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Back to School in style with Jetson Scooter

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Back to school can be quite a stressful time for parents as we navigate through our checklists to ensure our kids have the best year ever. We’ve spent time scavenge hunting online — and in-store — for everything from clothes and supplies to shoes and backpacks. 


What About Back to School Transportation? 

If you’re wanting to upgrade your child’s bike, have a new teenager that wants more independence, or just want a more ecofriendly option — Jetson Scooter has your back to school transportation needs covered. 

2 Reasons Why Jetson Scooter is the Smart Choice for Back to School

  1. Energy Efficiency

Electric scooters are growing increasingly popular in demand as we become more environmentally conscious and aware of our economic impacts. Jetson Scooter offers an array of energy-efficient ridables including electric scooters, bikes, and boards that are helping us to minimize our environmental footprint while providing our children — from middle school to college and beyond — with dependable back to school transportation. 

  1. Budget-Friendly

With kids and back to school  — plus any extracurricular activities or social visits  — your transportation bill can sure add up in a hurry. Luckily Jetson Scooter offers many different products to suit your needs and budget while giving your children transportation independence.

A popular Jetson Scooter product that families are falling in love with is…

The Jetson Quest Electric Scooter

This scooter, approved for ages 13 and over, provides a sleek and energy-efficient ride to school, band practice, or just a nice relaxing ride around the neighborhood. 

Let’s look at…

What Makes This Scooter Special

  • It comes equipped with a 250W hub motor that ensures travel of an amazing 15 mph, for up to 18 miles, on a single charge. With this motor running on an electrical charge rather than gas, your student’s need for gas money will be a distant memory. 

Simply charge the battery and let the scooter’s motor do the rest.

  • If the motor wasn’t impressive enough, the ultra-bright LED headlight, taillight, and deck lights of the Quest are the icing on the cake. These lights vastly improve visibility for those cloudy days, early morning school rides, or night use when visibility isn’t the best. As parents, we worry about our children immensely but with these lights, we can rest a little easier knowing that Jetson Scooter has our children’s safety in mind.
  • Worried that a flat tire will leave your child stranded? Worry no more with the Quest’s no flat, solid tires that are specially engineered and designed to absorb shock for a comfortable ride on sidewalks and roads with a concealed premium lithium battery — this battery provides a nice 18-mile range — making flat tires a thing of the past.
  • Through the foldable design of this scooter, the need for parking —  or even a locking mechanism — is gone. The easy fold system gives your child the ability to carry their transportation with them or store in a locker, car trunk, and even under their desk. Convenience at it’s finest.

You can shop this Jetson Quest Electric Scooter and more at Best Buy today!

If you’re still unsure if this scooter is the right fit for your back-to-schooler, maybe I can help by answering a few…

Common Questions

How can you tell what battery percentage is left?

Riders can view their current battery life, speed, and even more through the Quest’s LED display eliminating the need to merely guess.

Is this scooter safe?

Through features such as disc brakes that allow you to stop on a dime, this scooter is deemed safe for users aged 13 and over. However — with that said — it is your responsibility as the purchaser and rider to know and obey all state and local laws and regulations as it pertains to using this scooter just as you would for any other method of transportation. In order to ride responsibly, it is important to read and follow all instructions from safety precautions to using protective gear. You can find any protective gear that you may require with this link

Is there a weight limit?

Yes, there is a weight limit. This scooter operates smoothly, and safely, with any rider up to 220.5 lbs.

Enjoy Back to School!

Take a deep breath, parental unit — it’s going to be okay. In fact, with a Jetson Scooter product, it’s going to be more than just okay. You may even find that an electric scooter is a perfect accommodation for your work commute or bonding with your children on an evening ride. Give Jetson Scooters a try — you won’t be disappointed. 

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