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Best Disney World Souvenirs

Best Disney World Souvenirs

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Part of the fun of planning any vacation is shopping for it. But Disney World takes it a step further because Disney souvenirs are great and hard to choose from.   But what are the best Disney World souvenirs?  Where do we get them and how do we make sure we aren’t overspending?

Let’s dive in.

Which movie?

What’s the latest and greatest in the Disney sphere?  We have Incredibles 2 out in theaters and dominating the box-office with the largest opening ever for an animated film (180 million in sales).

Here comes Toy Story, always a favorite but with Toy Story Land opening recently at Disney World, we are reminded how much we love this franchise.

Now don’t judge me, but I go to the Disney Store at least twice a month and they have the CUTEST dolls, including Jack-Jack.  But what is a doll going to do for us at Disney World?  We need incredible shirts to make a bang during your vacation.  Let’s consider this the first listed BEST DISNEY WORLD SOUVENIR.

At this very moment, has these shirts for $24.95.

But guess what, Amazon has them for under $13 so let’s write that $11.96 per person savings in our “how much we saved” book.

Part of any Disney Vacation is the right attire and maybe matching family shirts is the way to go.  Another must-have Disney item for me is Crocs, but they aren’t for everyone.


Mickey Mouse Ears

Come on, you knew this was coming…right????

Mickey Mouse ears are a staple to any Disney vacation.  I mean every third person at Disney World has them on and they’re adorable.  Here’s my honest opinion on them.  I don’t like headbands so the ears that are just on a headband are a no for me. I have small ears and they end up hurting and being uncomfortable within minutes.

The cap with the ears blocks my ability to wear a baseball.  Squinting in the Florida sun all day will give you a headache so its either cap or sunglasses and I don’t really like shades.

Therefore, I don’t actually own Mickey Mouse ears.  But, my girlfriend has a few pairs so I just use hers if I am feeling like I want a pair.

Another thought, nothing can beat Disney’s Mickey Ears but Amazon has really cheap ones if you want to save some money or maybe get a pair to try, you can find them two for under $10.

Disney World Pins

I have a full post on this stuff, mostly because collecting Disney World pins, and possibly trading them and making friends at the parks, is a great Disney past time and well worth learning about.

Disney World pins are also inexpensive but high-quality souvenirs.  Not to be missed.

disney on a budget

There are Disney World official pins and then there are knockoff pins.  You can’t trade the knockoffs and it’s easy to tell the difference.  However, there are starter kits (of official Disney Pins) that are inexpensive to get you right into the fun.

Pressed Pennies

This is the 51 cent Disney World souvenirs.  They are so much fun to collect and some of the fun is just in finding the machines.  They are littered all over Disney World and each machine has different options. You can also get a book, sort of like the holders for the state quarters, where you can keep all your pressed pennies as you collect them.

Tip: Make sure to bring quarters and pennies with you into the parks. They can get heavy but they will become cute pressed pennies soon enough!

Princess Attire

A fun thing for kids to do when they go to Disney World is dress-up as their favorite characters.  Unfortunately, you mostly see little girls in princess costumes but nowadays the boys are joining too! But we have to prepare for this.  Or we are going to overpay by at least 100%.  I’m talking overpaying by $20-$30 per costume.

Dressing up at Disney is a very popular thing to do.  You will get a lot of great photographs with these outfits.  Make sure to bring a change of clothes as the costumes are often uncomfortable or not suited for the Orlando heat.

Character Autographs

I have some very fond memories of meeting characters as a kid. In fact, I still have an autograph book that’s over a decade old.

best disney world souvenirs

When you’re a child, it’s so magical to see the characters you’ve only seen in movies and on tv, in real life. It’s equivalent to meeting James Franco or Jennifer Lopez for adults. As a kid I thought that inside my tube tv was a tunnel that led to Tommy Pickle’s house, imagine if one day my parents took me to the Rugrats house?!

I have to warn you, meeting characters and not wasting all of your FastPasses, (or brain cells), takes some expert touring. Actually past my level of current Disney expertise. It’s worth the $15 bucks or so to get the information from the true experts.

But to get you started, opt for a character dining experience where you can cross of a few key characters off of your list; like Cinderella or Mickey.


My Disney World vacation photos are my favorite memories.  In fact, a collage of them throughout the years is the screensaver to my TV. I get to look at them a few days a week.

Disney World has some of the best photo opportunities for your family.  You don’t have to order the memory pass, which is well worth the money if you’re ok spending it.  Disney photographers will use your phone or camera to take your family’s photo.  That way everyone can be in the photo.

As you collect character autographs, make sure to get some candids while the family interacts with them.

best disney souvenirs

A Disney vacation is a whirlwind of making sure you make the right decisions and get the most bang for your buck.  With some many options and beautiful stores at Disney World, it can be hard to make sure you are getting the best Disney World souvenirs.

The trick is to make sure your Disney souvenirs are a combination of fun and in the moment buys but also things you can use and look back on when you’re home.  Disney trips create some of the best family memories.

Want more?  Check out my list of Budget-Friendly Disney Souvenirs

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best disney world souvenirs

Dawn Lopez

Tuesday 10th of July 2018

This is an awesome guide! I can never decide what to get when souvenir shopping at Disney but I’m definitely going to check out those pins.

kristin lesney

Tuesday 10th of July 2018

There are so many fun souvenirs to collect from Disney. I personally like to collect pins and pressed pennies.


Tuesday 10th of July 2018

Wow, Disney World has some really fun souvenirs. Guess I'm going to have to take our family to the park this summer.

Claudia Krusch

Monday 9th of July 2018

Love everything you listed! So many great options!


Monday 9th of July 2018

When we went our kids had special autograph books. I wish we had done the pressed pennies. That would be cool.

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