30+ Free Things at Disney 2018

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free things at disney

30+ Free Things at Disney 2018

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Ice Cream

What’s better than ice cream! 

If you take the Disney Vacation Club tour, you will be given free ice cream at the end of the tour.  Just be strong enough to not to buy into DVC!  The ice cream parlor is very cute and nice to be in.

Free Disney Tickets

Disney World tickets for children under 3 years old are free! I have a niece that I plan on taking right before she hits the point of paid tickets to save.  It’s a huge saving!

Free Dining

At any Disney restaurants where the setup is a buffet, kids under 3 years old are complimentary.


There are a few places at Disney World that will allow you to refill your drink as you enjoy your meal.  Most of these places have the soda machines accessible.

Animal Kingdom:



Electric Umbrella

Sunshine Seasons

Hollywood Studios:

Backlot Express

Disney Springs:

Wolfgang Puck Express

Earl of Sandwich

Art Classes

If you visit Art of Animation you can take free art classes! The coolest part is that these classes are taught by a Disney Animator.

Free Disney Vacation Planning Videos

Free Disney Vacation Planning Video

Start planning and discovering your vacation with this video courtesy of Disney.  Take a peek into your next vacation and get excited for the adventure to come!  All while learning all you need to know about the logistics of WDW. Request one here.

Celebration Buttons

Celebration pins are free pins that Disney gives you for a specific celebration.  This can be a birthday, anniversary, just married, etc.  Here is the one I just got for my birthday.  Again this is “Disney free.”disney on a budget

Park Maps

There are so many informational brochures at Disney World like the park maps.  Use this for your scrapbook or shadow box.  You can do a lot with the park maps and can collect quite a few.

Disney Driver’s License

Ride Tomorrowland’s Speedway at Magic Kingdom and get yourself a free Disney Driver’s License.  You can put your name on the back and personalize it.

Disney Pilot’s License

Now you can head over to Dumbo and get yourself a Pilot’s License.  If you don’t get one automatically just ask a Cast Member!

Transportation Trading Card

For each type of transportation at Disney World, like the monorail, there is a transportation card.  How do you get them?  Ask the owner/operator for a card and if they have any left because they are limited, they will give you one!  Make sure to be polite and say thank you if you get one!

Free Epcot Crafts

Ever heard of Kidcot?  These are free craft or coloring stations in each of the 11 countries of Epcot, where kids can join in some fun and take a free souvenir home with them.

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Free Passport

If you’re anything like me, then you can’t wait to go to Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival.  Even better?  There’s a free passport you can get stamped every time you visit a booth to keep track.  Free!

Free Soda

Also at Epcot is Club Cool, where you can taste test a ton of different sodas from different countries.  It’s a fantastic way to relax and get a lot of free sugary drinks.  It’s super fun to try these out.

Yum, chocolate!

Disney Springs is one of my favorite places.  It’s entertaining, fun and free. 🙂  At Disney Springs is Ghirardelli’s and if you go into the store portion you can get free chocolate samples!  What could be better?

More Sweets

At the Confectionary on Main Street (Magic Kingdom), you can see cast members making different sweets but you can also get free samples.  I would love some of that fudge right now!


Every penny really does count at Disney World.  If you find yourself in a place without groceries, and you really don’t want to drink fountain water at the parks, aks for free ice water at any food location!  It really doesn’t get better than this on a hot summer day.


It’s the coolest thing but at Fort Wilderness Resort you can go to a Chip ‘n’ Dale campfire for free!  I haven’t been but I’m dying to go,

Movies Under the Stars

Every night at Disney resorts, around 8pm, a movie is played outdoors.  It’s prescheduled so you can look online but it’s always a Disney movie and a great time.

Watch a special show

To me, Wishes is the best show at Disney World.  You can watch the show from the beach at the Polynesian resort.  It really is a fantastic freebie.

Wonders of the Wilderness Lodge

This is a free tour of Wilderness Lodge at Disney World, this resort is inspired by national parks and is beautiful.  Learn more about its architecture and the resort in general.


The Port Orleans resorts are part of the moderate group but they are amazing resorts and great to tour.  At Port Orleans Riverside you can visit Yehaa Bob Jackson at the River Roost for some entertainment. It’s a great time.


Disney’s boardwalk is one of my favorite places, especially at night.  What’s more, there is free entertainment on the boardwalk.  You will see the crowds of people surrounding magicians, comedians, and more!

Free Ride

My favorite monorail loop is the one that goes through the Contemporary, Grand Floridian, and the Polynesian.  It really is a great experience.  I do it almost every time I’m there.

Boat Rides

The boat rides are fantastic with Orlando weather.  I love the breeze you get and how relaxing it can be.  There are so many boat routes like the one that goes from Old Key West to Disney Springs.


Animal Kingdom Lodge is worth every minute it takes to get there.  The animal viewing is the best and so much fun.  A must see.

Pixie Dust

How about some pixie dust?  Head over to Harmony Barber Shop at Magic Kingdom to get sprinkled with some pixie dust.


A lot of people don’t know that Disney photographers will take a photo of you with your camera.  It’s a free memento!


I didn’t know the value free Disney wifi until I was at Disneyland Paris without a cell phone plan.   The parks and resorts have free wifi.

Wake Up

If you are staying at a Disney resort you can be called by Mickey or Stitch in the morning.


Making our way back to Disney Springs, the Lego store has a free play area that will definitely entertain your children for some time.  It’s a great store to walk through too.

Live Music

I stumbled upon this one time when I took my grandparents to Disney World.  House of Blues and Raglan Rd have free live bands. The outdoor seating is awesome.

Photo Ops

There are great photo opportunities at the All-Star resorts and Pop Century.  The huge icons make for great pics.

Disney Wilderness Preserve

Visit and get a great taste of the outdoors.  It isn’t well known and serves as a break from the parks.

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