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Level Up Your Home with Best Buy In-Home Consultation

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Have you ever wondered what your home would look like with a few new appliances or hi-tech gadgets? Perhaps you’ve watched enough HGTV, and home remodeling shows to want to spruce up your home. Or you may just feel that your home is outdated, boring or in-need of a few things to either increase security, the resale value or just help make your life a little easier.

With so many different options to choose from out there, you may not know what to look for. Needing to take into consideration what would fit, look good, and be within your budget can be tricky. Luckily, this is where Best Buy can help you!

With a FREE in-home consultation!

Without paying a single dime, you can have highly trained Best Buy In-Home Advisors come to your residence and help you to answer all of your questions for a free in-home consultation. These are people hand-selected by Best Buy with experience in technology and home design. They know what to look for, and can help you to find the best Wi-Fi systems, smart home appliances and more! 

Not only do they help you to get the most for your money, but they also help you to find the right payment plans if you need one and they can offer other suggestive tech items that could improve your life and daily routine.

If you want something, they can help you to get it, or if the item you want isn’t quite what you need, they can help you to find something even better. Or, if you wanted an item that is out of stock and won’t arrive by your desired timeframe, they can help to find a better solution that works for you.

With all of the information provided, you are able to choose what you want and what you think will work best for you. The best part is that the Best Buy In-Home Advisors coordinate all of the deliveries and installation information on your behalf, so you really have nothing to do except choosing things and asking questions.

You can make your home AMAZING

Best Buy In-Home Consultation

In-Home Advisors can handle big projects and small projects, so no matter how large or small your needs may be, they are there to help.

With a free in-home consultation you can plan and visualize everything you need to update your home, and after the consultation, the Best Buy team is there to help you out every step of the way until the job is done and you are completely satisfied.

Are you considering a new video doorbell?

With crime rates and package thieves being where they are, you can never have “too much” home security. By choosing to have a Ring Video Doorbell installed on your home, you can see who is outside before you ever open the door. Perfect for when you’re expecting your Disney Shop Christmas Presents, and you’re not home to receive them yourself.

Best Buy In-Home Consultation

You can use the Ring Video Doorbell to record whether you’re home or not, and when a package goes missing, you can turn in clips of video to the police so that they can catch the culprit. Stopping the Grinch in their tracks and restoring Christmas.

How is your current Wi-Fi system working out?

If you have a larger home or a lot of devices pulling Wi-Fi, you may notice it’s not the best connection possible. Consider getting the Eero Pro Wi-Fi System for your house. With an easy to install 3 pack, you can set them up around your home within minutes. Now your entertainment systems will have an even better performance rate, no matter how many people are there and using your internet. 

Best Buy In-Home Consultation

How smart is your oven?

Best Buy offers a built-in convection double wall oven called the GE Profile Series 30”. With each oven holding a 5cu. Ft. capacity, you can prepare large meals for your family in half the time. Imagine how much faster Thanksgiving dinner could be prepared!

Not only that, but this oven is really smart. It may not have a Ph.D., but it does have a 7” touch display to help you program the oven when you’re cooking!

Best Buy In-Home Consultation

With Best Buy’s in-home consultation, you can have the in-home advisors come to you and help you choose the right technology for your lifestyle and your budget. Doorbells, Wi-Fi- systems, and ovens are just the tip of the iceberg, and there is a lot more out there that they can help you to find.

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Best Buy In-Home Consultation

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