in preventing injury to your foot and ankle. The non-slip outsole offers traction to ensure you always have a steady foot on the ground. The arch support is perfect for people who are going to be on their feet all day. 

Finally, there are 11 color choices including white, peach, black, grey, and navy. 

Women’s Disney Fashions Shoes 

Some of the best shoes for Disneyland sport some of your favorite characters. Keep in mind, while they may be adorable to look at, fashion shoes aren’t always the most comfortable. Perhaps save them for a special occasion, like dinner with the Princesses. 

Melissa Women’s Mickey Sneakers

You can either pink or black in these adorable Mickey sneakers. The slip-on offers a lightly padded insole for comfort. They are very cute and you might just find yourself wearing them to other places, not just Disney. 

Some reviewers do mention they run large, so keep an eye on what size you are ordering. In addition, they are a little pricey but your feet will thank you. 

Ariel Vans

While the Ariel Vans don’t come cheap, they surely will gain plenty of attention. Vans have long been a favorite brand for shoes and adding one of the most famous princesses just adds to the appeal. 

If you are unfamiliar with Vans, the canvas shoes come with a rubber sole and easily slip on without the need to tie the laces. 

Any Little Mermaid fans will love this specially designed shoe. Just don’t take them under the sea. 

4 Shoe Options for Men

Just like women, men need to consider what the best shoes for Disneyland are. Here are my top 4 picks for men’s shoes. 

Skechers Afterburn Sneaker 

Skechers does a very good job when it comes to making the best walking shoes. Their Afterburn Sneaker offers men a cushioned shoe with a memory foam insole. The shoe itself is made from leather and synthetic fabric.

The lace-up sneaker has a mesh top with a padded collar and tongue. The mesh fabric is ideal to make sure your feet don’t get too hot. In addition, the rubber sole provides traction as you are walking around the parks. 

Finally, there are 12 color choices with the Afterburn Sneaker including black, navy, and grey. The shoe comes in sizes 6.5-16 and you can choose a regular fit or extra wide. 

Skechers Go Walk Evolution Sneaker

If you are looking for a slip-on walking shoe, look no further than the Skechers Go Walk Evolution Sneaker. Easy to get on and off, the shoe is lightweight and provides an air-cooled Goga Mat insole for comfort. Your feet will thank you after a day walking around Disneyland. 

Like the other best shoes for Disneyland, the Evolution Sneaker has a mesh upper fabric to help keep your feet cool. When your feet sweat, you are more prone to developing heat rash which is a quick way to spoil for a magical vacation. 

The dual-side elastic panels provide an easy way to slip the shoes on and off. The collar is padded to provide extra comfort for your feet. Finally, there are 10 color choices to pick from including black, charcoal, and grey. 

Dream Pairs Slip-on Walking Shoes

I’m a big fan of the mesh fabric shoes and the Dream Pairs Slip-on walking Shoes deliver just that. The knit mesh fabric provides plenty of ventilation for your feet. For extra stability and cushioning, the shoe comes equipped with a flexible foam footbed. 

In addition, the outsole provides durability, to ensure they last throughout your trip and beyond. The shoes are lightweight so you aren’t going to feel like you are walking around with blocks on your feet. 

Finally, there are 5 color choices to pick from including black, light grey, and brown. Sizes range from 6.5-13. 

Orthofeet Walking Shoes

If you are willing to pay the price tag attached to the Orthofeet Walking Shoes, you can be assured your feet will feel just fine by the end of the day. Unlike some of the other best shoes for Disneyland, the Orthofeet Walking Shoes are geared towards people with conditions like plantar fasciitis, neuropathy, and other pain associated with the feet. 

The lightweight sole provides superior comfort with its ergonomic design. The multiple layers of cushioning feel good on any type of foot, including those with flat feet. The shoes come with a removable insole. The insole can come in handy if you suffer from bunions or hammertoes. 

Finally, you can choose sizes 7-15 and pick from medium, wide, and extra-wide. In addition, you can choose either black or black/grey. While there aren’t as many color choices as other shoes on my list, the Orthofeet Walking Shoes are ideal for someone who has a pre-existing foot condition and could benefit from the extra comfort. 

Men and Women Sandal Options for Disneyland 

If you are more of a sandal person, you may wonder if there are any suitable options for Disneyland. Typically, the best shoes for Disneyland are going to give you more support than sandals can provide. However, I found a few options you can consider.

I would advise against any cheap flip-flops you would wear to the beach. If you wear anything flimsy, there is a chance they will break during the day. 

OOFOS Sandal

The OOFOS Sandal provides a unisex option with several color options. The sandals are equipped with a specialized foam recovery technology that absorbs 37% more impact than the traditional foam found on shoes. 

In addition, the footbed cradles the arches of your foot to relieve any stress from occurring for your feet, ankles, and even back. 

A huge plus is the ability to throw them in your washing machine. The closed-cell foam minimizes odor which is helpful after being in the hot sun all day. 

Skechers Women On-The-Go Sandal

To provide complete support for your feet, consider a sandal that has multiple straps like the Skechers Women On-The-Go Sandal. 

