Finding an Affordable Family Car

Affordable family car

Affordable Family Car

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When looking into a new family vehicle, the list to consider can easily get long and overwhelming.  Space, safety, handling, reliability, cup holders, cost, and fuel economy are just a few things that are probably on your list.  

That’s why I’ve partnered with to give you the tools you need to make car buying fun and easy.  Ok, maybe not fun but definitely a lot easier.  

When considering affordability in a vehicle there are a few things you want to keep in mind.  Here are three tips that will take you a long way when looking to purchase a new car.


Start with what you can afford

After plugging in the normals on your monthly budget, cutting out any unnecessary expenses you can, what can you afford to either save towards a car and/or pay towards a car?

Don’t forget about repairs, regular maintenance, gas, and insurance.



Use a financing calculator, like the one on, to figure out how much your payment and full final cost of the vehicle is going to be?

Make sure you do some research on average financing rates and what different loan programs are out there.



After you’ve done your research, don’t be afraid to let them know you know how much the car is worth.  Be polite and don’t cross out walking away at first only to come back on a weekend right before closing. Exactly when the salesperson won’t think they can fit another sale into the day.

affordable family car


As much as I am a devotee to all budget friendly decisions.  Safety and reliability is way more important when looking into a new car.  That’s why I’m a huge fan of’s car seat checker.

Car Seat Check

Parents with multiple children are often looking for a vehicle that will comfortably and safely accommodate their car seats. has spent more than five years installing and testing car seats in different vehicles.  That’s why they’re the experts in deciding which vehicles fit your current car seats.    

Every car is different when it comes to fit and latch system access.  Vehicles that have clearly marked and exposed lower Latch and top anchors make installing a car seat easier.  

An accessible and straightforward setup makes the correct installation of a car seat more likely.  That’s what has certified Car Seat Technicians testing different vehicles throughout the year.  

Use this tool to find out more information on the best latch systems for your car seat.


Other Tools and Expert Advice from

  • Price comparison tool
  • Calculator and financing tool
  • Side by side comparison

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Affordable family car