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11 Tools to Plan your Disney Vacation

11 Tools to Plan Your Disney Vacation

Disney vacation planning with the right tools is soundproof.  There are a ton of options when it comes to planning, you just want to make sure that you are using high-quality sources.  Some of these options are free, but none of them are more than $20.  And sometimes, a little bit of investment is worth it.

Crowd Calendar

Going to Disney during slow, less crowded time is imperative to your pocket and sanity.  That’s why Disney crowd calendars are published all over the internet.  Crowds at Disney depend on school calendars, events at Disney like cheerleading, openings, runDisney, and more.  Crowds really mean a lot when it comes to what your time will be like at Disney.  My favorite resource for these calendars is WDWPrepSchool.  Find them here.

Disney Budget Worksheet

If you’re planning a Disney vacation how do you even know what to budget for?  Obviously hotel, flights, and park tickets but to make sure you don’t miss anything, use my free budget worksheet.  The excel version prepopulates totals for you, while the pdf version is printable.  You can download both and use them as you wish.  My favorite thing to do when planning any vacation is to set up my budget completely without finding any ways to save.  So if I just go to Disney and stay where I want, do what I want, this is how much it would be.  That way I can see exactly how much I need to shave off of that budget.

Download Here

Unofficial Guide to Disney

The Unofficial Guide to Disney World is basically like the Disney bible to me.   It has multiple parts, there is everything you need to know about Disney World.  A description of every resort, ride, ratings, and anything else you could possibly need to know about Disney.  After you become an expert, the book will help you plan your vacation.  And the end has touring plans too.  The book varies in price but it’s always under $20.

Official Guide to Disney

There is only one official guidebook to Disney World, Birnbaum’s.  It’s a very colorful book with pictures.  I don’t love this book for its information, it’s rudimentary.  I like this book for the coupons at the back of the book. I can’t make this up, I saved hundreds once because of these.

All you have to do is check the coupons available if you can save more than the cost of the book, which you can figure out easily, you should get it!

Disney on a Budget Book

I can’t understand how people go to Disney without knowing these 500 tips on going on a budget.  Being cost-savvy on vacation isn’t about being broke, it’s about being smart.  Why spend double the cost for the same exact vacation?

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Free Disney Videos

Start planning and discovering your vacation with this video courtesy of Disney.  Take a peek into your next vacation and get excited for the adventure to come!  All while learning all you need to know about the logistics of WDW. Request one here. I request one of these every year and we sit down as a family to watch.  Even if you know all about Disney, it’s still a great time to watch and it’s a huge motivation to get to WDW.

Touring Plans

A touring plan is a step by step guide on how to tour the parks most efficiently. I use these touring plans for every trip.  I never wait more than 20 minutes online at Disney World.  Using a touring plan on a family vacation might sound extreme but it doesn’t need to be followed exactly and the amount of time it saves makes it exponentially worth it.

Disney Travel Agent

Planning a Disney vacation can easily become overwhelming.  That’s why I spent a year planning my first visit there (as an adult).  Luckily, there are travel agents who specialize in Disney, like me!  We can plan your Disney vacation for you and the service is free.

These travel agents take a course to be able to plan Disney vacation and they will know about all of the good deals and tricks.  Make sure to do some research before choosing a company or person to go with.  You want to make sure that Disney vacations are what they do.

 Click here for a quote

Discount Disney Tickets

For the BEST discounts on multi-day Disney world ticket, head over to Get Away Today.

They are a reliable ticket broker offering fantastic Disney World ticket discounts.  They buy tickets wholesale from Disney, get a great deal and sell them to us at a slight markup. Which is still cheaper than buying from Disney direct.

Click here to visit them.

David’s Discounts

David’s Vacation Club Rentals is only a tool if you are vacation budget allows for at least $160/night for lodgings. With David’s, you get 70% off of your nightly resort cost.  You can stay at a Disney deluxe villa resort for $160/night when these rooms are usually $300-$500/night.  Find out more here.


I have a serious podcast addiction.  Mostly because they’re entertaining and informative.  It’s like Netflix for your ears.  I got into podcasts with that viral one, Serial.  Now I listen to all sorts of things.  Head over to your podcast app (Apple) or download the Sticher app (Andriod) and you can listen to anything and they are all free! WDWRadio is very informative but just type in Disney Vacation and you can learn while you are at work, working out, any time really.


Packing List Guide

I have a story.  I went to Disney World for Halloween and packed for hot weather, when I got there it never went above 73.  I needed more than one sweater.  I ended up Ubering to Walmart to get warm clothes (on a budget).  Make sure to check the weather before you go to Disney World, like three days before.  You should also look at what to pack, I list the things you absolutely have to bring here.


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