The sandals are lightweight and are equipped with 5Gen cushioning to ensure your feet stay comfortable all day. The high insole provides maximum comfort and the adjustable straps help provide a secure fit. 

The sandals have a .75 inch platform. In addition, you can choose from one of their three color choices: black, charcoal, or navy. Sizes range from 6-11 and run true to size. 

Camel Crown Men’s Hiking Sandals

For men, one of the best shoes for Disneyland is also good for hiking. The sandals provide an ergonomic design and a lot of arch support. It makes walking all day at Disney comfortable on your feet. 

There is a soft textile lining between the straps to prevent any irritation. The hook-and-loop closures enable you to have a secure fit, to avoid the shoes not fitting correctly. 

The thicker sole provides durability and a good grip to prevent slipping. It is also ideal for those with plantar fasciitis. 

Finally, the sandals are also waterproof so you can take them straight from the park to the hotel pool. They come in a variety of colors including black, grey, and blue. 

Kids, Toddler & Baby Shoes For Disney

Don’t forget to think about what you put on your kids’ feet. While they might get around in a stroller, there is a good chance they will do their fair share of walking as well, so it’s important to find comfortable shoes for their day of walking. For kids, the best shoes for Disneyland provide comfort and style. 

Disney Mickey Mouse Infant Shoes

For your smallest Disney lover, the Disney Mickey Mouse Infant Shoes are a great option for their little feet. There are 4 different size options available: 3-6 months, 6-9 months, 9-12 months, and 12-18 months. 

The canvas shoes easily slip onto your child’s foot and provide the comfort needed for a day at Disney. There is stretchy fabric on the slide, helping you guide your child’s foot in. 

The style also has a Minnie Mouse option and a few other Mickey Mouse prints. 

Minnie and Mickey Mouse Crocs

While Crocs aren’t ideal for doing a large amount of walking, children can easily get away with wearing them at Disney. You can choose from either the red Minnie Mouse style or the blue Mickey Mouse ones. 

Crocs are great for kids to have at the hotel swimming pool as well. They are incredibly easy to slip off and put back on. The synthetic sole provides support, although your child should still avoid running around on the wet pavement in them. 

The strap in the back provides support for your child’s foot so that it doesn’t easily slip out. 

Crocs are durable shoes and are worth the investment. Your child can even pick up Disney charms to add to their Mickey or Minnie Crocs. 

Kids Running and Walking Shoes

To finish up the list of the best shoes for Disneyland for children is one for the bigger kids. 

Consider a good pair of running and walking shoes. These lightweight shoes have a knitted mesh upper layer to provide plenty of ventilation. The soles provide traction to ensure your child doesn’t slip. 

The shoes come equipped with an anti-collision head, protecting kids from hard objects. The shock absorbency provides a soft and comfortable fit. The strap and hook closure means there is no chance they will be tripping on shoelaces while running around Disney. 

Finally, the shoes are suitable for both boys and girls. In addition, there are a ton of color choices including black, blue, pink, and purple. 

Training for Walking at Disneyland

When you spend a day at Disney, you are going to track thousands of steps on your pedometer. This is why finding the best shoes for Disneyland is so important. 

Since most trips to Disney are planned months (sometimes years in advance), it’s important to get your feet ready for all that walking. It’s not advisable to go from not walking at all to walking a whole Disney park in a day. 

Don’t forget to practice walking in any shoes you bought specifically for your Disney trip. If you don’t have a chance to try them out before your trip, you might be in for a rude awakening once you get there. 

In the weeks leading up to your trip, try to walk a few miles a day, at least 3-4 times a week. Your feet can get really sore from all the walking you’ll do at Disneyland, so it’s important to prepare for that. 

Try the Mickey Challenge for some fun walking motivation. 

What to do if You Get a Blister at Disney

Nothing ruins a vacation at Disney quicker than getting a blister. Being on your feet all day in the wrong shoes will quickly lead to this problem. Another reason why finding the best shoes for Disneyland before you go is important. 

As soon as you feel the blister forming, find the nearest first aid center so you can get a bandaid and appropriate ointment. If you don’t, you are going to make the blister even worse. 

It’s also not a bad idea to pack your own band-aids, just in case of emergency. I also recommend packing more than one pair of walking shoes, if your suitcase permits. This way you have a backup, in case you learn your first pair isn’t going to get your feet through all the walking. 

Should I Wear Crocs to Disney? 

I personally pretty much only bring Crocs to Disney World but overall feelings are mixed. 

While Crocs do provide more support than flip-flops, they may not be the best shoes for Disneyland. While Crocs can be comfortable for some in daily life, if you are out in the hot sun, Crocs are going to make your feet pretty sweaty. 

Kids can get away with wearing Crocs to Disney since they get the luxury of sitting in a stroller for a large part of the day. 

However, they are perfect for a day at your hotel’s pool but for walking around the park all day, it’s up to you, especially since there are several Disney styles of Crocs on the market. They easily slip on and off, making it extra convenient for kids to get in and out of the pool. 

If you insist on wearing Crocs to Disney, just make sure to pack a good pair of walking shoes just in case you realize they aren’t giving you the support you need for all the walking. 

Best Shoes for Disneyland

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