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Best Audiobooks For Your Disney Vacation

With Spring Break season in full swing and Summer right around the corner, Disney vacations are getting more and more frequent.  That means road trips and long plane rides are soon to come – with endless hours of boredom, bathroom breaks, whining and more.


Audiobooks For Your Disney Vacation

When I was a kid there weren’t iAnythings and no one under 25 had any type of electronics.  On airplanes, I had coloring books and maybe some cards.  But today it’s different.  Kid’s have more electronic devices than adults and with things like aux splitters, the whole family can be in on the same movie, or audiobook.

Audiobooks For Your Disney Vacation

Using audiobooks to entertain the whole family on your next trip is easy, entertaining, and inexpensive. But which are the best audiobooks for your Disney vacation?

How do you get them?

My Audible subscription is one of my best-ever investments, and now I listen to books on my commute, on car trips, even when I’m working on my website.  But we will talk more about that later.


You might not be familiar with audiobooks but they really are great.  Basically, they’re recordings of someone reading a book.  Sometimes the author themselves will be the narrator, like Amy Schumer and her audiobook, but there are also famous narrators out there.  They are known for always doing a great job and captivating you from the beginning.

Audiobooks are one of the fastest growing segments of publishing, mainly because it’s so convenient and there really isn’t a reason to not like them.

Is listening to audiobooks really the same as reading?

Do audiobooks present the same benefits as reading physical books? Intellectual and emotional enrichment, entertainment and fulfillment…

Can you learn as much from an audiobook as from a physical book?  Studies show that yes you can as long as you lend it the appropriate attention.


What makes audiobooks so great is how versatile they are.  I enjoy listening to an audiobook on a plane ride and falling asleep to the story.  I can easily rewind and find my place later.  When I’m commuting to work I can listen to a book and give it all of my attention for the entire time that I am listening.

Perfect for those times that you have the brain space to read but maybe don’t have the hands.

Why audiobooks are better for your budget…

The easiest and most popular way to get audiobooks is with a monthly audiobook subscription, more information is below, but usually for a little less than $15/month you can get one download a month.  Once you download the book, it’s yours forever.

Using aux splitters, multiple people can listen off of the same device to the same audiobook.  All you need is one book for more mature listeners and one for children.

Audiobooks take hours to finish so you only need to use one credit to cover your flight.

What do audiobooks have to do with a Disney vacation?

With the new Beauty and the Beast movie coming out last week, I had to make sure I saw the original so I could have a fresh memory.  I watched it about a month before seeing the new one.

I do the same thing before every Disney vacation.  The Peter Pan ride in Magic Kingdom is much more fun when the movie is fresh in your mind.

Listening to classic Disney stories through audiobooks is the perfect way to get excited and prepare for your trip.

Audiobooks For Your Disney Vacation

Disney Storybook Collection

Four hours worth of short Disney stories.  There are 20 in total, anywhere from The Lion King to Snow White. It currently has a 4 out of 5 star rating with almost 100 reviews.


We all know that Frozen took the world by surprises and has been one of the most popular Disney movies since some of the classics. With the new ride at Epcot, bring in your Disney vacation with this 2hr audio book.


Another Disney movie with strong female lead.  Go Disney!  Loved how adventurous this movie was, it really had me from the beginning.  Not sure if I could fall asleep while listening to this but not everyone’s goal is to sleep on a plane.

A Princess Collection

Short stories based off Ariel, Belle, Cinderella, and Rapunzel.  This book has a high 4.6 star rating out of 5 and is over 4 hours long.

Best Budget Friendly Way to get Audiobooks

Audibleis a seller of audiobooks and also an Amazon company.  I got into this membership almost accidentally.  I was using this website to sign up for trials, do surveys, and watch videos to earn side cash.  They had a special that potentially gave me audible for free for 3 months.  That site is Swagbucks if you want to try it out, it’s free.  The Audible deal below is much better.↓

Audible has over 180,000 titles to choose from.  With the membership, you will get one choice a month.  You can purchase more at a discounted price.  I find that a month is usually a good amount of time to get me through a full novel.

I love the suggestions portion of the membership.  I find myself slightly sad after finishing a book and the suggestions make it easy to find something worth listening to.  There’s also the times I forget to download an Audible after a trip so I have to find something I want to listen to quickly.

There are no strings attached with the membership, meaning you can do it for however long you’d like and cancel right after.  That fact alone makes me feel a whole lot better when deciding whether to be a part of this or not.

We often struggle with the balance of entertainment for our kids but still making sure they are being enriched.  When is it too much tv?  With Audible you can get them started on a hobby that can only benefit them and provide the entertainment needed for the journey to your next family adventure.

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laura londergan

Thursday 23rd of March 2017

Ahhhhh man my sis n law would love to know about this as she is such a Disney freak! I should let her know about these but she may already know ;)

Angela Ricardo Bethea

Thursday 23rd of March 2017

I can totally relate when you mention that you watched the original version of Beauty and the Beast a month before seeing the movie version so that it's still fresh on your mind.

Krystle Cook

Thursday 23rd of March 2017

Audio books are so awesome. I love the idea of these when you are on a Disney trip.


Monday 27th of March 2017

Exactly, more ways to get the kids excited lol

Blythe Alpern

Thursday 23rd of March 2017

What a great idea. I love that you can share these stories with your kids and get into that Disney spirit.

The Everyday Mom Life

Wednesday 22nd of March 2017

We aren't big into audio books but I bet my kids would love these. They love anythign Disney so that's expected.


Monday 27th of March 2017

I love that multiple people can listen to the same audiobook with the aux splitters.

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