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When will I receive my payments?

Commissions are calculated at the end of each month and paid to you via PayPal before the end of the following month



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The Product:

Disney World on a Budget eBook




I wrote this book for the first time in 2015, (just updated it in September 2016), but it all started in 2012.  I was putting myself through college, trying to make ends meet and get through it when I decided to take my then 10-year-old sister to Disney.  I had 3 months of lifeguarding to come up with the money, no more no less.  I spent over a year finding every tip, trick, and well-kept secret to get us the perfectly magical vacation we wanted.

Disney on a budget

Today I share those tips all over my blog but mostly in my eBook.  Why?  I hear all of these families talk about how badly they want to go to Disney World but can’t afford it.  It kills me .   With my eBook, anyone can make that perfect Disney vacation happen.  Seriously!

I want as many people as possible to have eyes on this book and available to them and that’s why I need you!

Want more information on the ebook?

If you are interested in helping families attain a dream and make money at the same time click here.